The Date Trilogy: 2. The Saturday Brunch

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This short story describes a meeting of a woman and her best friend. One of them is embarking on a new relationship, but has regrets. There are sexual descriptions, but nothing too explict.

This is part 2 of the Date trilogy, you should probably read part 1 first, but it doesnt really matter. Part 3 is on the way...

Submitted: October 20, 2012

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Submitted: October 20, 2012



The Date Trilogy: 2. The Saturday Brunch

“So come on, Jane ‘I-can’t-talk-on-the-phone’ McInley, how did the date go?” Mel asked.

As they did every Saturday at this time of day, the pair had just met up in the restaurant of a large department store, Mel with one shopping bag, Jane with 6 bulging shopping bags. They had bought coffees and pastries and were sitting at a table.

“I suppose it was ok.” Jane replied in a non-committal fashion, sipping her coffee.

“So, your lovely date... walking the dogs in the park – did you find out if he was married?”

“I did. He was married 20 years ago but divorced. The woman I saw him with until a couple of weeks ago was his girlfriend, but they have split up now.”

“Yes! Excellent news.”

“I was quite pleased too,” Jane grinned.

“Jane, I have to say that you seem to have got some colour in your cheeks.”


“About time too. Dish the dirt then. Did you kiss him?”

“It was a bit silly. You will laugh.”
“Just tell me – you know you want to,” Mel demanded.

“We got back to the house from walking the dogs, and I was in really nervous. We just made small talk. What he does for a living, his hobbies, that sort of thing.”


“Like an idiot, I dropped the tray with the tea cups on. There was broken cups, tea, biscuits, and cake everywhere and...”

“I get the picture. Get on with it.”

“We both rushed to clean the mess up, but while we did it, we were really close to each other, and he looked me in the eye... we both leaned forward across the mess... and... it was the perfect kiss.”

“Awww... prince charming makes her heart go flutter. That is so cute!” Mel teased.

“Actually it wasn’t my heart that was fluttering.”

“No... you didn’t?”

“It has been 5 years since Dan died. That is a long time to go without. That kiss... well, let’s just say it was a good one.”

Mel was speechless. She had been badgering Jane to find someone else since her husband had died in a motorcycle accident five years before.

“So the little kiss became a big kiss, and the next thing I know we are ripping our clothes off,” Jane continued.
Mel had her hand over her mouth until she realised her friend had stopped telling the story. “Don't stop now! What happened?”

“The dogs must have thought we were going mad. There were clothes everywhere, we staggered towards the stairs, then he pushed me back to sit on one of the stairs and...” she paused to check no one was listening to their conversation. “...he went ‘down below’.”

“Oh. My. God. Tell me you sorted out your pubes before the date. Please!”

“I always listen to the advice of my best friend. The poor girl in the salon must have thought she needed a hedge trimmer, but she did a lovely job. I can confirm Geoff did not get any hair in his mouth.”

“Thank goodness. Was he good?”

“Dan never did that with me, and I would have told him not to if he had tried, but it was amazing – I was on the stairs, legs wrapped around Geoff’s head. It was my first non-electrically driven orgasm since...”

“Since Dan Died?” Mel interrupted.

“Since forever.”

“Really? You never...”

“No. Not in nearly 20 years with Dan.”

“So then what?”

“I was in a daze, so he carried me up the stairs. He found my bedroom, threw me on the bed and told me I was beautiful and that he was going to fuck me.”

“He just told you? No please or thank you?”

“Dan was always polite, and checked I was comfortable, and was very attentive. It was sweet, but not very sexy. Geoff knew what he wanted and he took it.”

Mel could barely contain herself, and was reduced to fanning her face with her hands.

Jane continued, “He held my hands down above my head and just... had his way with me.”

“This was what you wanted, right?” Mel asked cautiously.

“God yes. I couldn’t move my hands, but I didn’t want to. I felt so... full, and what he was doing to my boobs with his teeth while he was in me...”

