The Silent Partner by the kissing pool

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic
A view to attraction and the decisions therein

Submitted: September 05, 2012

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Submitted: September 05, 2012



what are u thinking:am thinking thoughts and Plato's girlfriend is looking at me apparently empty headed though philosophically deep, don't laugh this is not a satirical diary it actually is a very serious look at human bonding and the atomization of mutual love spawned spontaneously from no where,or is it somewhere thus the discussion of the mith of the soul mate.

I met mammo the main character in my movie and thought that i would incure costs but soon discover the silence of the lamps well i am not as cool as i let myself on she gives it all but keeps it all thus the question of mindfucking,the jedi mind trick and the legends of Shangrilah.......she has remodelled my whole mentality of the celibacy policies and vagina monologues of the educated habesha cutie,,,,,,also known as the complexities of the female bermuda triangle.

She is what others call perfect,i on the other hand declare her imperfect for she fails to fail thus another anomally,she is too cute,too cool,too wise,too deep,too principled young enough not to have facial hair,and when she laughs its an ochestral delight and as contagious as nerve gas, i have kissed her one hundred times in my mind and even what i merely fathom keeps me in expectance of the real thing for even with such parodies Don Juan comes through unscathed i hope?it is merely a thought.

 We sat for four hours in ultra silence meditating on the beauty of an ugly day,passing the thin time in wide expance together sharing paranormal mental scratches that leave u with the happiness of a thousand happy days immortalised in a smile and scentless hair thus an imperfect perfection,can it be a dream does she really exist or is she a figment of my imagination my muse sent to make my sojourns in the land of the thousand tribes easier

The question is do i need time or am i already in love?

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