-Grow Up-

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Poetry  |  House: Booksie Classic
#3 - A Night in Space
Witness the strange phenomena

Submitted: April 09, 2009

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Submitted: April 09, 2009



Hopefully the day that you become a witness

To the rap style of G.O.O.D Music artist

Is not gonna be in pain, moreover in vain

But what you'll hear is probably gonna change

The way you look at me, and him, and they

Normally this isn't something that I would say

But if I look at an ugly artist's potentials

I would say I find more enjoyment in another artisit's instrumentals

Unhappy souls wonder for the time

That the big kids would one day let them shine

And resign all the hypes and the ones that are normal

And replace them with the ones that rap so un-normal

Lovely lyrics, the delectables of my spirit

Will no longer have to worry about some one else trying to spit it

And spit out the garbage so the listeners won't ever have to hear it

To me, I say that I ambattling proud

But to others, they claim I'm a radical

I look for intelligence when I listen to music

Not the next gang banger looking to do it

This world is so conspicuos

I'm getting real suspicious

That the more we write, the more the people don't feel us

But even if that were to occur, we're a family as a whole

Forget all the labelers just battling for gold

We have something more real

And something more advanced

We're crushing old souls with new ones

And still vacant

But please, don not feel sincere

Cause your tears won't save you in the next few years

Our domination plan has already been put into effect

And you will be affected by this unheard of intellect

So kick back and watch us grow

You paid good money so enjoy the show

© Copyright 2020 Andre Wise. All rights reserved.

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