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Submitted: December 22, 2011



"Well, you know the plan. I go and we meet you there after the bond is broken." It was Sunday, so tomorrow our journey would begin again.

"No. Wait, what? You guys are going alone, without my help? What for?" I shrugged and he sighed angrily.

"Yeah, Blade said that." I said

"Well I guess, ok, but we should do something before we leave tomorrow. This will be our last night here." I agreed and we planned to go to a resturaunt as civilized people. I mean I wouldn't be dead by the end of the night. I had two boys to protect me.

During the day, me and Lance read in the gazebo, we laughed and we talked about our favorite movies. Of course he loves action movies. I love romantic comedies and action too. We laughed at child hood memories about me. He liked the way I laughed. He said it sounded soft. I ignored the gesture and shook it off. We walked around the forest finding trees to climb. It was something I never really did. He pulled out more books for me to read and we read in the trees. The sky was grey, and threatend to rain but it never did. We decided to head back to the cabin and get ready for dinner. It was a special occasion and required we wear fancy clothes like a dress and tuxes.

"Go get ready, I'll be waiting." He pushed me forward to the stairs. I glanced at him and smiled. When I went in my room, Blade was standing there. He wasn't dressed up, but in sweats and a tee.

"Blade?" I asked.

"I was looking for you." He said almost sounding angry, he had his jaw clenched and I could see the fury in his eyes.

"Oh, I was with Lance." I said and I saw him sigh a relief. He came and took my hand in his. I stood still and tried to take my hand back, but he kept it held tight.

"We leave tomorro. It's better for us." He let go of my hand and left the room to get ready.

I was in the room alone now and I looked deep in my closet for something decent. I found a lovely red dress. My black hair tumbled down my shoulders. I rushed to take a shower and came back out quickly. When I finally put the dress on, I noticed the dress had a black laced ribon around the waist, with a black lace rose on the side of the dress. It looked lovely. I found black heels in the back of the closet, and I thanked whoever left these here. I left the room immediately and walked down stairs only to trip and have Lance catch me immediately. His suit looked really good. He was wearing a black tie, and I could see the beautiful green in his eyes shine brighter with his smile.

"You look great" He said pulling my hair behind my ear.

Blade then came down and dressed just like Lance. His hair was slick back unlike lance. He smiled and walked down. I turned away and walked to the door. I found a little purse for me to carry in the back of the closet as well. It was black and rimmed with stones of black. We walked out of the house and walked to the car in the garage. I didn't even know we had a sport looking like car in the house. I guess we already had it. I noticed that I usually walk every where.

"Let's go sweet heart." Lance said grabbing my hand and leading me to the car.

"We should enjoy the night." I said agreeing with him. \\

We rode in the car for about thirty minutes. We then came to a parking lot and had vallet parking. The twinkling lights around a dark room. I loved it. It was fasinating. We walked farther in and saw a table for three. I gleamed and ran over to it. It was so beautiful.

"This is beautiful!" I said turning around to see the room. There was only a table and a beautiful white schandalier over it.

"Let's make the best of this." Blade said walking to sit down. I followed and Lance right behind me. We ordered steak and lobster. I didn't think about how to pay, I just enjoyed.

"So, I didn't know we were going to go seperate." Lance said. I gulped and looked at him. I didn't want to talk about this.

"Yes, it's best." Blade coninued to eat. The waitress came over and asked if we would like anything special to drink. Blade looked at her and smiled brightly. He took her hand and pulled her down to wisper something in her ear.

"I.." I just stopped talking. Blade was flirting and making my heart ache. We were still mates and this made me sad and angry with emotion. Blade made the girl giggle as he kept wispering. His hand stroking her arm as his other hand was holding hers. She smiled and giggled more.

"Great," Lance said and stabbed his fork in his steak. He glanced over at me for a split second and then looked back at his steak. The waitress left and then Blade exscused himself. I saw the waitress wait for him and take his hand. They left and never came back. Tears stung my eyes. I jumped out of my chair and left immediately. Lance called my name, and I ran into the girls bathroom ready to cry my eyes out. I can't care about Blade anymore. He was cold hearted and terrible. I..... I hated him and loved him.

When I was in the bathroom, I heard giggles coming from the next stall over. Shock hit me like a hurricane. It was Blade and the waitress. I remembered her voice and laughter. I covered my mouth with my hand. He was so cold.

