Love In The Middle Of A Gold Rush...

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Have You ever wondered what it would be like to fall in love in the middle of a gold rush??

Submitted: July 31, 2011

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Submitted: July 31, 2011



Tuesday 2nd January 1855

This is the first time I have written in my diary

My name is Eliza Smith, I live in Ballarat, Victoria, my father’s name is Dixie he is 42, my brother’s name is Jacob he is 20, and they are always at the diggings so I rarely see them. My sister’s name is Amber she is 18, I am only 16. You may have noticed that I never mentioned my mother, well... I don’t have one, anymore.

Finally I have time to write I have been here a year now & it is 16 years since mama died & it was my fault if I wasn’t born then mama would still be alive. Her name was Maria.

C:\\Users\\Kelly\\AppData\\Local\\Temp\\There is this girl that I am friends with I have been sending her letters, she is 9 years old & her name is Asirah Cowell, although she is 7 years younger than me. I think she might go to the same school as me.  I’ll actually have a friend.

I shall paste in a picture of my mother.

I have to go to bed now,




Wednesday 3rd January 1855

I think that Asirah has arrived in Aust. today; tomorrow I am going to write her a letter I hope she gets it soon.  I hope to meet her in person soon I imagine her as a pretty dark haired girl, in my head she’s beautiful I wished that I looked like that!!!

I am starting school soon; I think that Asirah will go to the same school as me that would be great.

Talk to you later




Thursday 4th January 1855

Today I wrote a letter to Asirah and this is what it said;

‘Dear Asirah,

I hope you are well, 

Have you arrived in Australia yet if so where about do you live? I shall come visit you. I cannot wait to meet you, you sound just wonderful.

Sorry, I have to go now, ‘till another day {more like letter}


There is not much more to tell you so good-bye for now



Saturday 7th January 1855

I am devastated; I mustn’t send Asirah any more letters. This is why:

Her parents figured out how old I was and now I am forbidden to be in contact with her, I can’t believe it

It’s not fair!!! We were going to be friends!

Goodnight from a devastated


Monday 15th January 1855

I so very sorry that it’s been a long time but I haven’t had time to rest let alone write in my precious diary  tomorrow I start school I wish that I could still be in contact with Asirah, I miss her dearly.

I must go now




Tuesday 16th January 1855

Today was my first day of school since coming to the goldfields, IT WAS SO VERY HORRIBLE!!!  I wish I had never gone & now I am in the dense bush somewhere behind that horrible place there is a water fall and a steam. I here footsteps, I must stop now.




I was shocked this afternoon when I heard the footsteps. They turned out to be two girls both 15 their names were Lucy Delvardo & Bonnie Johnston.

Now I am home & I am going to them meet them tomorrow I cannot wait they are both beautiful  but then that makes me feel sad because  Lucy looks just like my mother who I have only seen in photographs. It makes me sad but then again it is sort of comforting to have that image in my head part of the time.

Lucy has an older brother called Jack who is 17 a younger sister who is 12 & a baby brother called Alex who is 2.

Bonnie is an only child. Her father is off travelling & she has told me that her mother is the most proper lady she sounds just like any English lady should.

They are both wonderful.

That is all for now


Wednesday 17th January 1855

Today I met Lucy’s brother, Jack today he is the man that any girl would dream about he is handsome, polite & older than me. He’s only one year I wish that he would ask me to marry him. I think I’m in love!

Good-night from an in love




Friday 19th January 1855

Today was just wonderful, instead of going to our tents for lunch Bonnie, Lucy, Jack & I went for a picnic in the forest by the waterfall where Bonnie & Lucy found me. I had a lovely time, it was the finest thing I have done since coming here. I wish that Asirah could be here I miss her letters dearly.



Saturday 20th January 1855

I am so sorry that I have forgotten to tell you that Bonnie, Lucy, Jack & I are all in the same class we are all great friends. I am so glad!

I have to help amber cook dinner now



Monday 22nd January 1855

Today I talked to father about me going to school next year & guess what? This shall be my first & last year that I ever go to school which has affected me greatly as I have a secret dream: I want to become a doctor but I am a young lady & such things are definitely not appropriate for a person of my gender. Girls are even forbidden to learn about the Eureka Stockade. But I must become a doctor if there were more of them then fewer women would die during child birth & it would give me a little piece of mind when thinking of mother.

