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As 14 year old Tyler Lambert is faced with many different/ puzzling cases he finds himself in a labyrinth of finding out whats after what. Will he be able to find the last piece of information he needs or will he fall apart and give up. Thats for you to find out.

Submitted: December 07, 2011

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Submitted: December 07, 2011




SequenceBy Andrew Clark Robertson

As I walk this dark long road I think to myself how do all of these things happen but also I think how did I get myself into it. Here is where my story ends for me, but begins for you. I can’t exactly tell you how it all ended so were going to have to start from the beginning.

 So it all began with me waking up off the couch of my house with a remote and a glass of water standing right beside my phone… as look at the time it says its about 5 till 4 in the morning…guess I couldn’t sleep. Weirdly at the time I couldn’t remember anything from yesterday I felt I was going insane. Maybe just needed some Tylenol.  As I headed to the cupboard I looked to my left and saw a lady in a red burgundy robe with her hair straight up as it could be, I tried to just ignore it. “Honey are you alright, what are u doing up?” “Hey mom just feeling a little sick thought I would get some Tylenol.” “Ah ok then go lie down and try to get better.” “Sounds good mom.” “Good night Sweetie.”  “Night mom.”

As I made my way to the couch I heard this noise that sounded much like car engine as I look out the window I saw some truck pull into our driveway so quickly I ran to go answer the door.  As I looked there was a police officer in uniform and all and he asked me. “Sir have you seen anybody hanging outside or just kind of making strange noises or of that matter?” “Sorry officer but I haven’t.” “Well…ok thanks for your patience call if you do hear anything suspicious.” “Sounds good sir.” “Good Night” “Good night” I said softly closing the door and heading back to the couch ready to pull my blankets over my head and just sleep for years... I wish...

 As I woke up that morning I found myself on the ground with my brown blanket curled up all over me. I quickly tried to pull myself together as I did I found my mom in the kitchen cooking some of the best pancakes ever. I softy said good morning but being too quiet she didn’t hear me so I made my way to kitchen. “Hello Sweetie!” “Hey mom.” “Feel you got any sleep last night?” “I guess so.” “Ok, well better hurry up and get ready to go to school it almost 7:45.” “Got it mom.” As I made my way up stairs I opened the door to my room  but the first thing that caught my attention was  this note I found on my dresser. I picked  it up and read “4:22” as I thought to myself what kind of note this could be , I got  my clothes ready and my backpack and headed  downstairs for some pancakes.

 As I finished up my food I headed out the door to my trail near the small forest beside my house that lead me to my school.  While heading over there I notice a small notebook with a paper ripped out and a red pin that looked just like the pen that could have been written with on that note I found in my room. I quickly just leave it alone and keep walking.

Arriving at school is a normal problem for me most of the time, but most of the time it wasn’t as confusing or I should say puzzling... this time when I arrived at my beat up locker I thought to myself how the  6 sequence of numbers goes that opens the door to my long and boring day at school.  When the red little door opened I noticed a notebook lying right on top of my Physics book and on the front of the book it said a sequence of numbers. I picked up the notebook and held it closer to my face considering I hadn’t put on my glasses yet, but close enough I saw it read “15438LSOD.” How in the world would I know what this means I opened the first page and right before my eyes I noticed pages among pages of sentences with more sequences of numbers? April fool’s day was a while ago I experienced that felling already with the football team and shaving cream I don’t want to think about that again. At the very moment the bell right above me rung super loud waking me up from my state of confusion making me jump a little. I quickly grabbed my necessities and headed to room 102 for Biology.

Entering in the room I made my way to my lonely desk in the back left of the classroom which was carved with “who knows what” saying words which I don’t think I should share. I threw my bag on the ground and cut to the chase, forgot all about Ms. Graham and pulled out the Blue notebook. I couldn’t help myself but notice the sequence of numbers on the front again. “What can this mean”? It is all the locker numbers and the kids initials for all the students at the high school or? Who knows...?

