The today , and what affects the people

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Guys i hope you like it, it's the start of my book. I'd love to hear your comments and your observations. Thanks!

Submitted: June 01, 2018

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Submitted: June 01, 2018



Person of Today


Have you ever imagined we live in the 19th century and why not and in the 20th century? How did people then live? What goods did they have? How did they behave? From where to start and where to finish. There are so many questions that will remain forever unanswered. But no one found the courage to review and reflect. Wonder how was it? Was they so "inanimate"? so alienated, and so distorted with money and technology? You will tell now, they did not have technology then. But reconsider for a while. Who is possible for this, tell me whose possibility is. Why today we are all locked in a mold and we can not make our revolution. The mold of technology, brainwashing, from the media by Instagram and Facebook. It is an insurmountable wall ,this is. Something reminds me of this ... This mold that all of us up to the latter do not want to find the key to come out, the lifeboat where we will be liberated from the slavery of technocratic education. Why am I telling you all of this? Look around you, see how we have done, how we have come.

Person, one word a thousand aspects, a thousand concepts. Every person has his own character, his own way of managing events, either good or bad. My uncle once said to me: All people are born good and sober. But then the person himself chooses what to follow, and what he will show in society. Either his good side or bad. It depends, of course, on what each person thinks good and bad. Of course here, the role of parents is impeccable. They are responsible for nursing the people. Person has been born to give the best he can to the world for other people, but also for himself. To learn things, to know who has created him and to help reproduce a person. But things have changed today. They have not changed, they have become unrecognizable. You will say who I am to judge today, since I live in the same world as you. You think the road of life is paved with rose petals, everything is feasible and everything is solved with money and clashes. What clashes? Warnings, killings, conflicts are few? are not you enough ?. Peace and freedom today are unknown words in the vocabulary of all of us that were once created and today they are almost extinguish of our hearts. I'm bored to open up the television because all I see is the clashes between the Countries and the States. I see bombs exploding, not for military training, but for battle, and cannons ready to attack. Can I one  day open the TV and hear something that will make me smile? Smile is a curve that puts everything in a straight line, so I've heard. I will start to question that too.

You can not disagree on living in a world we dreamed of. The pleasure of money, the easy life, the clothes, the travels that are the only ones that prevail are the ones that make us happy, the ones that make us smile that we have the feeling that if these corrupts the world is lost. We have only been interested in the new iPhone created by Steve Jobs and the new Adidas shoes on the bright shop windows that predispose to buy them. Can I tell you something? Money buys everything. Happiness and love, though. Ah I would give it all to go back to when I was a kid that the only one there was a wooden phone for the whole family and an old faded TV. Run every daywith the neighbors in the fields and play hide and seek. To have even the torn ball that my grandfather made, like a gift of love. At least for this miserable torn ball there would be a chance to fix it. Best of all, to have our mother call us from the window to go and eat because the food was ready. We ran as fast we could to wash our hands. To see your father sitting in the host position thirsty, sweaty and hungry by the job. This mother's food, which was so simple that it giggled all over the neighborhood, making everyone want it, and in ten minutes disappeared. The culmination of shining a mother's smile, telling her how nice her food was to see her be moved, and you run to embrace her. Tinkering with your brother and your sister for totally unrelated things like who's going to drink the last sip of milk or who will sit a co-driver when we go with my father to shop the shopping that our mother wrote on a soiled paper with the little money we had at that time. But all this is past. Homemade meals are about to disappear while old neighbors also take their own way. Today children  are born with a mobile in their hands, they do not know what homemade food is , since it have been replaced by junk, fast food, Mc 'Donalds and KFC. I wonder who invented them. Generally super-consummation is the word that fits perfectly into our lives and the most tragic is that no one is interested and they consider it perfectly normal. Clones are created, robots that replace people at work as we didn’t be enough for those who created them ,and then tell you that there are no jobs. Children do not accept their own mother's food and want Chinese and Mexican. The worst to see the children escape from the school. Why this; I do not understand it. Who does not want to be educated? Immediate tire we say. In the old years learning was limited.


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