"Right there." She moaned. I stayed like that for a little while, and then they left. She was saying words of bringing him to her apartment. I covered my eyes and cried for minutes or hours. I didn't care. I then heard the door open. I thought it was them again, but I thought about what they were possibly doing now.

"Sweet heart." Lance said. He stopped in front of the stall.

"Don't come in." I said.

"Open up." He said with concern. I didn't and he sighed. "Open up." he said it harshly and cold this time. I still didn't open up and I saw as the lock flinged open, he came in.

"why?" I said looking down, covering my face with my hands to hide myself from him.

"Don't worry about Blade, I'll handle him." He bend down and griped my wrists to pull my hands away. I struggled and looked at him.

"I...." I couldn't talk. He held a finger to my mouth and looked at me with a beautiful smile. He caressed my cheek and kissed my cheek.

"Let's get you out of here." I shook my head and leaned in and hugged him. I cried and he rubbed my back. I loved Blade so much, but I have to let go.

"I am not fightining him anymore, if he wants us to break our bond, then that is what will happen." I said crying and sobbing uncontrolably.

"You don't have to fight anymore. He doesn't deserve you love." He wispered a sentence in french and leaned his forehead against mine. I looked at him and let one more tear escape. That was the last time I would cry for Blade.

"Let's go now." He helped me up and walked over to the door and locked it. I looked at him with surprising eyes. What was happening now.

"We have a little things to discuss first before that happens sweet heart.' He gave me a cocky smile and I backed into the wall.

I looked at Lance with shocked eyes. What was he planning? He looked like he would do something dangerous. My back was against the wall now and things were getting heated. He was going to do something that I had no intention of doing.

"Sweet heart. I am not going to do anything." He said taking my hand. He pulled me towards him and picked me up. He sat me down on the counter and leaned forward to look in my eyes.

"What are you going to do?" I wasn't going to show him any emotion. He leaned and cupped my face in his palm. I flinched and looked down at him.

"Your eyes, they are red, and your smell. It smells like..." He smiled at me and shook his head.

"What?" I fealt an urge in my stomach. It wasn't one like i needed to eat or anything, I for certain wasn't a vampire or anything. I did have an urge to do something though, It fealt like desire and a bitter taste. It fealt like death, and birth at the same time.

"You are her. Your power, it's starting to show. We have to calm it down. You have to do something to make it calm down or people will notice and then they will come after you. He was serious about your power and me taking it, but what he should have been worried about was concealing it." Lance grabbed my hand and put his eyes over my eyes.

"What are you doing?" I said and he walked me out the door and I instantly heard wispers. One woman I could hear was wispering to her friend about if Lance was a rapist because he went into the bathroom with me.

"Oh honey, You are gonna just love the gift I gave you, I hope you love it!!! I picked it out myself." Lance said pretending like we were married. It was good I had to admit, but I was more worried about my eyes and the throbbing in my chest. I could feel my fangs coming out as I tried to breathe for air through my mouth. I heard Lance curse and cover my mouth. "No honey don't say another word! You will just have to wait and see what I got you!!!!" We exited the resturaunt and he took his hands off.

"Lance, I couldn't breathe!" I screamed.

"Your eyes, they are still red, and your teeth. Danmmit!" He looked for the car and cursed again. I saw the parking space where we had parked was gone. Blade. My chest now throbbed even more at just the thought of him.

"Where do we go. People will see me."

"I swear I'm going to kill Blade! First dinner, and now this!! Well we have to go to the lake, the sirens can help." He pulled my hand and lead me away to the woods. He shifted and beckoned for me to follow. I did only finding the hunger and pain in my chest grow even more. We traveled through the woods for what seemed like hours. We walked through bushes and ran across the cold lands. We passed other animals like deers and other wolves. They didn't pay us any attention.

"Lance what is going on?" I asked when we finally arrived near the pond. He didn't respond and stuck his hand up. He whistled a deep high pitched noise and stuck his hand in the water. He turned and held a hand for me to wait. He walked onto the water as if there were a solid plate under his feet. He was walking on water. I was amazed but then again I wasn't after all, Lance was not your ordinary shifter. He wasn't a wolf like me, he was more.

