Quest of Life

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A quest we all use everyday might not be the same but category not of shame.

Submitted: January 18, 2014

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Submitted: January 18, 2014



..once upon a time something of nothing snatched 3 people to start a quest and at the end its all the money and desires you want they just have to walk a 100 miles with faith purity and no fear its only 3 people chosen to walk, a homeless man, a teacher, and a preacher, 

they all come to the first test• get thru the quick sand, and out of no where a big body of water arrives by a unknown Woman, how did she get there?? Who knows ..She said forget this quest you'll never make it I have a deal for you but if you fail you will be ate and/or burn FOREVER or... feed me for all eternity,
ok so in my water I have a shark and a treasure box worth 100 million with 50 million dollars inside•• the shark is 50 feet away, you are 7feet away.. the teacher cries I don't know I don't know, the preacher says I'll swim, the homeless man try to explain to the teacher, just have faith and patience we will get thru the sand• he's screaming to the top of his lungs...the teacher couldn't hear him it was like a whisper... the preacher said come lets swim we are only 7 feet away we can make it TOGETHER..
the teacher heard the preacher loud and clear, but what the Woman didn't tell them.. the dive itself is 30 feet away from the water ... the homeless man has his had high and moving through the sand off faith and hope and is out before their 3rd foot in the water... They finally hit the water, she didn't tell them the current will pull them apart the shark is now 10 feet away..the homeless man is now 98 miles into his quest and now singing and discovered there to be no pain deceit just his perseverance and love for God... ...the homeless man is at the end of his quest just walking into his own land, at the moment he's creating the rest it only took 10 mins.. With ONE barrier and test now he has no consequences for whatever comes next...
..the teacher is screaming LADY PLEASE LADY PLEASE, loyal servant I will be whatever u want I will do just please save me...she said ok!!, than she said but do you want to know what I feast on??..the teacher said master I don't care just save me..So that she did. Teacher!! the lady said, your out the water so now I'm hungry from all this mess, teacher said yes my master what should I fix, Lady said my youth!! I need my beauty right now.. I need another statistic or burden between 12~23 ..every hour on the hour he returned with these things and forever will he be depressed can't close his eyes nor take his life ... 
The preacher is now in front of the treasure, he said I'm ready to spend my treasure and I'm ready to

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