Black Drapes

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A memory of passion...

Submitted: March 21, 2016

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Submitted: March 21, 2016



Three months have passed and I never thought I’d hear from Carol again. Our last call was far from being a positive one.

“I don´t want to talk to you ever again.”

I don’t blame her. I had just told her I had kissed someone else. How are you supposed to take to news like that? I apologized and told her that it was a mistake. I was genuinely guilt stricken. Never had I been in a position like that before, but that was not good enough, in all honesty. It had been especially hard ever since I left. We were trying the whole long distance relationship scenario, and we were failing miserably.

I still remember our first few months, as I waited for her to finish her shift at 11pm at the hotel. She was one of their top agents, and only dealt with high profile guests. She was good at what she did, and you couldn’t blame her for being easy on the eyes as well. That always helped. I knew she got indecent proposals from time to time, but I trusted her.

We usually walked towards the park and sat in a bench late at night after her shift. We would talk for hours as we rolled one or two joints together. She’d usually stay beyond the last metro and take a cab home whenever she could, and I would love every minute that we spent together.

It was actually at the hotel where we met. I was a trainee, working at the main desk one night, when a VIP couple came in through our doors. It was almost closing time at the VIP desk up in the 30th floor, and I had forgotten to call to let them know I was coming with guests. Rookie mistake.

She let me know it that night after I showed the guests their room. That was the kind of woman she was, never holding anything back, and mistaking everything that went through her head as honesty.

“You realize you’re supposed to call us beforehand so that we can prepare the registration.”

“I know. I’m sorry. I actually did the registration downstairs. I just…forgot. It’s my first day.”

Her demeanor changed the second she heard that, and a smile appeared across her face.

“You’re new? Awe, don’t worry then. Just bring us the registration card whenever you can. Tonight would be best. We’re closing,” she said with certain brightness in her eyes.

I went down the elevator impatiently waiting to come back up. As the floors dropped in numbers, I rehearsed the reasons why I needed to come back up to my supervisor. Thinking about it now, I laugh. I prepared so hard in those two minutes in the elevator than never before. Steve, my supervisor, didn’t even flinch.

“Yeah, sure. The hotel is empty. Go for it. They´re going to need it.”

I picked up the phone one day some three months later after our last conversation. The caller ID was unknown, and there it was again: the voice I had almost forgotten.


That simple lonely word pierced through my hard built wall like it had been made of paper. Months thrown out the window, as the one word brought me back through the thread of space and time to that one past moment and self. I could barely utter a word back.

“Babe… Are you there?”


“I missed your voice,” she said. “I’ve been thinking about you a lot. There’s something I have to tell you as well.”

While together, Carol, had setup a night out for the both us.

“It’s a surprise,” she said with a smile bordering on a conniving grin.

As we drove up to the inner parking of a building, I noticed we were going into a hotel. Pulling behind the car in front of us, a man with an ear piece signaled us to stop. A black drape came down in front of us blocking the view from the people getting out from the car in front us.

“I know,” she said as I turned to her. “It’s a lover’s hotel. Totally private. No guest gets to see another.”

It was then our turn to pull in, and again the black drapes came over us. I handed the keys to the valet and the man with the ear piece waited for the cue to tell us to follow him. He took us to the front desk where a woman was waiting for us.

“Your suite is almost ready. We just need an ID and a guarantee deposit.”

‘Suite, huh?’ I thought.

The same man took us to a small waiting room. The room had one seat, and could barely fit another.

“Please wait here until someone comes for you. Please do not exit the room without an escort. Would you like something to drink while you wait?”

I swear, at that moment, I felt I was living through the pages of a book, or through the rolling scenes of a film. Where had she taken me? I laughed.

“You know, local politicians are known for coming here. The cheating bastards! Married men too! How disgusting!”

I kept on laughing as I sipped from the mojitos they had brought us. Not soon after that, a man knocked on our door and then opened it.

“Your suite is ready. Please follow me.”

As we followed him though the hallways all the way to the elevator, it was uncanny to see what an empty hotel would look like. Not a single person on the hallways except for the man guiding us to our room.

“Here you are. If you need anything, please use the phone. Please remember to call as well when you check out. We´ll come get you.”

I had never seen a room so full of mirrors before. There was a round bed in the center of the room next to an open bathroom with a huge tub. Only the toilet had a door.

“Look, babe, even the ceiling has a mirror.”

I ran the tub while Carol rolled a few spliffs. We wanted to have them ready instead of having to roll every time we wanted one. I inspected the rest of the room while she lit the first one, and checked on the water every now and again.

“Do you like it?” she said smiling. “Come.”

She took a drag from the spliff and blew it as our mouths connected, and I followed it with a long deep kiss after I had let the smoke out. We lay there on our backs looking at the crimson light reflect on the mirror followed by the cloud of smoke. As the spliff reached its crushing point, our bodies connected in tumultuous passion. One by one, items of clothing came off as our tongues wrestled in soft strokes.

I had her legs around my left thigh as we locked and I felt the heat between her legs. Her breaths were widening as I passed my lips through her neck up to her ear. I pulled her hair away and ran my tongue around her ear lobe. She moaned, and uttered those two precious words, “Oh, babe…”

Meanwhile, my hands were memorizing every inch of her body as they started down by her ankles moving slowly through her calf and thigh. I pressed her unto me as I reached her cheeks. Her breath widened even more. I slid my hands up her back and brought them forward to her breasts, slowly caressing them and holding her nipple between my thumb and my index finger. At that moment, I brought my lips down her neck again and unto her breasts. As I put her nipple between my teeth, I sucked the air out leaving a feeling of cold air around them.

I unlocked my leg from hers, and placed my arms under them and pulled her up. I stood up from the bed and took her to the rustling waves coming from the shooting jets in the tub. There was something divine about the encapsulating water as we let loose. The seconds rolled as minutes became hours, and I pressed my head between her legs, unleashing thunderous trembles. Her fiery curls had been tamed by the waves of the water and now lay long and submissive over her shoulders, as she arched her body every time I pressed harder over her.

I will never forget the surreal view of my reflection on the mirrors once we were back in the bed. Right, left or up. We were all there. At times, I was more concerned with the two figures across my eyes. Was that us? How invigorating it was. Where were we? I thought. Where we here or there? It fueled the energy and vibrations even in those moments of awkward spatial displacement.

The rest of the night was the kind of broken record any two people only dream of being stuck in, as the rings of smoke rose to the ceiling from the next few spliffs we had left on the table. Empty glasses filled the table tops until only water was able to keep us up, before we finally slipped into sleep.

The next day when we rode off, I remember her telling me she had left her ID at the counter.

After we had dispensed with the small talk, her tone changed from her joyous self and slowly lowered.

“I was with someone else in the same hotel room the night after. You knew him too… I was so angry when you told me what happened a few months ago. But now…I just had to tell you. There were others too…”

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