A beautiful woman poked her head up, and wispered to her. Her blue face and bright green fangs scared me. I closed my eyes and opened them. She was staring at me with an emotion of shyness and of being terrified. She shook her head to Lance and he talked to her even more. He then shook his head and walked back across the water to me.

"They have to purify your soul. In order for you to control this until I....... we just have to seal it for a while. It won't hurt. I promise."

"What will they do?" He took my hand and lead me to the center of the pond. I walked on water and it fealt no different then walking on stone. The only difference was that, when I walked, ripples would come out. The dark blue water lit up in bright yellow circles as I walked. The blue lady was waiting.

"Just go, It will stop the throbbing." He let go of my hand and stood behind me. I turned back around to face him, and found myself being dragged in the water. The warm water and then a sudden blast of heat hit me. i struggled and found my lungs being filled with water. The burning consumed me and the bubbles of air surrounded me. Many blue people with green fangs surrounded me. I fealt helpless. How could this happen? Had Lance done this on purpose to take the power out of me? I shook my self and found the sirens dragging me deeper into the heat. It was painful, and then things went black.


I woke up in the bedroom of the cabin. I looked up at the ceiling and found my chest sore when I tried to get up. Lance was right there in the chair next to me. I could see his green eyes dark as ever in the dark. A warmth was spreading from my chest to my arms and legs. It was a great feeling. I didn't have the throbbing anymore and it fealt nice not to have it.

"Lance what happened? How? Why? What?" I was just stunned and questionable.

"Sweet heart, just calm down. I'll tell you all that I can." He pushed me back down gently and put the covers over me. I looked up at him and saw his warm comforting smile. It was nice.

"Ok I'm calm now." I said letting a long sigh come out.

"Your power is coming out. Your emotions are letting the power have a way to take over and come out. I took you to get it sealed. It won't stay sealed for long, so we have to do something fast. I can't take it out if that's what you are wondering, not now." I was going to ask that, so I quickly shut my mouth. " Anyway, I could kill myself trying to take it out now. I took you to the sirens and they purified you and put the seal on you. I didn't think they would almost kill you, so I dragged you out of there and brought you back here. I took you from them after they put the seal on you, they were trying to keep you there for good measure. Yes there are other creatures like me and yourself out there. I have no clue where Blade is. You have that power, because it is fate."

"Oh." I didn't really have any questions. He answered all of them. " Oh how are you?"

"I'm fine, a little water in my ears, and a little scratches from them filthy little creatures, they helped me because I threatened them, and in return they tried to almost drown you." I leaned up and cupped his face. I fealt really bad. He had done so much for me, and I couldn't help but put the fact that he was going to end up doing something to get this power from me no matter what in the back of my mind. I didn't want to think about that. Just then Blade burst through the door. I jumped and dropped my hand from Lance.

"What did you do to her!!!!" Blade screamed at Lance.

"Saving her you ass hole! Where the fuck were you?"

"I.." He stopped and looked at me. His fist clenched. My heart was beating so fast.

"You can't say shit! I helped her, you don't even care about her so screw you!" Lance said and shoved Blade so hard.

"You can't say that!" Blade didn't try to fight back.

"I can so! I care about her more than you! You don't give a shit, just go fuck that whore you were with!"

"Stop this!" I said trying to get up. My chest hurt and I stumbled to the floor. Lance was there in a second.

"Just get out." Lance said. I looked at Blade and fealt pain grow in my heart. I didn't want him to stay, I didn't want him to go.

"Fine." Blade walked out of the room and we heard the front door slam. Lance picked me up and put me on the bed.

"I'm going to let you get some rest. You need it." He kissed my head and wispered something in french. I grabbed his hand and held it tightly. " It's ok. I'll be down stairs. Don't worry, If he comes and tries to mess with you, I'll beat his ass." He smiled and let go of my hand and I heard his foot steps decend to the living room.

I slept and fell into a dreamless sleep. I woke up hours later in the middle of the night. The clock reading 3 am. I was still tired, but I saw a figure standing at the door. Blue eyes staring straight at me. I held my breath and watched as he made his way to me. He sat on the edge of the bed and put his hands in his palms. He started to sigh and he then turned around. His icy blue eyes stronger and colder than before. He got up and walked over to me. He pushed me back onto the bed and ripped my blouse open. I looked down to see a medium sized circle over my chest. A black and red circle with flames and a wolf inside of it. I gasped. I heard the figure grind his teeth. He got off the bed and looked at me.

