Review of Frozen

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I do a critical review of Disney's Frozen

Okay, bottom line is- I'm glad I saw Catching Fire in theaters instead of Frozen. There was something about the preview that didn't attract me, and I think it was that I didn't know the tale The Snow Queen. Apparently, my doubts were well founded. First of all, the storyline wasn't very good. It feels too cluttered with song after song after song! I'll show you;

First, we have Frozen Heart- best song in the whole movie, but this scene is completely unnessecary! It wastes time!

Then there's Do you wanna build a snowman?- I have to hand it them to create a really sad song, but it feels really stupid that Elsa has to be locked up, to protect her sister, and everyone else. Don't her parents care about Ana?

Right after that there's For the First Time in Forever- This one is really good, and all the film's easter eggs are in this scene, the only downside. The painting Ana imitates is based on some artwork for Tangled that was never used, which is based on a classical rennasaince piece called "Swing" also, the chocalates that Ana eats when she says "I want to stuff some choclate in my face" sort of looks like the landscape of Sugar Rush from Wreck-it-Ralph. Finally, while Ana dances out of the palace, you can see Rapunzel and Eugene walk inside, after nodding at Ana.

Love is An Open Door- I HATE this song! It makes Ana seem like an idiot, and just SO naive! The only thing that keeps it from the worst song in the movie, is it's catchy tune.

Now there's the movie's big song, Let It Go. It's really good, and there's even one second where Elsa looks hot, but makes no sense narratively, because Elsa goes back to shutting herself up after the song. (BTW if u liked it, watch it bakwards, w/ subs!)

Now is probably the longest span between songs. (Except for an unofficial one sung by Kristoff) One more easter egg, I forgot about is that in the end credits- Kristoff's opinion that all men pick their noses, and then eats it are completely his, and do not reflect the views of Disney Co.

Now comes the WORST song in the movie- In Summer. Olaf is really funny, and there's plenty of good humor about how he's made of snow. But when he sings, I ran away screaming. The only good part in the song is when he says "When summer comes, I'll be a- (sees a puddle)... Happy snowman!" That was sort of interesting.

Now for another long time without a NEW song, but we get a really terrible reprise of For the First Time in Forever. Srsly! Elsa is a little spastic, when she blasts Ana PURPOSELY with ice! And what was she thinking when she sent that ice monster?

Now comes the second best song in the movie- Fixxer Upper! This song is hilarious! And it is SO catchy! It might be a bit annoying, but it is so fun! It's also the last song in the movie.

So, that's it. The storyline is nearly all songs. No wonder their putting it on broadway. In the end, it was really underwhelming.



Submitted: June 08, 2014

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