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#6 - Memories of Nobody

Submitted: July 08, 2009

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Submitted: July 08, 2009



So I love my life and the way it is

I love my rhyme and this flow of mine

This awesome production I have in construction

Keeps me in seduction, I have no obstructions

Or failures, not even glitches

My rhymesare intact, they call for no stiches

My metaphors are also deep

They're grim, so I reap, and your soul I'll keep

And I'll be surprised if you're still alive

Cause most kats don't make itafter they hear that line

And when they find me just a little bit intimidating

That's when thosekats begin their hating

But be-friending this so called music

Has left them speachless and some acoustic

I do a lot to stay reclusive

I guess that's what happens when you're in to music

I am not the celeb you seek

I'm just a kid interested in videogames all week

But unlike the geeks, I am another

True fan of the game,a Super Smash Brother

I feel comfortable saying I have no regrets

I mean where did you think I got the name called Ness

With him I rule like the game of chess

I checkmate every opponent with such finese

And look at the sword he draws

Astonished, then clap with the crowd applause

Stabbed in you the heart like a bulleyed dart

Who knew speaking the truth would be this sharp

It doesn't take a genius to understand

My interllectaul meaning, the complexity

Of my material is far too grand for you to disband

And if not, don't try to withstand my expansion

I mean, I played off a good impression

So there shouldn't be a demand for oppresion

I reduced that cause I'm full of expression

They play this like an abnormal obsession

I ended the session of my recession

Watching out for me is a good suggestion

So I'll move up in great accesion

And bring out many others from their great depression

© Copyright 2018 Andre Wise. All rights reserved.

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