“Mr. Patterson, may I ask what that book is?” “Umm...It’s…” “Exactly Mr.…Now I ask kindly that you take out your Text book and follow along...” “Yes Maim.” Of the course the normal odd stare of all the students came upon me to the back of the room.  I just shuttered them off and tried my best to actually keep my eyes awake the rest of the class. When the bell of gratefulness rung I gathered up my things and booked it out the door and headed to the bathroom. I closed the stall door behind me and opened it I turned through the pages and a little folded up paper fell out and landed on the filthy floor. I picked it up and carefully unfolded it trying not to break any corners, even though it was already in bad shape. When it was open it read “To whoever holds the piece of evidence, U are the only one left...” Great, Even more things to add to my confused head.  But written in small letters was written an address and it said “754 Oak drives, Sacramento.” So all I could really do from then was wait till the horrible day of people try to shove information that’s useless into my head. When it was over, I ran quickly home and walked my way towards the kitchen to ask my mom if there was any way I could get a ride to this address. She responded the normal “You’ll have to check it out with your father.” Running as quickly as I could I knock on the big brown door of my dad’s office and he responded a gentle “Come on in.” I opened the door and busted out the question as fast I could. “Maybe in a little son I‘ve got some reports for Ms. Becket but I think I’ve got some time later.” “UH… ok fine dad.”Walking up the stairs to my room I once again threw my bag on the ground near my bed and picked up that torn up note laying next to my bed I found this morning and held it next to my book and the other note , and right before my eyes it all made sense …

As I held the two wrinkled pieces of paper it all came to say “ 754 Oak drive , last one left at 4:22.” Having being in a Christian family 4:22 only means a time or a verse in the bible. Guess I would have to do both. Looking at the clock I knew it was too late to go to odd and confusing address now considering it was 5:21. Hopefully I can try this tomorrow. Again a normal Tuesday morning I headed my way to the building where my head hurts made my way to my locker once again. Thanking God there was nothing in my locker to add to this puzzling game. But later in the day it just so happened during Geometry there it was. A little torn up note on my desk saying James Patterson and in very hard and horrible writing words “NOW!” Could this mean anything? After the day when I got home no need to think. I was at my dad’s door in less than 5 seconds. He finally fell in and got his keys and we headed to the minivan. After some time of looking and searching for this odd address, we came to our senses and asked a store clerk at a nearby store. In pure amazement we got ourselves to the building at 4:19. What a sigh of relief. I walked up the broken tiled walkway to the 2 story house that for sure was not taken care of. I knocked on the wooden door. No response. I tried one more time no response. I tried at the doorknob and the old scratched up door slowly opened its self. From all the movies I watch I don't know if I should go in or just walk back to the van.  I looked to my back and there was dad sitting in the driver’s seat pointing at his watch. I grabbed a large stick on the ground and slowly headed in the old house. I looked around and saw a ripped couch and loveseat and around the walls sequences of numbers and letter were written in permanent marker. As the broken clock on the wall made it was towards 4:22 nothing happened. I made my way back to the front door and pebbles fell from the top of the house and as they hit the ground I noticed a different noise as the pebble to my far right made a deeper noise and the one pebble that fell more to my right made a very light noise I turned back and looked done on the pebble that fell closer to the loveseat and as my foot hit the ground I heard a squeak. My movie mind hit me again and I lifted up the carpet and just what I thought there it was a small opening with a key hole. Nothing I could do. I don't have anything. I put the carpet back down and made my way back to the van. As I opened the door. I heard my dad with a greedy tone saying “Find what you were looking for?””Not exactly. The whole way back I thought to myself what the heck all this had to do with me, but I had this urge to figure out.


As we pulled into our drive way I threw open the door of the van furiously and headed back to my room, jumped onto my bed and looked up at the wall. I stood there for about 5 minutes just wondering what it all meant. As I turned on my bed I looked under my nightstand and There laid My glasses my Ps3 and my remote to my TV, but I totally forget it laid there the other option I had . My Bible. I quickly thought to my self the chapters and turned to whatever I could but what chapter. I didn't know anything still. Needed more info. As I woke up the next morning I had my normal schedule but right before my physics class I couldn't take it anymore I booked it to the front doors of the school and left the dirty place I needed to make my way back to that place. I found the closest place to get a taxi and explained my best I could the address. After a while of explaining what I remembered we made our way there. I quickly gave the man his money and once again walked down the dirty brick walkway to the door. As I opened the door this time I made my way to the loveseat I looked along the walls and made my way to a wooden airplane and written with paint on the airplane was written the name Mark Strobel. Lifting the carpet again I looked at the keyhole, disappointed. As I looked around the house a little bit more I heard this very small ringing nose I walked gently to the dirty kitchen and there it was a green retro phone lying on the kitchen table. Should I answer or will they know I’m here. Being as stupid as I am I grabbed the phone and held it to my ear not saying anything I heard a strong voice say the words “Your almost there just think. “ No way in my right mind was I responding I ran out the door and got my taxi again, time to head home. When I got home there they were, my parents, standing right at the front door with there arms crossed. I’m dead. “Just a call from Mr. Johansson” “But dad.””To your room we picked up your works worth for today at school.”I shoved my way through their arms and to my room and I sat there and unloaded everything onto my desk. How fun…Biology…While I started working on the useless papers I came to my senses on figuring out another part of the horrible puzzle. I thought back to how I saw the airplane in the abandoned house and the name written as I was written my name and date on one of m homework papers, I looked at the clock which read 4:22. Exactly as I thought I opened up my bible on my night stand and turned it to Mark 4:22. The only Book it the bible that came together with my millions of thoughts running through my head. As I found the verse it read “For whatever is hidden is meant to be disclosed, and whatever is concealed is meant to be brought out in the open.” Not being such a smart kid, I only knew of two places that could be opened, my locker and the door with the keyhole at the house.

