A letter to the Senator- a Sci-fi.

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A man named Nikolai sends a letter to an American Senator in the year 3034.

Submitted: June 06, 2014

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Submitted: June 06, 2014



Dear Senator,

I am writing to you with ill news. I am afraid we have lost the city of Orklave, to the Tubarian Faction. Crown Prince Roon, and Ambassador Charles are dead. Worse still, as a result we have lost the alliance of the Malmorians, who are disappointed at the death of their ambassador. Therefore, we have lost over 400,000 American shillings. However, I have an idea to fix this situation. If we declare war on Malmoria, ( I have certain contacts in the executive office) we could ally ourselves to Galgaria, who hate Malmoria; and work on seizing their onyx mines. There are also rumors of spice-smuggler hide-outs in some Malmorian ports. So, if you could supply me with some ISSGunships, with your personal fortune, we could very well turn things in our favor. If you feel doubt, letme remind you of those stubborn aristocrats. If we go through with this plan, we will make enough money to discharge them, or better yer, finish them. Except of course, Qruik: he's too dangerous. If we fail on the first attempt, our lives could be at stake. You see I have news about him too. If you recall, a few years ago, he accused Britannica's Secretary of War, Maximus Pierce,of treasonous espionage. However, Pierce was aquitted, and became a Britannican privateer, with a fleet of ships. Now, Qruik has found documents against Pierce, who now has a 12 year sentence. But now Qurik has an extra 6,500 shillings on hand, and has large influence on Japanese politics. Perhaps we should declare war on Japan, but the point is that we'll need a master assassin to take him down. Luckily, my nephew knows someone from Tradokya. Send word back if you're ready to start a "War for Profit". Namely, our profit!

Nikolai Martinson-

2nd star General of the UPA Army, and Commander of West-Sector Space/Naval operations.

P.S We might have a problem is we try to seize the Galgarian onyx mines- namely Captain Lysander.


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