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Submitted: March 29, 2012

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Submitted: March 29, 2012



Summers in Simi Valley aren’t that bad once you can get past the blazing 110° degree days and the suffocating 90 ° nights or the brown hills with singed grass. A God-forsaken desert valley to some and to others its home; how can people survive in such a place? Some may choose to turn up the AC and well those who don’t have that luxury have other methods of survival. One way could be to leave the window open all night long then after letting all the cool air in, shut the window and close the dark curtains or you could do what my older brother Tito used to do. My brother had a very odd but effective way of staying cool during the smoldering nights, early in the morning before leaving to work; he would stuff his pillow in the freezer and leave it there all day long. Once it was time for him to go to bed, he would take it out and enjoy its freshness for as long as the heat would allow it

The 32-year-old man was not only my older brother but also my best friend. I still remember waiting for him to come home on Friday afternoons with bags from Fresh and Easy filled with the evening’s dinner and a six-pack of IBC Root Beer. He had a pastime and that was grilling. The many specialties that he could grill included carne asada and smoked baby back ribs. Sometimes he would have me cut the vegetables or help transport the meat from the grill to the pot. 

While the meat was grilling, we would sit in lawn chairs and enjoy any little breezes that would pass.

“Chimmy”, my childhood nick name, “Have you ever wondered what else God has made other than the universe we can see now?” He said while staring up into the black sky.

I would think to myself what is out there other than the shiny specks of dust and that dark void.

“I’m not sure exactly what’s out there bro. I think things more amazing then anything we could ever imagine. Things free from contamination of mankind and evil, I supposed.”

In the silence following my response, the blues artist, Muddy Waters, was lamently singing about an old lover. Deep in thought my brother would grab his icy bottle of IBC root beer and take a long greedy sip.

“Oh woe woe woooooe! I took my love and then she took wallet…..”

After much debate he just cocked his head to one side and then got up to go flip the meat. I remember lifting my eyes towards the deep abyss we know as the sky and thinking to myself, are we alone? If not whatever is out there, can they see us? I wonder if Heaven is all the way out there. That’s why it’s so impossible to find and scientists say it doesn’t exist.  Hell is so near us that’s why there is so much anguish, pain, and evil in this world because Heaven is so far away. Hidden behind the Milky Way, covered by dazzling nebulas, you would think that it being so pure it would out shine all the stars in our galaxy, but it’s too far of our field of vision. Maybe if we could crawl through a wormhole we could find it, or maybe not.  Maybe all this filth and cloudy darkness that looms over this world blocks it out, but I don’t think this gloom is stronger. I think we just need to look up and way past everything and we might just catch a sliver of gleam from Heaven.


“Huh wah”

My brother startled me back into reality.

“Yea bro?” I quickly replied.

He stood there looking at me as if I was a mad woman and slowly said, “You ok there my young grass hopper?”

“Yea, I was just spacing out, sorry bout that.”

“Haha looked more like passed the moon,” he laughed.

More like a light year closer to Heaven I thought to myself.

“Ok then the foods ready, go inside to help Maria set the table,” he said.

As I slowly sore to my feet, I took one last glance at the beautiful starry night and I swear that the brightest star there, one that wasn’t there before, winked at me.

  I went inside and helped set the table, then had our meal. Summer nights like that I’ll never forget and it’s those exact nights that make summers in Simi Valley much more bearable.

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