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It is a story about choices and ends with your choice. Post your answer on twitter @questions2320 with your answer.

Submitted: October 14, 2012

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Submitted: October 14, 2012



Choice. There is really only one in life. The problem is discerning it. We all have ways of asking the same question just some people catch your ear with theirs. This is a story about one choice but really it is about everyone’s choice.

When I was in high school I used to debate and my Uncle was my coach. He was the one that asked me if I ever had been in a Michael’s craft store. He told me some people have and some people haven’t. It is the answers we give that define us. If you were to continue to ask have you ever had skittles? You would now have a group of people that have been in a Michael’s and have had tried skittles. He asked me these questions because you have to first be willing to give an answer to a question. Saying you don’t know the answer is infinitely better than saying nothing at all. He asked me these questions to ask me this.

He told me he used to have a student in debate that went on to debate in college. At one of his matches this student was approached by a coach of another team. This coach was already infamous. He asked the student to dinner. My uncle’s student responded no graciously saying that he appreciated the sentiment but he didn’t swing that way. The coach said fine. Fine. But. But how about this? How about you come to my apartment tonight and take a bath. I will not be there. There are no cameras you have my word. And I will pay you ?,000 dollars. I will pay you ?,000 dollars just to take a bath. But you have to leave the water. Will you take the bath?

Now that is the question? A very simple one. Will you leave the water? Now there are other choices. Like would you go there? Can he be trusted? Why am I reading this? The question I am asking is a personal one. Would you take the money? Now my uncle’s student he went to that coach’s apartment and he took that bath? But he said stood there looking at the plug and looking at the money on the sink and he #PulledthePlug#Grabbedthemoney and walked away? The choice is always ours. Just make one.

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