Someday I Will

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Brought on by a dream this last week...10 years in the making

Submitted: May 02, 2011

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Submitted: May 02, 2011



In another life we could have been more.
We could have held hands and shared an embrace.
No more nights of wasted solitude,
But as one under a blanket of the heavens.
In another life we could have been nothing.
No more than phantoms crossing in a sea of wandering souls.
No memories to call our own from good times or bad.
Not knowing whether you think of me as often.
In this life we should have been something.
More than the few times we can say were ours.
I wonder if you remember them the same as I do…
Maybe it’s only in my dreams that you miss them too.
I’m not too sorry that this life is the one we live in.
At least in this life we’ve known each other with smiles.
I wouldn’t trade that stolen kiss for another life.
Too much could shift if we changed a single day.
When we first met long ago I knew this would last.
This longing for something I realize can never happen.
There’s too much between us, not including that damn ocean.
At least you know. At least I’ve told you.
Maybe someday we can try again.
I’ve never given up the idea of a distant chance.
Some things fade, but most things never die.
But I guess I’ll never really know.
Someday I will, someday…

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