“Did you use anything?” Mel asked, trying to keep the mood light.

“I didn’t even think to. It was only when the fireworks had ended and I came to my senses again that I thought there might be a problem. I realised I was laying in a wet patch – I must have looked worried, so he reassured me he had had the snip years ago.”

“Not ideal, but I suppose you are forgiven. So what was he like – to look at I mean?”

“He was gorgeous. No not gorgeous, but he was a real man. He is quite tall, slim, muscles – you remember what Dan was starting to get like before he died? Well, Geoff is ‘fit’. He has ‘abs’!”

“And what about...” Mel held her little finger out and wiggled it.

“More than adequate, thank you. Which is more than I could say about Dan.” There was a hint of regret in Jane’s voice.

“You are ok about this aren’t you?” Mel asked.

“I felt a bit guilty afterwards, when we laying in bed together. It seemed like I had moved on from Dan, and discovered I had missed out for all those years I was married to him. Like the whole marriage was a mistake.”

“You both loved each other, and you have the boys now.”

“Yes, I wouldn’t change the boys. But Dan... he was very sweet, but he was a bit ‘safe’.”

“How so?” Mel asked, nibbling at her pastry.

“We met when we were at a school. He asked me out to the school disco and I said yes. We went out together for three years. Other than an occasional hand-job, I didn’t have sex with him in all that time. I wanted to be a virgin on my wedding night, and he went along with that. The wedding night arrived, and I had 10 minutes of missionary. I should have realised that was how it was going to be for the rest of our time together and left him then. Of course, I got pregnant with Josh within a couple of months, and a few years later with Timmy. What a waste of a lifetime.”

Mel looked a little upset by her friend’s revelation.

“Supposing I had gone with Geoff to the school disco instead of Dan?” Jane continued. “I would have lost my virginity that same night. Dan wouldn’t have had a look in.” There was a crack of emotion in Jane’s voice.

Mel held Jane’s hand for a moment. “So that was the evening of love over?”

“No, we talked for a while. I told him about my boys, and he talked a little about his daughter. I didn’t tell him, but I think I know her – Josh had a thing for a girl called Kate in his year at school, she was very beautiful by the way, but she kept turning him down for dates. As a way of getting them together, I invited her for a day at the coast with me and the boys and she accepted. I failed at that too, but at least I had tried.”

“If she is like her father, it sounds like Josh missed out there!” Mel laughed.

“I think he probably did. I bet she had boyfriends queuing up for her to choose from, so I suppose Josh just didn’t fit the bill.”

“Then what?”

“We had sex again. Me face down this time, offering myself up to him. It was bliss. I never did that with Dan either.”


“Amazing. Then I realised that Timmy was going to be back from football practice soon, so we had to stop there.”

“And when are you seeing him again, you dirty girl?” Mel asked, smiling.

“I saw him Wednesday when Josh had his Judo lesson. I had bought a new top to celebrate so I wore it – Geoff said I looked beautiful. Dan wasn’t one for saying things like that.

“You are beautiful. You have lovely boobs, and I wish I had your bottom.”

“Thanks. Tim was around the house today, so Geoff couldn’t come over. Instead I had a clear-out of my wardrobe. Everything over 1 month old got put into plastic bags and taken to the charity shop. It was all so frumpy – from now on I want to wear nice things. Tim must have thought I was mad but helped with the bags. Hence the shopping. Money isn’t a problem – Dan left loads of insurance.”

“Take care with Tim – he already lost one parent to a mid-life crisis. He might think your new clothes are like his dad's new motorbike.”

“I think about that, but Geoff just made me feel so good about myself. Not just the sex, but the intimacy, and telling me how amazing I looked. I wanted to get rid of any traces of the old me.”

“And Tim understands that?”

“Probably not, but it is the way I feel. Maybe in time he will understand.”

“Well, you can ask him. He just walked in to the restaurant.”