"I will protect you. Even if it means death itself." The figure left and I sat there speachless.

The figure that was Blade walked out. I fealt pain, love, life, death, and strength spiraling in my chest, and I wanted more.

The next morning I awoke. My bags were packed and the sun was shining through the windows in my room. I heard talking down stairs and I instantly new it was Blade and Lance. I didn't bother to try and listen harder to know what they were talking about. My feet dragged me to the shower to get ready and prepare myself for the long journey with Blade. Who knew what was going to happen. I didn't know what I was feeling. When I took my clothes and started to put them on, I remembered the mark on my chest. It was still there. I longed to know the meaning of this. What it the seal? Or was this the mark of my power. Once I was finished, I descended to the kitchen. Blade was at the table, and Lance was cooking again. It looked like waffles and eggs with bacon. It smelled really good, but the throbbing in my chest seemed as if it wanted more than just that.

"Morning." I said and sat down at the table.

"Good morning sweet heart." Lance said. I looked at Blade who was staring at me with a book in his hand. He nodded and I nodded back.

"When do we leave?" I asked.

"After we eat. We don't have time to waste. The saint is waiting for us and the sooner we get there, the better. It will take us a three day journey to get there, and then we will meet up with Lance at the hotel in West Virginia. After that, we will travel to New york to meet your uncle.

Just the thought of being near my family again was a good feeling. I remember memories of my father and mother cooking out with my uncle and aunt. Me and my brother playing with our cousins. Life seemed so great during those times. I remember the laughter we shared and the moments of fun and sorrow that came after that. I pushed this to the back of my mind and I let it remain there until after the journey is over. I had no time to be weakening myself. I either live, or I die.

We ate and Lance and I did the dishes as Blade packed our things. We were setting off on foot like a camping trip. It didn't surprise me since, if we were to run then our trail would be easy to find. Blade nodded and I had to say my goodbye to Lance.

"Sweet heart, don't worry I'll keep watch on you." He grabbed my shoulders and hugged me tightly.

"I'll have to see you in three days, where will you go?"

"Well I will make a few calls, see a few people, and handle some things." He let go of me and kissed my head and wispered the sweet words of french in my ear.


"Tell Blade that if he tries anything, I'm gonna kill him, and I am dead serious about it. I won't hesitate." Lance said sounding colder than anything I ever heard him say. He then reached up and gave me a book. The book I first saw him reading. The book of Shakespear. I smiled and gave him one more hug and returned to Blade. We walked out of the house and Lance waved at us and leapt into a wolf in the opposite direction. We traveled for long ours through the woods. We passed the gazebo, the pond, and mountains on our way. It started to rain, but we kept moving. Blade didn't say a word, and I didn't either. I heard noises come from behind us, and I looked back to see a pack of wolves. I gasped and stood my ground. These wolves were looking for a fight. Blade put a hand over my chest and pushed me back a little. He shifted and started after the wolves. He tore each one of them to shreds, but one that was the alpha caught him by surprise. He bit into Blades neck and started to bight deeper to the bone. Blade came up and tore into his stomach. It was bloody.

Each wolf was doing his share of damage to the other. Blade was quicker and muchs stronger. He leapt from place to place trying to catch the alpha off guard. The alpha on the other hand who's eyes were yellow and coat was silver didn't care for Blades tricks. He new Blade was getting weaker since he fought off all of the other wolves.

"Blade watch out!" I screamed and attacked the wolf in mid shift. I clawed at the wolf and bit down on its neck so hard blood seeped into my mouth. I held it there till it stopped moving. It tried to scratch me and did a few times, but I was fine. My main conscern was Blade. I went to his side after I killed the wolf. He had already changed back into his human form. He was struggling to get up. His black hair in his face, and his blue eyes dark blue. Blood was everywhere on his clothes. He was taking in air quickly. I had to do something. I then grabbed the bag that had the first aid kit. Luckily I put this in here. I tried to clean Blades wounds without trying to hurt him. I laid him down and tended to his wounds. Once I was done, I decided to set up camp. I made the tent that we were suppose to sleep in. There was only one. Once that was done, I pulled out some water and fruit Blade had probably packed.

