The diary of Samuel pope

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The diary of Samuel pope is a piece of homework set for 8 year old Sam pope, the homework is to write a diary mon - fri, it follows the events of SAMs school week as a new pupil joins SAMs class called Luke, Luke is a child with autism, the diary is SAMs interpretation of autism and as the week goes on sam learns more and more and follows a growing friendship between the two boys.

Submitted: December 02, 2011

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Submitted: December 02, 2011



Monday 8.21am before the torture.....

Miss said we have to do a diary for the week, she said it would be an exciting week, in mrs case it will be new pink chairs or maybe new rubbers. It's school what else could it possibly be?

Maybe it will be something good, we could be setting the school on fire for a radical new science experiment or maybe just maybe bullies will now be tagged so just the slightest name calling or wedgy will be dealt with an electric current up the bullies noses to cause enormous discomfort!

I'm on the bus on the way to school, getting the usual abuse from the Davies twins, why do they always call my mum or my hygiene, these people have never met her, she was miss haydock 1981. Ok so she may not win much now, apart from a tenner on the lottery in 2001, and a farting contest with my dad but she's a lovely woman non the less, and my hygiene I bath regularly every Sunday after the top 40 so they know nothing.

I'm glad I'm writing a diary, maybe miss will sort them out, that's why I've started on the bus, apparently I'm a gapped tooth Wally, what does that even mean? So good start to the diary - the diary of a gapped tooth Wally! I smell an award. I'll predict my week now, abuse, with more expected Tuesday, slightly more Wednesday, Thursday will have some dashes of bruises and a hint of self loathing and Friday I'll have a little cry, well that's my homework done.

Miss said I should say what I did at the weekend, I saw my nan, I go there, hold my breath for two hours, her house is quite smelly, when I say quite I mean extremely! Mum says she's old, I don't get the connection, are old people allergic to water! I got a pound though, I'm saving up for a bike! Me and mum and dad watched Liverpool, my dad used words I don't know, I looked in my children's giant book of words, not one of them was in there, I wonder if my dad is part foreign? I had chips for tea both nights because my mum was stressed, I like it when she's stressed I love chips.

17.20 Monday

So our big surprise was we have a new boy in our class, miss sat me next to him and it's my job to make him feel welcome, his name is Luke, Luke hasn't spoke to me much yet, so it must be mrs idea to sit the quiet boy next to Samuel the weirdo, just adds to the bullying if you ask me!

Miss said Luke has autism, our homework for Thursday is to find out what autism is? Does Luke have the same homework?

Does it mean he will turn into a dragon if he touches art? Or is that artism?

Does it mean he's a superhero? To be honest this is stupid, miss kept referring him as my friend, so queue boys calling him my boyfriend. I hope his autism does make him turn into a dragon, maybe he could be useful.

Anyway Im not doing my homework tonight I'm sure I'll work it out over the week, he kept shaking his hands really fast, I'll ask him tomorrow if he can fly? Be a good conversation piece, I'll ask him if he can jump really high or if he's a good climber?

If that is autism, count me in.

What do you think it means?


Ok so Luke maybe the coolest kid I've met, miss said he's from St Helens but he has an american accent, I wonder if he's the presidents son?

He's not spoke to me yet, maybe he doesn't like me, he brought his train collection and pointed to me to play with him, we played all break time.

Luke flaps his hands when he gets excited, which is ok with me, I asked him if he could fly, he just shook his head and laughed.

I think I get Luke isn't like me or anyone else at school, because he's more friendly, considerate and nice, I like him a lot.

Today we had maths, luke is amazing at maths, he knew all the answers, maybe he's an American professor of science - cool.

I can't wait to see him tomorrow.


I have a new best friend, Luke is just like me, we get on so well, today we had PE and I always win when we run round the track, but today we had two races, I won one and Luke beat me, can't wait to race him again.

I'm not sure Luke likes me still, he's still very quiet round me, and sometimes he won't look at me when I talk, but he always smiles when he talks to me, miss said me and Luke are good friends, everyone else thinks Luke is cool too, and everyone talks to me more, I think the Davies twins are trying to be my friend too.

This afternoon Luke threw the biggest temper tantrum EVER because Jamie Davies touched his shoulder, he threw his chair and screamed at miss. He was made to say sorry and had quiet time in the library, miss asked if I could see if he was ok, he was! We played trains for a bit and then went back to class, Luke was made to say sorry.


Last night my mum made me do my homework while they watched silly football, so I typed autism on the Internet.

It turns out Luke won't turn into a dragon, I still like to think he will though, he may not even be American, it says he may copy the accents off the tele, the temper tantrum could be that some autistic people don't like to be touched, I don't even think he's a spy or met the president, he could just be good at maths because he remembers things better than me, but best of all I think Luke does like me, he just finds it hard to look at people in the eye.

I don't care Luke is still the coolest person I know.

I got to school and said howdy to Luke in an American accent, this just made him burst into the biggest giggle fit ever, and I mean ever.

Today was an exciting day, we all went to the zoo, I saw monkeys, lions and even penguins, Luke did some pretty cool impressions, his otter was pretty pants though.

We sat together on bus to school and laughed all the way, bus journeys are normally boring but not anymore, he spoke a lot more today and said I was a cool friend. Me cool? I wet the bed bed up to seven years old, amazing!

When we got back to school we played with his trains again, he loves his trains, can't wait to show him mine.


Guess what, Luke is staying at mine tonight, we are going to get a movie and have a party. I have never had a party or a sleepover or come to mention it, a friend! Miss was right this has been a great week, I can't wait to show Luke my trains.

We spoke about autism today and our first week with our new friend, miss asked does everyone like our new friend, everyone put there hand up.

I had the most to say about autism, everyone clapped it felt good. I asked did Luke have to do the homework because it wouldn't be fair, again Luke had a laughing fit which got him told off, which made me laugh.

I think I know a bit more about autism now, I'm guessing luke may need my help sometimes to be calm, and for me to explain to others why he does certain things, but you know what I feel cool because I know him, hope we will be friends forever because I've got a feeling there may be more adventures to come with Luke.


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