“Oh my god, what do I do?”

“What do you think you do? Call him over.”

“But we were talking about me having sex with a man he doesn’t know about!”

“Then maybe we should stop that discussion.”

“And there is ‘sex stuff’ in one of the bags!” Jane hissed.

“What sort of sex stuff?”

“Slinky underwear... and a pair of fluffy hand cuffs.” Jane whispered back.

“Then don’t let him see in the bag.” Mel stood up. “Timmy, over here!” she called, waving.

The boy saw his mother’s friend and hurried over to their table.”

“Hello Tim, what are you doing here?” his mother asked.

“Hi mum, hello Mel.” He smiled shyly at Mel. “I came into town to see Dean and Simon, but they had to go early, so I thought I would find you and get a lift back home. Can I have a drink please mum?”

She gave him some money and he joined the queue for the till.

“So how is he going to react when he finds out about you being regularly serviced by your new ‘Alpha male’?” Mel asked quietly, unbuttoning a button on her blouse.

“He was really close to his dad. He still misses him I think. What are you doing?”

Mel blushed. “Call me weak, but Timmy has had a crush on me for ages, and I rather like the feeling of being admired.”

“By a 12 year old boy?”

“It is ok for you, being screwed senseless by mister perfect. I have Kevin, who forgets I am a woman unless it is Friday night ‘Shag night’. Don't worry, your little Timmy is safe.”

The boy arrived back at the table with a cola. Jane noticed him glance several times at Mel’s cleavage while he sat with them.

“You have a load of shopping mum.”

“Just to replace what we threw out yesterday. Do you like my top? It is new today as well.”

“Yes, it is nice. It doesn’t look like you so much.”

“Thanks for that darling – do you actually want a lift home?”

“I didn’t mean it like that, mum.”

“I still have to get one more thing.”

“Mum... you have loads of stuff already. How can you want more?”

“Actually, I was thinking of looking for a new car this afternoon.”

“I like the old car though.”

“It is a rust bucket, and it is a Volvo. Hardly exciting.”

“It was dad’s car. I like it.”

“It costs more every time I get it serviced. Wouldn’t you like something a bit sportier?”


Mel cut in. “Tim, when I see you mother in that old car, she looks worn out, going to the shops, going to her job, doing errands. Wouldn’t you like to see her having the thrill of her life being seen with something flash and with loads more ‘poke’? I bet she would have a smile on her face every time you saw her in it.”

“I suppose, but I like dad’s car. It reminds me of him.”

Mel put her arm around Tim and pulled him into her breast. He hated his mother doing this, but Mel was different. He could feel the warmth of her breast against his cheek.

“I know, sweetheart, but you and your mum have to move on. Your mum deserves something to make her feel good doesn’t she?”

Tim nodded.

“Besides, you don’t know what sort of car I was going to look at.” His mother added.

“What sort?”

“I was going to visit the Mercedes garage.”

“A Mercedes! Can we afford one of those? What sort?”

“Yes we can. I don’t know what sort – something sporty and flash, but with room for you, Josh and the dog. I was hoping you would help me choose.”

“Wow, yes!” He had forgotten Mel’s welcoming cleavage for the moment.

“Well, take the tray back to the counter and we will go and have a look!”

Mel fluffed his hair as he hurried past with the tray of cups.

“I could see what you were doing there, Mel. Thanks.”

“No problem. I think he is heading in the right direction anyway.” She paused in thought for a second. “Doesn’t Timmy usually have a football match on Sundays? Could it be a chance for a certain Alpha Male to come and swap body fluids with you again?”

“Oh I wish. I already suggested it, but Geoff said he always does Sunday lunch for his daughter – he invited me to join them, but I don’t think Timmy or I are quite ready to meet his family yet.”

“Tuesday night passion it is then.” Mel teased.

Timmy returned to the table. “What is on Tuesday night? Don't forget I have football training, mum.” He asked.

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