Pop Goes the Weasel!

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A little girl finds a new cat, but there's something wrong...

Submitted: November 05, 2007

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Submitted: November 05, 2007



Daisy de Leon was a rather ordinary little girl. She loved rainbows and unicorns, lollipops and teddy bears. She loved her mother and father very much, and often would dance everyday for her parents.
One day, Daisy was walking in the fields near her house when she came across a small dead cat. “What a nice cat.” Daisy giggled. “I shall call you Aspling! I have a new kitty!” She fell on her knees, and began to eagerly pet her new pet cat.
For the rest of the day, Daisy did all manner of fun things with her new cat, and many memories were made. That night, Daisy burst into her house. “Mom! Dad! I have a new kitty!” She called. Her parents, used to such outbursts, calmly came to her call.
“Where is this kitty, honey?” Daisy’s mother asked. Daisy giggled.
“He lives out in the fields, mom. He doesn’t want to come in.” Daisy’s mother smiled knowingly. Daisy had clearly invented a new game.
“Oh! Just be sure to wash your hands after playing with him.” Smiling, Daisy ran into the other room, allowing her parents to discuss their wonderful daughter.
“Golly, Rose, we have such a splendid daughter, do we not?”
“Indeed we do, Dan, indeed we do.” For an instant, the pair were frozen in a delightful tableau, interrupted by the return of Daisy.
“Mom, what’s for dinner?” Rose smiled.
“Why, pot roast, dearest.”
“With carrot sticks?” Daisy asked.
“And Hidden Valley Ranch!” Added her father, chuckling warmly. That night, the family enjoyed their splendid meal, and then Daisy went to bed.
The next morning, Daisy leapt out of bed and ran downstairs. “Mom, what’s for breakfast?” Rose smiled.
“Why, blueberry waffles, dearest.”
“With carrot sticks?” Daisy asked.
“And Hidden Valley Ranch!” Added her father, chuckling warmly. The whole family laughed, and then began to eat. After washing up, Daisy went out into the fields to find Aspling.
“Here kitty kitty kitty!” Soon enough, Daisy found her cat. Paying no attention to the numerous flies and maggots, Daisy picked up her beloved pet, hugging him closely. “I love my kitty!” She squealed with glee. Once again, she carried Aspling over to a peaceful glen beside a picturesque stream. Grinning joyfully, she revealed a tiny outfit, proceeding to dress Aspling in it. “You look darling!” Daisy said happily. Next, she pulled out a little tea set, and placed it on the ground between herself and Aspling.
“Time for tea!” She said gleefully. Lifting the teatpot, she pretended to pour tea into the tiny cups. “Drink your tea, dear.” Daisy commanded. In her mind’s eye, Aspling obeyed, lapping up the warm liquid with feline grace. Daisy smiled, glad to see her cat having so much fun. Aspling looked up, mewing, and leapt into Daisy’s lap. Giggling from the feeling of a feline tongue on her cheek, Daisy readily stroked her pet, feeling him purr in her warm arms. 
Back in the real world, Daisy heard her mother call out that it was time for lunch. Daisy got up, ordered Aspling to stay, and ran to her house. As soon as she burst through the door, the words came out. “Mom, what’s for lunch?” Rose smiled.
“Why, ham and cheese sandwiches, dear.”
“With carrot sticks?” Daisy asked.
“And Hidden Valley Ranch!” Added her father, chuckling warmly. Daisy smiled, running into the room to wash up.
“Dan, dearest?”
“Yes, oh love of my life?”
“Did you, perhaps, notice that there was a rather frightful smell around our lovely daughter?”
“Why, yes. I did indeed notice.”
“Whatever shall we do?” Rose asked nervously.
“I haven’t the slightest clue.” Dan replied. They gazed at each other silently for a moment, interrupted finally by the return of Daisy.
“Daisy, dearest, might I ask what that frightful smell is?” Daisy smiled.
“My kitty, of course.” Rose frowned ever so slightly.
“Why does your cat smell like that?”
“I don’t know.” Daisy said, shrugging. Rose frowned some more, but then, she smiled.
“Why don’t we go see your kitty then?” Daisy beamed and nodded her head vigorously. She led her parents out the door, and into the fields they went. Daisy began to hum a tune as she walked, which soon grew into singing.
“All around the cobbler’s bench, the monkey chased the weasel.” Then, she stopped, breaking into a full run. Perplexed, her parents followed. They soon found her on her knees, eagerly stroking a clearly dead cat. “Isn’t he just precious?” Daisy said happily. Her mother shuddered in horror.
“Dan, that cat is dead!” She shrieked. Daisy’s father just nodded.
“Well, do something!” Rose said, falling on her knees.
“Daisy, dear. We’re going to get rid of your cat…” Daisy turned around.
“Why?” She asked sadly.
“The kitty is… well, dead.”
“No he’s not! This is the way I found him!” Dan sighed, lowering himself to his knees.
“I’m sorry, honey.” Daisy smiled.
“No, I’m sorry.” She said as the rock made contact with the side of her father’s head.
“The monkey thought ‘twas all in fun.” She sang as she killed her screaming mother.
“Pop goes the weasel.” She said, hugging Aspling.

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