the flood light

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a girl finds herself folowing a strange light to where she is found in a manion for the miystery in the strange structure.

Submitted: January 14, 2012

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Submitted: January 14, 2012




A young girl about the size of a small bicycle found herself trotting along a vast street. Board with nothing to do but walk Sam decides to count the street lights she passed. “One, two, three, four… wait just a second! That’s not a street light that’s a tree! What on earth is a light doing in a tree!?” the young girl said. As Sam finished the last word of her sentence, the light in the tree took flight down a winding dirt road. Without another breath, the girl took off after the light down the path. Leaving nothing behind but a storm of dust beneath her feet and a faint echo of her breath. Before she knew it the light had led her to a large building. A mansion Sam presumed. She stopped for a moment to gather her senses.” I don’t know if I should go knock on the door or go home. Well I’m too far to turn back now.” she shudders.

 Sam glanced behind her for a moment before going towards the large structure. And with that thought she stepped towards the stairs leading up to the hollow door. She finds herself in front of a large wooden door with nothing but a brass door knob and a metal knocker. Sam gently reaches for the knocker. “Bang, bang, bang!” She knocks. No answer. She turns with a loss but to her surprise the door behind her swings slowly open with a creek. Sam turns and enters expecting someone there to man the door. But nobody was there. A chill creeps down her back as if death its self was staring straight in her face. She swallows the thought and carries on through. Sam finds herself in a lobby, blank with darkness. Eerie whispers linger the air. The only thing Sam can make out is a stair case leading father up. She glances around only to see nothing, and steps toward the stair case. “Hello…” she whispers. No reply. “Hello…” Sam repeats a little louder this time. No reply. “HELLO…” this time almost yelling. Still… no reply. As Sam swallows her fear she starts towards the stairs. Taking each step with caution. Sam begins her ascend up the stairs.

She notices small torches along the wall. Staring for a second wondering why there is no electricity in this strange mansion a small flame grows among the torches. Sam doesn’t take this sign as a warning but a whisper in the darkness, reassuring her to move on. And with that she starts up the stairs again. As Sam reaches the top of the stairs she finds two doors in front of her. One locked… one half opened. She glances toward the locked door then steps in front of the second door. The anticipation of not knowing what was on the other side of the door was not only suspicious but scary. What would happen when she opens the door? Will someone be there to kidnap her? Sam pushes the thought and opens the small door. To her surprise the room was empty. Empty all except for a small box lying on the dusty floor.

 Sam notices the box and instantly she had questions. Why is the box there? What in the box? Who put it there? What will happen if she opens the box? “Only one way to find out.” She says to herself. Sam pushes her will to max to let her move towards the box. The girl leans forward and sits down in front of the box. Reaching out her hands to the lid of the box she mutters to herself, “This is it. The moment of truth.” Sam pushes the lid off with a quick jerk. The wooden lid smashes to the ground. And instantly the room is filled with a blinding light. Her skin starts to burn as she screams in fear. “Ahhhhhh!” Startled she wakes up in her bed, drenched in sweat. “Oh my! It was only a dream?” Sam catches her breath and gets up from her bed. “Well that was interesting. Better get dress for breakfast.” The day passes on as if nothing happened. After diner the young girl’s mother gives her a bit of change. “Here dear, take this and go get us some desert, please.” The mother asks her in a soothing tone. The young girl agrees with her mother and leaves the house. She walks along the street. “Well this is a long walk.” Sam says to herself. A few minutes later she finds herself still walking down the vast road. Board with nothing to do, Sam decides to count the street lights she passes. “One, two, three, four…”


Written by Andrew Treadwell

“Please enjoy!”

© Copyright 2018 Andrew Allen. All rights reserved.

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