The Unspoken Words of a Rose

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A Rose speaks volumes! These are my words, thoughts and reflections as I focus on this thing of beauty.

Submitted: June 09, 2012

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Submitted: June 09, 2012



I am at heart a lover of nature and all things green.  I love the countryside with its many blessings and comforts.  I cherish the private space of my garden with all manner of trees and foliage to keep me company.  I enjoy the company of Robins and Sparrows as they fly across my path and wallow and splash in the Roman bird bath; their cute little ways, a comfort to my soul!  I am alive and breathing, I have all the time in the world.  There are no clocks, watches or time pieces to accompany me, I won't have them, they are nothing but an irritant!  I would much rather rely on the method of times of old: the Sun and its changing time cycles as it slowly moves across the heavens above!

As I rest and swing to and fro in my hammock I notice a single rose that forever stands guard as it absorbs the rays of the Sun.  Deep red in colour it is gently caressed by a light breeze and as I begin to focus on this gem of a flower my thoughts run amok and I am suddenly captivated and imprisoned by its grace.  There is a silent communication that takes place between us, no words are uttered; no words are needed for there is a mutual understanding here.  I suddenly compare two opposites: The world and this Rose!  I think of the world and how stress, pressure and getting from A to B as quickly as possible are the norm!  I then contemplate the stillness and silence of the rose; time is nonexistent and it has been through many battles as the elements of wind, rain and storms have sought to destroy this thing of beauty.

I learn an invaluable lesson from this gift of nature! I have learnt how nice it is to just be still and ponder; absorb nature at its best.  Welcome dear reader to my world!  By your very presence here I know we are connected!  These are moments and memories that I cherish.  One man! One Rose! We belong together; the world can continue on its path of speed and toil! Me? Here I will remain; here I will allow my mind to wander and visit a distant time and place! Pure bliss!

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