"Man you sure are going through a lot of trouble to get this bond taken away." I said knowing that he probably heard me. He took my hand that was lying in my lap.

"You are already slipping away, and I can't do anything. I'm a coward." He wispered in a husky voice. I sighed and shook my head.

"Stupid, Yeah. A coward, no." He opened his eyes at my words and smiled faintly.

"You are so different from what I imagined the first day I saw you with your brother."

"Yeah, this time i'm all wet and dirtied up with blood." I said laughing. He didn't smile at that.

"I want you, but I can't have you. Lance was right, in the end you will never be mine."

"I was always yours to begin with, but what ever you and my brother did, It just couldn't happen. My brother is dead now and he can't do anything, but you insist on keeping your promise to him." I said looking coldly at Blade. He deserved my harshness. He didn't need me to be nice or try to make things better.

"If only you were me."

"But I'm not! I'm me!" With that, I went into the tent and left him out there. I didn't care, he could get eaten up by wolves. He was strong enough. He didn't have to depend on me, he wanted to get us to the saint, so be it! My eyes were starting to close with each passing second now. I fealt tired and decided to sleep. Tomorrow we would head off again and the sooner our bond was broken the better. I wouldn't have to feel the pain inside. I thought of Lance. He kept my mind off of things. I remember his cocky smile and his laughter. I remember the book he gave me. He was such a sweet guy. He cared about me, but he also wanted my power. In the end I would be taken away.

When I awoke, Blade was outside eating fruit and preparing to get packed. I walked over to him and he looked away.

"Let's go." He said and ate the rest of his fruit. I grabbed my bag and started to walk.

"Well, we could probably spend the night at a hotel maybe."

"Do you remember what happened last time?" He said with a smile. I frowned and remembered meeting Lance. That made me smile.

"Well maybe on the last night of our trip?"

"Tomorrow night?"

"Yeah why not?"

"Well I guess we could." He said and kept walking in the direction of the saint.

"How will she take the bond away?" I asked.

"She will take our thread of memories of us and incinerate them."

"We have memories of us being mates?"

"The future memories, and the memories of us discussing we were mates." he said.

"Well that sounds painful."

"I have no idea, I have heard others go through it, but they don't remember going to the saint after wards."

"She erases that too?"

"If she didn't, then it would be easier for us to remember what we were there for in the first place."

"Well I guess."

"Any more questions you might have?"

"Umm, not really," I said.

"Well then, we should keep heading out to the saint.

We walked for hours and hours and more hours. We passed trees and more things such as animals. We didn't stop. We had no danger until the last night we were walking to the hotel. A man came to us he spoke of words of the blood wolf. He told us to stay away, He pointed at me and screamed and shifted into an owl. He left us wondering what I had done. I was so scared and shocked that Blad had to force me to keep moving.

"Do you know what I am Blade?" I said as we made it in the hotel room. We got a good hotel room. Nice two bedded room with white sheets and a tv and small chairs.

"I do, but I am not required to tell you."

"Why not?!?!?" I was upset and tired and scared. I was scared of myself.

"Because, You have to find that on your own."

"This is ridiculous! You don't know what I'm going through! I have thisthrobbing in my chest and the pain in my heart won't go away." I leaned agains the wall and sank down. My life fealt like it was slipping away.

"It will all be over soon. Tomorrow we walk to the saint and then we can meet up with Lance."

"It won't go away, I think I am that blood wolf that guy was talking about." I said.

"Well you know." He said walking over to me. My life was really screwed up. I didn't want Blade to comfort me, but then I did. We couldn't be together, but I wanted him, but then somewhere in my heart, I wanted Lance.

"What do we do?" I asked.

"I will make a deal with you."

"What deal?"

"If I find a way to take the power out of you by the end of our journey instead of going to the saint, will you let me break our bond?" The throbbing was growing stronger. I gripped my chest at the pain. It brought tears to my eyes.

"The pain." I gasped.

"Say it, I can stop the pain if you say it." He said

"What if you don't find a way? I asked." The pain was going down a little, but not as much. I could at least catch my breath."What if it means death for me."

"It won't come to that, I know a person who can help, but you have to say the words." The pain was coming back now.

"I....Deal." I said, and the pain subsided down to a throb. I clutched my chest and leaned forward. Blade caught me and put me on the bed. He smiled and nodded his head.