The next day at school after getting chewed out by the teachers. I found out that nothing came in appearance to me. Nothing in my locker, no notes. Had to be the door at the house. No doubt about it. As much as I’ve told you before I guess no need to say it again so when I was in my room working on so more of the boring homework I opened my history book and there it was, at least what I hoped it would be a small key laying in the 14th page of my history book.

 Once again I booked my way to my dad’s office and begged on my knees for him to take me again. Sadly didn't get him to budge but after a long argument I got my mom to drive me over I did the normal routine and opened the out of shape wooden door and headed to the loveseat. Lifted the carpet and put the key in the keyhole and of course it fit perfect. I turned twice to the left and the little opening opened with a dark room at the bottom and all I could see was 5 stairs heading down to the room. I wonder what else this adventure holds for me.

 I still don't understand how my mind works, but I don't think a normal person would be stupid enough to walk down those stairs but somehow I did. Taking each step super slow and hearing the long yet annoying creak of every stair I made my way down counting exactly 13 stairs. Arriving in the large yet not visible room I found myself searching for any light source I could but nothing appeared like all of the other things before. I thought again yet didn't even know I had my cell phone in my back left pocket, maybe a little light will help. I reached into my back pocket and pulled out my old retro phone considering I hadn’t done my moneys worth of chores to get a better one. I pressed what ever button I felt and a very dim light appeared. I held it out in front of my face and I still couldn't see anything. I started walking slowly forward and after a few footsteps I noticed a small desk made of wood that reminded me of how badly the door was made at the front of the house. I made my way towards it, being very cautious. On the desk laid a paper a pen and 3 books laying right by a lamp hat had so much dust on it, I was guessing it hadn’t been used since years ago. I found the electric socket on the wall behind the desk and pulled the chord attached to the dusty lamp and the lamp flickered itself on the room lit up and I could see much more the rooms walls were engraved with sequences again just as the room upstairs was. Was this person a maniac? I quickly forgot about the numbers and letters and got more interested in the books and paper lying on the desk. I picked up the paper and held it towards the lamp. It read many notes including “14th day last one killed, 10 out of all”, and at the very bottom of the page read, “Must find another.” I folded the paper and shoved in my pocket moving my way onto the books one was a NIV bible the second was a book with the title lock picking. Guess that's how my locker was broken into. And the third book was a red book which held nothing just pages among pages of blank papers. Very confusing. I would think if this person really needed to study for tomorrow’s test, why use the walls when there is an empty book right here. I grabbed the red book and made my way to the back of the room lying on the wall was a photo of a man with slicked back hair facial hair and a pair of glasses, his face was very detailed. With all the dust it made it more difficult to see everything, so I blew a cloud of air onto the frame with dust flying into my face I saw a name located at the bottom of the frame with stated Luke Handers 1954-2002. Umm nothing to do with me after more looking around I couldn't find anything of importance only a broken mug and tons of broken pencils on the ground. I made my way back up the stairs and closed the little door behind me locking it with the key I had in my left pocket of my jeans. As I headed down the street I noticed the local park near a Best Western I walked over to the park and sat down on the closest swing I found trying to figure out what else I could put together in my mind all I had in my mind was the name Luke, the number of people it said that there were before they died. Who knows what they are. And for some odd reason all the creaking of the 10 stairs that lead me down into the room. Looking around the park I noticed the hotel nearby and thought about the one time my family and I went to the coast for summer vacation and how I thought it was so awesome to have a little TV and a bathroom and bible to myself. Then my head felt like a little light bulb popped out as if I was a cartoon. Luke…14…10 stairs. Luke 14:10. I ran to the best western passed the receptionist and ran to a room picked the bible out of the first drawer and turned to Luke and I hit Chapter 14 I skimmed my finger over to verse 10. I held the book closer to my face and read “But when you are invited, take the lowest place, so that when your host comes, he will say to you, ‘Friend, move up to a better place.’ Then you will be honored in the presence of all the other guests.” Does this mean I’m not the only one? , Whatever. I walked out of the hotel ignoring the receptionist nagging on me I exited the doors and heading to my neighborhood. When I opened the front door my parents were gone. Totally forgot it was Wednesday, that's when they go out to the church gatherings in town. I walked into to the living and fell back hard onto the couch and noticed the pile of mail laying on the small table in front of me I flipped through them and noticed the envelop that was made to me and not to my dad. It ripped it open and read “You’re invited to my birthday, will be meeting and Carlos pool ad pizza, hope you can make it, sincerely James Graham? Mrs. Graham’s son from school? Ok? I fought my self threw the rest of the week trying to see if there was anything else but only a few minutes before I was getting ready for the party I remembered the bible verse that went along with the whole puzzle game or whatever you want to call it. But when you are invited, take the lowest place, so that when your host comes, he will say to you, ‘Friend, move up to a better place.’ Then you will be honored in the presence of all the other guests.” So at this party how exactly will I take the lower place? I wrote down the verse and made my way out the door and hopped in the passengers seat of the minivan and we made our way to the party as we pulled into the parking lot, my dad gave me the normal speech to be safe no drinking and to always keep my phone on loud so I’ll hear him. I agreed not really paying attention and made my way through the doors and read the sign tapped on the front of the glass door saying closed on Saturday for reconstruction. What a coincidence I tried the doorknob and it opened. My mind flashed back to the time walking back in to that old dirty house I looked up and noticed the place was dead silent and empty except for one lady sitting down with a straw in her hand tracing patterns on the table in front of her. She raised her head and there I saw it and couldn't believe my eyes it was Mrs. Graham. She stood up and made her way towards me and in her handbag a black note book stuck out and just from looking from it; it had sequences of numbers and letters just as I had in my notebook.


