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Anyone you ask will admit that we have screwed up this world. But there is a way to resolve our mistakes. I hope that by reading this poem, your life will be changed, especially since this was the most challenging poem I have written in a long time. Enjoy!

Submitted: January 13, 2008

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Submitted: January 13, 2008



Writing words upon the page,

how else can I escape this cage?

Trapped deep within my mind

to the world, I am blind.

Uninspired, they call my work.

I read their reviews with a smirk.

If only, I think, they could truly see

the doomed saint that is me.

My death looms near, this I know.

There is no escape from this evil foe.

No hope glimmers in the sky.

The only escape is to die.

As I sit here alone, writing down,

these words, that someday may be renown,

I think it strange that we all crave

a way to avoid reaching the grave.

Why, oh why, is life so odd?

Why do so many renounce their God?

It seems to me, after all,

we need help when we fall.

Cruelty is easy to portray,

but it leaves the world in disarray.

Why not try to be more kind?

Happiness will follow, I think you’ll find.

Why has evil consumed this earth?

Has it been this way since its birth?

Certainly not! I like to think,

we are to blame for this stink.

But what can I do, you surely ask.

Simply take on this single task.

There is no word you need to say.

Just give a hug every day.

This simple act, I’m sure you’ll see,

will quickly save both you and me,

from a future that is most dire,

because of the people we will inspire.

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