The Abyss In The Girls' Bathroom

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The Abyss In The Girls' Bathroom, a play on words, is the story of a mall security guard that walks into the girls' bathroom 35 minutes after closing time to check and make sure no one is still inside so he can lock up for the night. The good news is he doesn't find anyone inside. The bad news, he found someTHING instead.

Submitted: April 01, 2016

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Submitted: April 01, 2016



The Abyss In The Girl’s Bathroom

Written By Andrew Hales

Date Written: March 31st 2016


The security guard walks into the girls’ bathroom. It is silent and not a thing moves. The perfectly white tiled-floor is pristine. There was a row of pure black stalls on both sides of the room with a pathway to walk in the middle. A few beautiful jet-black tiled sinks were at the far end of the pathway on the wall. The toilets in every stall were also pure black and pristine. 3 stall doors were open on one side of the room and the exact stalls parallel to them on the other side of the room were also open. The room was perfectly symmetrical.  It was uncanny.

The officer begins to walk down the pathway between the stalls. Weird. A loud slamming noise jerks the officer’s head up. The last stall at the end of the room on the right side of the room, which he was only one stall’s-length away from, had slammed the door shut.

What the hell? He was almost positive there were no feet touching the floor in any stall when he first walked in. The mall had been closed for 35 minutes already. He slightly tried to peer under the stalls, specifically the stall that slammed it’s door. No feet touching the ground.

“Alright, whoever is in that stall, you’ve had your fun. Come on, it’s time to go. Get down off the toilet and walk out of the stall. The mall has been closed for over half an hour and I need to lock it up for the night”. Silence, again. It was deafening, it could make a man go mad. Maybe it was? Maybe he was losing his mind?


“Ma’am?”. The clicking noise echoed through the room. It continued to echo. It was still echoing. It’s like the sound was bouncing off the walls, getting louder each time. It continued getting louder and louder and the officer clasped his hands over his ears and began to yell in pain. The clicking noise that still echoed began to sound more and more like laughter. The laughter of an audience. A huge audience. He was going deaf. He screamed.

Silence.  He stood there, hands clasped over his ears, face wincing in pain. He hesitated and opened his eyes.


Moving his hands away from his ears, the officer’s palms are covered in blood and it plip-plops onto the white tiled floor. He cringes for a moment before looking up at the closed stall door, noticing it begin to slowly push itself open a bit. That clicking noise, it was the stall door unlocking.

Angrily and in pain, the officer walks up to the stall door and goes to put a hand on it. The door swings at him and smashes into his nose, leaving it at a very unnatural angle and blood profusely leaking from the gash. He screams and rushes back towards the bathroom entrance.

He makes it to the door and pulls. He pulls again.

The locking noise earlier. It wasn’t the lock to the stall door, it was the lock to the bathroom itself.

The officer turns his back to the door and looks out into the bathroom. His bright red blood sprinkled the ground. It contrasted nicely with the white tiled floor. “WHAT THE FUCK?” he screams, trying his hardest to sound confident, his voice cracking and quivering.

Every single stall door flew open at the same time in a loud rattling crash that echoed through the room, sounding like a monstrous roar. The lights flickered off and on for a few seconds at a time, but came back on and stabilized.

His back pressed against the door, he begins to slowly slide down the wall and crumples to the floor shivering and crying, still watching every inch of the room for any movement of any kind. Wait. What is that?

There was a pair of feet touching the floor in the same stall that smashed his nose. Now on the floor against the wall, you could clearly see right under every single stall. There was definitely a pair of feet in that stall and they were not there before the lights went out. “What… What do you want from me?”, the officer pleaded. “You can stay. I don’t care. Please, just let me go”.

There it was again. Just as always. That same stupid fucking deafening silence. He couldn’t take it. He was losing it. He wanted to scream but it’s like his chest was a bubble he couldn’t pop. He felt claustrophobic, he couldn’t breathe. Calm down. Just calm down.

What was that? He hears it again. It sounds like someone jingling a toilet handle. It goes quiet again and then the sound of the toilet being flushed finally occurs.

The security guard sits there for a moment, unknowing of what his next move should be.

BLOOD. A LOT of blood.

A loud splash hits the floor and red begins pooling around the toilet the feet sit at. The toilet was overflowing bright red blood. The flow of blood on the floor knocks the feet over and reveals them to be severed from the rest of the body below the knee.

Blood was waterfalling down and splashed forcefully against the wall opposite of the toilet on the other side of the room. The parallel stall was splattered in blood and suddenly other toilets were spurting fountains of blood and it was firing and splashing on everything. The sinks burst and red pooled out over the counters and onto the floor while spraying in a shower across the room.

The officer screams and is sprinkled by blood from all directions. After about a minute, the entire floor of the bathroom was submerged in a foot of blood, the guard panicking more and more with the more blood he got on himself. A few more moments pass by, and now there is 4 feet of blood in the bathroom.

Near him to his right, a few feet away, the blood begins to bubble. Something was submerged below its surface, breathing.

Quickly, the officer begins swimming away from the bubbles and is now in the center of the bathroom between all of the stalls. A very loud lurching sound, a sound of metal and pipes and tile shattering and breaking and bending, erupts.

The officer looks into one of the stalls and notices bubbles coming from right above where the toilet would have been in that stall. He looks into the stall parallel to the one he was looking in, and notices bubbles in the blood above where that toilet would be as well.

A figure bursts from the bubbles above every toilet in the room, made of chunks of sludge, guts, sewage and human waste and crunched up pieces of bones and rotting flesh. A stench of death fills the room. The figures all began making their way through the blood pool, slowly, towards the center to get the officer.

He screams and the room begins to shake and loud cracking and crumbling noises are heard as part of the wall collapses in the bathroom on the right side of the room. A gaping hole in the wall and a chunk of the floor now missing, the blood begins pouring out of the room like a waterfall into an area below the bathroom. It was pitch black in the hole. The blood swept the chunky-creatures down with it, like dirt going down a giant drain while the officer clings to one of the collapsing stalls on the left wall in the bathroom. The room finishes emptying of blood.

The officer lets go of the stall and falls onto the floor on his chest. He rolls over and gets up, looking down into the black abyss.

A twitch in the dark, a white tentacle rockets towards him out of the blackness and impales him in the stomach. His stomach acid begins to leak onto the floor. Stunned, the officer becomes a human pin-cushion as the tentacle reshapes itself inside him and splinters into hundreds of sharp needles that now stick out of the officers entire body below the neck. He was essentially shredded internally and externally. The tentacle lifts the officer off his feet, still impaling him, and freezes.

Not a move.


The entire body of the officer is slammed against the left wall of the bathroom and demolishes a few stalls. The guard’s guts and blood was splattered all over the wall he hit. The shredded, unrecognizable remains fall to the floor, with the tentacle dragging the corpse down into the abyss.

© Copyright 2019 Andrew Hales, The CreepShow. All rights reserved.

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