The Shogun

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This is a developing short story about a half man half machine in a war with the devil

Submitted: February 14, 2009

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Submitted: February 14, 2009



The Fernald was once a place of great despair. Children were brought there to wither, suffocated by darkness. Often they were left unattended and unfed. Behind iron doors the ward. The small window consisting of wire mesh was covered over,they paced and lamented. It was, if one had cared to see, a place of misery. But time went by , the need to be politicly correct somehow caused the atrocities to stop. This was now the shoguns home. The empty halls and surrounding grounds were his but not solely. Great minds of mechanics and engineers were kept in the halls. They were scizophrenics and the shoguns craft at creating different drugs, speeds, kept them stationary numbed. It was a sense of need that caused the shogun to enslave these minds. Few could understand the mechanics of which he consisted. Speeds and rare metals he consisted of, the speeds coursed in him unchecked.

About the grounds a special variety of insect roamed. It was similar to a wasp. It's sting ate at flesh but when the wasp had passed and was prepared correctly it could give off an intoxicating resin. This was his craft while his nemesis was more fond of downers, opiates. Make no mistake he is proud of his speeds but ahhh! the downers. They corrupted minds and ate at demographics. Where time was once of the essence it no longer was men wandered as if blind. But he was not a god but a demon. A fallen angel. His reach was lengthy as well was the shoguns. Both had suffered atrocities and incarceration still they masterminded and engineered dynastys,regimes.

Within the heart of the city is malice. Here Beezlebub thrives. His housing is not of skin. He keeps tenants on the third floor exclusivly, addicts, murderers, the desperate. A steel fire escape there only form of exodus. Once a man broke in one of the ground level basement windows. After dropping to the floor he heard labored breathing briefly. Soon a snapping serrated grip came upon him followed by a second and third. Pitbulls. These creatures were spectres of hunger. There tongues had been cut out to provide a silent stealthy approach. If survived the gutted brownstone provides more peril. A man may fall thru a faulty step landing on the floor below or its staircase where nails are stationed on the railings they pierce, unrelenting.

The company he keeps is exclusive yet unrefined. Women who wereonce of beauty now only shells of people masks over parasitic yearnings. One in particular, Amelia, is a methamphetamine addict. She resides in relative luxury yet cannot pacify an urge to dissassemble anything she finds menacing. TV's and radios computers and phones there inner workings splayed about her quarters Beezlbub turns a blind eye and hides a smirk, the god of her understanding, Christ? Indifferent.

The shogun is truly ageless. He is a marvel of engineering. His human exterior is relativly healthy though leathery and worn. He was a warrior once. Almost destroyed or exposed during America's civil war he is a giant of a man. This was his creators folly. As slave laborers moved the dead on plains ofunbridled hatehe weighed down a stretcher. His wiring began tosmoulder thru his warrior's garb and eyes pryed. And Beezlebub witnessed not being completely submissive to barriers of flesh or caged by the mortals feeble form of sixth sense. Yet he is not a God. Eventually the shogun's frame was reclaimed by his creators and mended, he still walks.

The regimeor syndicate of Beezlebub was mighty. A man name Field was his reaper, a man also of massive stature and ruthless, christless, intents. He was of a unknown origin. Far in the past he had adopted faiths that were dark and ungodly. Though of African tones he had adopted druid like habits. Certain knots in his hair signified ritual beliefs. The modern authorities fancied him a serial or mass murderer but many were on the take. It was he who was to come for the Shogun, a gnawing desireto appease his lord fueled him.

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