 That’s all for now,






Thursday 25th January 1855

I cannot believe it tody Jack asked me to go on a picnic with him tomorrow, just us!! I hope it is because he has fallen in love with me, he has not invited Bonnie or Lucy this is so splendid but I’m sorry I can’t tell you how it happened since I must go now.



Friday 26th January 1855

Today went just perfect we are going to the play ‘Romeo & Juliet’ just Jack & I it will be wonderful I cannot wait I am so very excited!!!

I must go now, Amber is calling me.


Tuesday 13th February 1855

I am so very scared, Jack & I have been captured we were just innocently watching the play when these two huge, brutal men stormed in, Jack tried to plead with them to let me go but they would not listen & now we are somewhere & I am secretly writing in my diary, which I had hidden in a special pouch in my dress, Jack is watching & waiting for someone to come & do something to or with us he is so worried it makes him look the same age as my dad he is stressing so badly I am worried about him, we are truly in love , Jack told me that if we ever get out of here we shall get married I cannot wait even though this is a horrible place that has shed some light on this terrible time.

That is all for now

From a petrified & in love,


Thursday 15th February 1855

Today Jack decided that he would take action {as you can see}

There is a low window that we will go through tonight so this may be my last entry if it is I love you Papa, Jacob, Amber, Lucy, Bonnie I love you & good-bye Jack you are the best thing that has happened in my short life but I know that if I don’t make it & you do Please, PLEASE be happy my love.

I love you all




Sunday 18th February 1855

We have made it, we are alive!!!  At the moment we are hiding out in a little cave which I do not know the location of but I trust that Jack will get us home safely.

I must go now



Tuesday 20th February 1855

Last night we walked for hours but now we are in the forest where I first met Bonnie &Lucy, now Jack is starting to calm down but he is still a bit stressed he thinks that the people we escaped from will come after us, we have decided that we will say our farewells to our family’s then we will go off on our own so we do not put them in danger. So tomorrow we shall say our good-byes then we will be off.

That’s all for now,




Thursday 22nd February 1855

Jack & I are getting married as soon as we find settlement. I will be Mrs. Jack Delvardo or, Mrs. Eliza Delvardo. It sounds so perfectly wonderful, I am so excited.

Night has fallen, so we must travel now.


Friday 23rd February 1855

Today I have had an idea. I am going to try to send Asirah a letter addressed from Mrs. Jack Delvardo so she will be aloud to read it then in side it will be from me, I am going to ask her to ask her parents to let Jack & I live with them in their house, yes I said house they have a bit of money which they used on a house Asirah told me this in the last letter I got from her. Jack is not sure about my idea but he trusts my judgement on this.

That is all for now,



Friday 2nd March 1855

Today I got a reply from Asirah  she says that her parents understand the state we are in & that we may stay at her house until we find our own I am so excited we will finally meet, I wonder if she looks like I have imagined? But that doesn’t make any difference, I am so excited, Jack just laughs at the look on my face whenever we mention Asirah’s name I just can’t wait to see her. I hope Jack doesn’t get jealous of how excited but he’s definitely not that kind of person& he knows that he is my world. It is about a two day journey on foot which is the way we are travelling.

I must go now, walking time.



Monday 4th March 1855

Today we arrived at Asirah’s house in Beechworth I can’t believe we finally met!  Jack & I are sleeping in their guest room at the moment Jack is holding the candle for me while I write this ,I asked him to hold it for me & he said ‘only if I can read your diary’, so I said yes, hey don’t make me sound like the bad Fiancé!!! I was only interested to see what you said about me & guess what I liked it; by the way I’m only writing this because it’s going to be a book of history one day, it’s so descriptive. I love you ‘Liza you’re my world you know, you’re educated, beautiful & she just perfect. We shall be together forever, my love.


Jack & Eliza.


Tuesday 5th March 1855

This morning Jack & Mr. Cowell were talking & tonight Jack told me that Mr. Cowell is a minister & that he can marry us in his church for free one day. I can’t wait I want to get married right now but Jack wants to do it properly which is reasonable but I am just so excited.

