Just Maybe,

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Blind Arrogance

Submitted: August 03, 2009

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Submitted: August 03, 2009



skin smoothe as slik,
complexion like milk
with more brains than booty,
she posesses potrait worthy beauty
i look at this porcelain doll,
thinking she's beautiful,
but i bet she's a stuck up bitch just like the rest of ya'll
so i'll leave her be
i wont waste my time
she probably
wont even think to respond to me

that's usualy the way it goes the the pretty ones
they either get caught up with their looks
or they're the ditsy ones
she's no dits so i'm guessing the first one
so she'll be one i pass on and neglect,
i'm just hoping that i wont regret,
letting her go,
not letting her know,
that i admire the way she squints wen she smiles
things im thinking are gonna take me a while,
to explain everything,

but like i said maybe she's stuck up or pissy
the type to lie
do you wanna go with me?
nope i'm busy,
im not the type to chase skirts
not me
usualy, its the other way around,
chicks chase me
so i'll leave her alone
but then again this one may be different
in this case i may be missing
a golden opporitunity
to be with a one of beauty and class
not just the type to party and drink
get loose in the club just shaking that ass
but guess i'll never know, cause on this one i pass.

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