A Brief History Of Benjamin Harris and Journalism

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A brief article of journalist Benjamin Harris and the first newspaper printed in America titled "Publick Occurences Both Foreighn and Domestick."

Submitted: April 20, 2018

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Submitted: April 13, 2018



The Story:

A Brief History of Journalist Benjamin Harris

Written By: Andrew Snider



Benjamin Harris was the first journalist throughout the British and American colonies (Britannica, 2018). Throughout the time he spent in London, he published articles that were brutally directed at Catholics and Quakers. In 1690, he fled to Boston, Massachusetts to avoid penalties set against him for joining Titus Oates in trying to expose the “Popes reign of power”. The date was September 25, 1690 when Benjamin Harris published the first American newspaper in Boston, Massachusetts, titled ‘Publick Occurences Both Foreign and Domestick’. The newspaper covered topics such as the first Thanksgiving, a gloomy suicide, and illnesses such as smallpox, which was sweeping through Boston at the time (Kuehn, 2015). Soon after the first issue of ‘Publick Occurences Both Foreign and Domestick’ was published, it was shut down by the government (Shmoop, 2018). Harris was found to be operating a newspaper without a proper license and was jailed for it (Norman, 2018). Although Harris was operating without a license, some opinions have circulated that the government was not too fond of the newspapers’ criticisms in the first place. With Benjamin Harris being as outspoken as he was in his writing, we can all agree that he helped shape todays world of Journalism.






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