Good-night, Jack says that the candle will burn him if we leave it much longer; the wax is almost gone,

Eliza & Jack.

Wednesday 6th  March 1855

Today I begged Jack until he told me why he wouldn’t marry me straight away & he said ‘well, I haven’t asked your father for your hand & I really want to do this the right way so…’ now he is writing a letter to my father so it could be a week before he even gets a reply.






Wednesday 13th March 1855

We are getting married!!! Papa, Jacob & Amber, & Lucy & Bonnie, & Jack’s Mama & Papa are all coming & Asirah will be there her parent’s will even let us have the wedding in their backyard. I can’t wait I’m so excited. As soon as our guest get we are getting married, I just can’t wait.

Good-night, from an over excited



Friday 15th March 1855

 Only 6 guests arrived today, this is really hard to write down. The group were robbed by bushrangers last night & Papa & Jacob tried to stop them but, they killed him, Jacob, he’s dead & yet again it’s all my fault. Mama & Jacob, it’s all my fault.

Papa is cut & badly bruised but Jack’s mother & Amber have tended to him. Jack thinks that their attackers sound a lot like our kidnappers, they could have killed us but instead they chose Jacob.

I don’t know when the wedding will be because first we have to have a ceremony for Jacob, & any way Jack needs a new best man, they were really good friends, but he’s gone.



Monday 19th March 1855

Today Jacob was buried in the Digger’s Cemetery in Beechworth, Papa  insisted that he be buried here because Jacob wouldn’t have wanted to waste their hard earned money they used to get here, the wedding will be on Thursday 22nd March 1855 which I thought was too soon but Papa is determined that the wedding will proceed & Jack agrees with him, so there is no  point arguing  with them.



Wednesday 21st March 1855

I am not aloud to see Jack  un till the I walk down the aisle tomorrow morning which isn’t any fun this is last night before marriage but we are doing this the traditional way so we must follow the correct ways. Tomorrow I will become Mrs. Jack Delvardo , I am so very excited.

Good-night, for the last time from

Miss Eliza Smith.


Friday 23rd March 1855

I am so very lucky that I am not a widow right now, a few minutes of marriage & I almost lost my husband, if that had happened I swear that I would not be on this Earth writing this right now I would have joined  Mama & Jacob  along with Jack. This is what happened;

We had just finished the ceremony when we heard a women scream we all rushed to it & the brutal men that kidnapped us & possibly killed Jacob were terrorising Lucy as she had just quietly gone to the toilet & Jack just threw himself at one of them & I just screamed Out at him to stop as Papa wrapped me in his arms & refused to let me go & Jack just kept hitting him & shouting ‘this is from my best friend that you killed & this is from my wife & this is from my sister & this is from me…’ I’d never seen him like this he was just so violent but this man had killed Jacob, injured Papa, kidnapped Jack & myself & harassed Lucy, & wouldn’t let him add another thing to that horrid list he would not harm my husband, no he would not touch my Jack I couldn’t lose him as well he was the love of my life ,NO, I thought, HE WOULD NOT HURT MY HUSBAND THE RESAON FOR MY EXISTANCE!!! I WOULD NOT LET HIM GO, I LOVE HIM AS MUCH AS SOMEONE CAN BE LOVED & A WHOLE LOT MORE.

Now jack is resting with some bad bruises , a few deep cuts & a black eye. And he probably has a headache from the lecture I gave him afterward but there has been a few good things about this day; #1 I am married to the love of my life, #2 the kidnappers/murderers are going to be in jail.




One Year Later

Friday 22nd March 1856

Well this is the last page left in my diary & I have been saving it for a long time now & this is what has happened in the past year; I gave birth to a little baby girl Called Maria Asirah Delvardo I have become a mid- wife & Jack has opened a restaurant which  has been very successful, it is called ‘Jacob’s’ .

Life, well, life is great, Papa happily lives with Amber & Richard ( Her Husband) & their son Jacob.

Lucy is now living with her Boy-friend Joshua & Bonnie has just opened a tailor’s shop across the road from Jacob’s.

well… I got my happy ending

love forever & ever,


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