Feeling Used

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just a little poem I wrote maybe a year ago

Submitted: April 21, 2012

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Submitted: April 21, 2012



Why is it when you say "I Love You" it isn't what you mean,

Even though I treat you like a queen.

Why is it when I say "I Love You" you just sit and smile?

But deep down in your heart you're still sitting in denial.


I tell you what's really on my heart,

But you push away the conversation at the start.

I really want to tell you what I feel,

But you say our love isn't one that’s real.


I don't know if the words you say are right,

So I'll keep the tears away with all my might.

I don't know why you have to lie,

You can tell the truth I promise not to cry.


If you want to be apart tell me and we'll go our separate ways,

Buy yet you keep me running in this maze.

I don't want you to break my heart,

So I'll say my last goodbye and I'll depart.


Once I'm walking far away,

You'll start yelling "please just stay,"

I'll tell you that I have to go,

And my love for you will fade and lose its glow.


You broke my heart you let it shatter,

And staying with you will only make me sadder.

You used me and everything I ever had,

And you reply "It's not that bad."


I want you to walk a mile in my shoes,

And see how much I have to lose.

You look at me and only smile,

And say that I was only worth that little while.


That's when I'll say I had enough,

I'll walk away and look all tough.

Deep inside I'll know that I was right,

But before you notice, I'll be out of Sight.

-Andrey Pipchenko

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