Will I Be Found?

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As two sisters are enjoying their day at the park something terrible happens, but what? Find out by reading this interesting short story.

Submitted: October 31, 2010

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Submitted: October 31, 2010



Bekah Curtis

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10/4/10 Will I be Found?

“Katileana! Katileana!” Sally yelled in the foggy dark jungle of Amazing Topia, “Katileana, sister, where are you?!” Tears started to slowly fall down her light pink cheeks and then fell on her long, curly, dark brown hair as she walked cautiously. It all began on October 9th, 2010 when Katileana and Sally planned to eat lunch at a famous park in Amazing Topia, only five minutes away. “Katileana, could you please let the dog in the house, he is getting very noisy outside,” Sally patiently commented. “Yea, sure sis,” the fifteen year old said carelessly as she walked down the carpet stairs and went to their front door. Their puppy, Chocho a black Maltese, came running like lighting as soon as Katileana opened the heavy wooden door, “Chocho! You are such a good boy! Yes you are!” She energetically spoke out to the baby Maltese. Katileana walked over to her twenty-one year old sister, Sally, who was in the kitchen preparing for their planned picnic in the famous park called Joy Park, and asked, “What are we going to have for lunch?” A few seconds later Sally replied, “Well, right now I am packing two sandwiches, a small jar of homemade pickles, a couple slices of watermelon and two water bottles.” “Sounds good,” Katileana immediately stated and started to walk up the fuzzy tan stairs, “I’ll grab a medium size blanket from the upstairs closet.” “Ok,” Sally said, “By the way, we will be leaving in ten minutes!” “Ok!” Katileana yelled from upstairs without sarcasm, like she normally does. After the ten minutes went by they left their house and walked down their street, Candy Ave. Katileana wanted to take Chocho, but Sally said that he was too young to go to the park. Seven minutes later, when they got to Joy Park, they both sat down on the blanket, and began eating their sandwiches. Within twenty minutes of being at the park, they started to hear noises in the bushes, right next to them. “Swish,” the leaves brushing against each other, from someone or something. “Did you hear that, sis?” Sally asked. “No, what did you hear?” Katileana answered. “I heard that bush moving,” Sally pointed and said, “I am not joking, it made a sound like someone was watching us or an animal waiting to attack us.” “That sounds odd in a public place, especially if it was someone spying on us, sis, are you sure you heard a sound?” Katileana asked. “I am positive!” Sally whispered. “Ok, but I think you are losing it,” Katileana spoke in her normal voice. “Swash, swish, swish,” the branches moved with the sound coming more alive. “I, I think I heard it too,” Katileana whispered. “I think we better pack up and leave ASAP!” Sally. “That just might be a very good plan, because I am kinda freaking out right now!” The teenager agreed. Sally and Katileana started to pack their belongs. It started to rain lightly, then hard. When Katileana was folding their last item, a red and white plaid blanket that was getting soaked, Sally gazed towards their house, and when she looked back about five seconds later, Katileana was gone. “Katileana? Katileana?” Sally asked quietly, then she then began to shout, “Katileana!” Meanwhile, Katileana was scared for her safety, “Let me go! Let me go!” tears started to form and slowly crawl down her soft cheeks. “Sally,” Katileana repeatedly thought in her mind. A hand gripped her wrist tightly, clearly not wanting to let her go. Sally started to walk into the bushes, which is the jungle of Amazing Topia, with lots of fear in her eyes. “Katileana! Katileana!” Sally yelled in the foggy dark jungle of Amazing Topia, “Katileana, sister, where are you?!” Tears started to slowly fall down her light pink cheeks which fell on her long, curly, dark brown hair as she walked cautiously. Katileana heard a sound of a door, “Creeeeeek,” it was a door to a tiny wooden cabin several yards in the jungle and a man wearing black clothes opened it. He closed the door behind him as they walked into the small warm cabin. “Sit down on the chair!” The man spoke with anger and released her from his grip. “Who, who are you?” Katileana stumbled to ask. “Me, I am Darwin,” he spoke with confidence. “Why did you,” Katileana started to ask. “Kidnap you?” Darwin finished her question. “Yea,” she said with a curious look. “Well,” he began, “I heard your dog barking yesterday and today. He was getting on my nerves.” “Really?!” Katileana wondered with anger and disbelief, “You know you could have just come over yesterday and we would of talked it over!?” Silence filled the air for a few seconds. “So, Darwin, you must be the new guy down the street, huh?” “Yep, you guessed right,” he stated while looking at the dark wooden floor. “My sister, Sally, is probably getting scared, you better take me back where I was,” Katileana commented. “Ok, um, what is your name?” Darwin asked politely. Sally walked closer, step by step to the cabin. Then suddenly she saw her sister and the man wearing black, which got her thinking and wondering. “Get away from my sister!” Sally yelled. Katileana shouted, “Sally, it is ok, I will tell you about it all when we get home,” then looked at Darwin, amazed. They all walked to Sally and Katileana’s house. After being getting warm and drinking hot coco inside for a while, Katileana and Darwin explained all the commotion that should of been taken care of in a completely different way.

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