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#5 - A Night in Space
Witness the strange phenomena

Submitted: April 10, 2009

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Submitted: April 10, 2009



Life's too simple

That's for the inexperienced

And others who probably can't feel this

They want our position, they want out of their strife

And reborn into a new life

But they can't have it, some of them can't reach it

Some of them can't try, and others didn't make it

So now they're trying to teach it

Yes ma', I got an A in my School of Performing Arts

And now I'm on standby getting a head start

No man's land is where I live

So no robbing of my style and nothing to give

In the middle of all this, I'ma try a little harder

So my music one day will travel a little farther

And go international, if my lyrics can make it

And hopefully those people will take it

KiD CuDi already made it, what he believed he stated

that "The ones that make it complicated...

Never get congratulated"

Continuing this race, I'ma hit first place

And reward myself with a year's full of grace

And my next success, a year after that

Until I can no longer count up my stacks

You see, life isn't hard if you stay away from dime's

Just be "simple in the mind...

And everything will be fine"

Stay away from the bling, better yet get a ring

Get a wife and some kids, then grow a few wings

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