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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Other  |  House: Booksie Classic
#1 - A Night in Space
Witness the strange phenomena

Submitted: April 01, 2009

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Submitted: April 01, 2009



My mind is made up of too many fallacies

False emotions, corrupt logic, to the end of reality

Blinded by the sight of whatever I could be

Only makes it worst, till the point I made a rivalry

I made a rival to the world, its pretty treasures and its pearls

It's satisfaction never completes the swirls

Of the ideas floating through my mind

My prime target is not to shine, but to create a level

Where my good music is appreciated to the angels

Curse all the devils who oppose lyrics and stylistic flow

That forever was given to me, but where will I go

If i can't put on a show, I'm lost, I'm hindered to the obstacles

That made the nation go greedy, but I'm an apostle

Due to the fact that my reasoning is so illogical

I may never be understood as if it was impossible

I may as well give up, there's no point of trying when you don't have a chance

But if your chance actually comes, you're caught up in a trance

And you'll live on life as another worthless fan

Then regrets come by, I wish I was alive

The feeling for the strive only supported my drive

To conquer my territory, the most unordinary person you've ever met

Is now set, on his hobby to become a renowned artist

And paint a picture of his life's dream, that gleamed into the eyes of another soul's

That took his position and stole his condition

And accomplished his mission with no connection and no correction

But with a board and some sounds, this kid became renowned

And he has his whole town banging off his beats

Got the bully off of him, got back on his feet, left the streets

And ended up receiving a G.O.O.D oppurtunity

© Copyright 2020 Andre Wise. All rights reserved.

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