There's Been a Delay (Part 7)

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Submitted: February 27, 2016

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Submitted: February 27, 2016



Part VII

“Willoughby fears the spirit of a murdered man, why? No money exchange or business transactions between them, nothing but nothing left to divide,” Abigail states while sitting back from her dinner plate to reflect.

“Always intense in his inquiry as it relates to your wellbeing, a bright light of emotion, it seems.  Perhaps a little too bright, now that I think of it.” Tyson.

“Really.  Do you see him often?” Abigail.

“I seem to be bumping into him fairly regularly, three times a week maybe.” Tyson.

“That’s no coincidence.” Abigail.


Big Johnny Grayson is resting in I.C.U. at Calvary Hospital in Toronto.  Big Johnny normally a big eater has no thoughts of a meal like, waffles with maple syrup, e having survived the brutal basketball type bouncing of his SUV, no sport in it at all.  He with: a cracked thoracic vertebra, broken left femur, broken right tibia and fibula, skull fracture in the parietal region, and having suffered a heart attack.  He is hooked up to: a heart monitor, I.V., and with oxygen being administered, a concert wired for sound, and visuals effects, is his glow of pain.  Big Johnny also has the added security of Colin, who sits undetected, calmly, at his side.




To be continued. . .


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