As she came closer some words came out her mouth as if she was mumbling but I couldn’t pay enough attention to understand what she was saying. I looked at her and said quietly “Hey Mrs. Graham, where’s everyone?” She responded back. “I thought that would be the only way I would actually get you to come.” “So what do you need?” I said to her in a voice which made goose bumps grow on my arms in less than 5 seconds. “Well I couldn’t help but notice the very interesting book you had in on your desk during class.” “Oh yeah that book.” “Well mind if I take a look?”  “I’d rather not...cau.” and before I could finish my sentence I saw her reach back into her handbag and slightly and gently she pulled out a long blade which was more smaller than a machete but enough to make my heart jump. I quickly started back and she told me “Mr. Patterson to my understanding your are number 15438LSOD.” Then it hit me...the sequence written on the cover of my blue notebook. “What are you talking about?” “Oh don’t puzzle boy u know what I mean.” As I stood there I reached into the bag on my back which held a old video game wrapped up which I thought I would give to James. I saw the paper and it reminded me of the verse. I looked to my left and right and there it was my savior...An elevator... I did the old trick and held my backpack high and dropped everything on the floor allowing the notebook to slide its way by the elevator. As I walked over to the notebook I gently pressed the elevator button allowing the doors to open. I dashed inside and closed the door behind me. As I arrived on the second story I couldn’t hesitate to even wonder where the crazy lady was heading. So I made my way to the first window I saw and kicked and kicked until I heard a crack. I pushed my way through the window cutting my arms and back on the shattered glass I jumped the amount I could hitting the ground made my legs bounce and cause a horrible felling. But nothing could really make my mind get off of that maniac. I ran to the main highway and hired the first taxi that caught my eye. Luckily I still had the left over money I had from buying some wrapping paper earlier I told him my address and thank god I had never been so happy to ever see my house before. I walked in and made my way to the kitchen laying out all the materials that I had found in my entire puzzle and looked through it all .Nothing came to mind. I felt stupid. How could Mrs. Maniac have anything to do with this? The next days I faked my own sickness to help stay away from the building containing my unknown yet crazy enemy. As I lay on my bed I looked around my school papers doing the homework from last Friday and noticed my pink slip I got for missing class 2 days in a row. As I looked at it, surprisingly it had Mrs. Graham’s signature written in the hand style no one else would forget. Then once again it hit I saw it. Her address had changed. I looked through all of my papers and forms I had filled out before attending the horrible place. After a long time of throwing my hands through piles of papers, I found it, there it was.  Her signature laid written right by mine and her number, and her old address as I scanned it finished one of the puzzle pieces I needed like the last corner piece u get frustrated because u dropped it under the table. Her address was written as “754 Oak drive, Sacramento.”


