The Universe and Beyond

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This is a piece of writing that has helped me to release those deep inner thoughts, reflections on Space, the Universe and beyond.

Submitted: June 11, 2012

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Submitted: June 11, 2012



On a clear night when it's warm I like to sit outside in my garden and no one knows I am there; I am totally alone and at peace and it's quite possible for me to lose all track of time as I try to figure out things in my mind, ideas, possibilities, questions; they are all there lurking around as I try to make sense of them.  Why would I be sitting in the darkness alone? Is this not a strange thing to do?  At one time I probably would have thought so.  At one time I would have been thoroughly engrossed in a late night horror flick with nothing but blood and gore and carving of flesh for company; perhaps I had a warped mind back then but that's ok!  Call it my little bit of escapism, my choice, something to feed my imagination.  That was then but what now?  What now?  Now comes mystery and reflection I think!  Now it's time for deep thinking followed by ever deeper questions.  Let's return to me sitting alone in my back garden.  It's warm and I can see a passenger airliner crossing the night sky; the plane eventually fades into the distance and suddenly I am welcomed by an audience of stars and blackness.  It's beautiful out there, mesmerizing!

I stare and stare, my curiosity deepens.  I feel like I am drowning in the vastness of Space and beyond.  There is a huge Universe out there and I suddenly feel very small, smaller than small.  The stars are so bright and I feel as though they are all focusing on me; like I am being watched and monitored! I begin to wonder if we are truly alone and then I think of the possibility of there being a higher being, an entity; something that is beyond the realm of human understanding.  How many galaxies and planets are there?  Numbers must be in the millions and billions, like grains of sand!  I begin to feel inner excitement as I focus on the possibilities of mankind!  Past achievements suddenly come to mind and then follow the eternal words of Neil Armstrong as he set foot on the Moon: "That's one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind."  Have we not as a human race built wonders of technology: Probes and ships that have explored deepest space? Yes we have!  My heart suddenly sinks as it dawns on me that I am only here for a short time, the blink of an eye in eternal space time!  Oh how I would love to see where mankind is destined; it would be so nice to witness future space technology.  Will we colonise other planets? It's possible!  Will we find new worlds? Yes!  The deepest question of all: Is there intelligent life out there? I believe so.

I sit and continue to gaze up at the night sky and all that beauty out there.  Yes, I am very small, a non-entity in this vast Universe.  A deep inner voice inside me cries out: 'Dear Universe, grant me a pair of invisible wings so that I can fly up, up and up! I want to visit the Milky Way! I want to fly past the rings of Saturn! Oh how I wish to escape planet Earth for a short duration!'  Yes, the Universe and beyond!  These are cherished moments that I enjoy as I focus and gaze up at the night sky.  Even though understanding is beyond my grasp I can still question and philosophise and reflect, this is a gift open to everyone.  This must of course come to an end as daylight quickly approaches. It's time to return to reality and the world that I know.  Thank you God! Thank you Universe!  Thank you unknown entity, whatever or whomever you may be out there! The End.

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