"What do we do now?" I asked laying my head on the pillow.

"We travel to Alice. She holds all the answers, She isn't as far from where we were going, so we will get there in about thirty minutes as to when we were going to the saint. "

"Will we still meet up with Lance?"

" Yes. He will actually meet us there."

"what about West Virginia?"

"Lance was already going to meet up with Alice, she is a particular creature who can help us with your problem." He smiled and unbuttoned my shirt. I looked down at the mark. He traced it and gave a cold glare.

"What is it?"

"nothing, get some rest, don't worry nothing will happen. My promise to you or your brother isn't over yet." He said. I closed my eyes and went into the darkness.


When I opened them, Blade was carrying me on his back just like before. Things weren't as good, but the thought of our promise to each other made me feel sick. I wanted Blade. I have always wanted him. I barely remember the memories of us together with my brother. He was his friend. We were all good friends. I do remember the time I had fallen in the lake and Blade came to save me. I tried my best to thank him, but my brother on the other hand didn't do a thing. I don't remember much of what happened next. We walked, and I just stayed on Blades back sleeping. I could feel his steady pace and walk.

"We are here." I heard Blade say. I looked up to see a magnifiscent mansion. It was so dark and gloomy with a large gate. The sky was even dark and gloomy. It was starting to turn night.

"Where are we?"

"Alice's mansion." I guess she had it going big. Blade slid me off his back and we walked through the gate and inside. Nobody was there, but Blade lead us to an office. I noticed Lance staring out the window, and a large chair turned away from us.

"Sweet heart, you made it." Lance said coming over to hug me. I missed the feeling. I missed his touch.

"Lance I would like to talk to the girl." the ladey in the chair said. Lance backed away, but kept his arm around my waist.

"Girl you are one heck of a trouble maker." Alice had turned around in her chair. Her blonde hair and blue eyes. The Blacke ribbon in her hair. Her blue and white corset. Her striped black and white stockings. The red lipstick on her lips. She came out of a gothic fairy tale.

"Tell us what we need to know." Blade said.

"Pay up first." She said. Blade went over, and crushed his lips to hers. He held her head in his hands and they kissed. I didn't feel anything but a little pain, I fealt like I didn't care. They carried this on for a few minutes and stopped.

"Are we done?"

"Why yes, it was great."

"Now I need to know how to stop the power from taking over her."

"Well, the blood wolf has a tremendous amount of power, so you can't seal it, nice try Lance. You can't take it, you can only give it. Either you give some, or you give all. but if you give all, you die."

"How does she give it without dying?" Lance asked concern coming to his face.

"Through a blood vow, or through touch."

"Blood vow? Isn't her blood poisonous to all creatures except her own family?" Blade said. My head was spinning and it hurt to think.

"It is said in the story, that the blood wolf who gives her self to her lover, lives to love another day, but blood is a bond broken and death will await with nothing left to say."

"Oh, she has to give it to the mate?"

"No, the one she truly loves." Alice said, "Just because she has a mate, doesn't mean she can't love another,"

"I see." Blade said.

"When do we have to do this?" Lance asked.

"Before the full moon. That's in the next two days."

"Well, what about getting her to her uncle?" Lance asked back.

"You will be safe here. I have rooms for each of you. We can bring her uncle here to discuss things with her being, un-normal."

"What about the counsels of the vice pack?"

"They will also come. We will have a meeting the during the day of the blood moon, and during the night will be a ball. I just love chaos and partys." Alice said with a wicked smile.

"So we wait?" Blade said.

"There is nothing you can do, boy. You either wait, or you risk the chance of her power taking over her body. and then we loose everything. She will be dead, and all will be lost."

"How?" I asked.

"If the Blood wolf consumes your body, hell will rise and you will not be yourself. The blood wolf is a queen. She takes over the body of the one who was passed down with it. She controls the body and reaks havoc. Nobody can stop her, but death itself. All the packs of this country will be wiped out, or used as slaves to do her biding." Alice said in a harsh tone.

"I don't wanna be around when that happens." Lance said trying to break the silence.

"Me either, so just screw her, and we will be fine" Alice said laughing to herself.

"I see." I said

"But the truth is, which one will do it? You both love her, but which one will you choose darling? Which one do you truly love?" THIS IS THE WEBSITE THAT I WILL CONTINUE TO UPDATE ON

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