There was no way I was going back to that house. I stayed in my room the next days just Pretending that I threw up and easy mixer of cereal and milk mashed up in a bag not so hard. But one night as I laid there on my Plaid covered bed I thought.  Am I just going to forget this and move on? I couldn’t I couldn’t even sleep at night just all the things I figured out until now I needed to finish what I started. So that next morning as I struggled out of bed I walked into the kitchen ignoring the smell of the amazing waffles and put my backpack on my left shoulder. As I finally convinced my mom that I would walk to school. I walked out the door and made my way to the left instead of the normal right.

As I reached the turning corner that lead me to my destination I pulled out a 14 caliber out of my backpack. You don’t even know how long I waited outside my dad’s office to get this thing. I held it in my right hand as I slowly pushed open the door. So far so sound whatever. Couldn’t let myself loose yet. I kept my back against the wall and skidded over to the living room as I kept my chin held high I turned the key in the lock as I normally would and pulled out the flashlight I sneaked out of the garage and flicked it on flashing it around the room and I walking gently in the room and I once again saw the one desk but nothing was on it the lamp gone, the books gone. There was only one person I knew that it had to have been. When I made my way to the desk there it was the knife, the exact one Mrs. Graham had. And carved into the desk were some words I couldn’t yet read. But being as cold and frightened as I was I walked in such a slow motion in the amount of time it took me to arrive at the desk it felt like years as I looked down at the desk written carved in the desk was the words “I’m with you, I’m number 13 I faked my death. Now get out they are coming. I made my way back to the small opening door but I looked above my head I noticed a shadow gliding over the door and from then all I saw was darkness, and the sounds of a key lock closing itself.

  So I never thought I would end my life inside a basement of a house owned by a person I don't even know. After some time my legs couldn't support them anymore, so I gently laid my self down on the hard, cold, wood flooring. I reached for the phone I had in my pocket but of course. Dead. Fitting all the puzzle pieces together I still didn't understand anything. I was in that situation when u find all the corner pieces and then u still have the 710 pieces in the middle and can’t even tell what the picture is. When I eventually struggled myself back up onto my feet I tried walking up the loud wooden stairs in hopes that there could even be a way to breath in the dusty room. I knew I had reached the last 3 steps when I hit my head on the upper opening door. I pushed up onto the door with my upper palm. Not a single budge. I was in there for good.

Then there was my savior. The sound of footsteps walking towards me and over the door. In spare hopes the footsteps didn't open the door to my rescue. It made its way over the door into what I remember being the living room. I heard the sound of things sliding against the wood shelves as if the person was moving something or taking something. I couldn’t’t be exact, considering what situation I was in.

I banged 5 times on the door in hopes this person wasn't deaf. The footsteps became louder coming my way and the sound was clear it was the rug being moved. The sequence continued. The key locked made the sound of it opening itself. And the light I hoped for shown itself. The face that I saw had not been clear to me yet. But as I made my way out of the door my hands got pulled behind my back and the sounds of metal cuffs squeezed my hands together. My back leg got kicked and I fell hard to the ground. My vision got blurry. I turned my body to the side as I saw the tall man in the jacket walk away.

  So you may be thinking to yourself I must have been crazy seeing a man. There hasn't been anyone. Well I was just as surprised as you are right now. The man made his way back into the room after about 10 minutes holding a big box with papers sticking out of it labeled with numbers I couldn't and didn't want to think of, I had enough of that. The man bent down and looked at me in the face. The morning shaved hair on his face, the dark brown eyes, the nose, and the haircut I knew from anywhere. Dad.

 He whispered into my ear “Lets just keep this between you and me.” He whispered in a soft still voice. In the box I saw my notebook I left in my room. “Sometimes I just get a little tempted”. As he stood up he made his way back to the front door and opened it leaving me behind in the dark lonely room.


To be continued in the next short story “Locked in Light”.

© Copyright 2018 Andrew Robertson. All rights reserved.

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