She's Gone

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Submitted: July 13, 2012

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Submitted: July 13, 2012



It's been four years since she left his side,
He still can't love another since the day she died.
Every day he locks his self in his room to cry,
Sitting in the corner of the room over and over questioning why?

He asked her to stay for five more minutes but she said she needed to go,
With a hug and an "I Love You" she walked to into the snow.
As she was getting near her apartment she heard someone yell stop,
She turned around just to hear the gun go off with a pop.

Her body freely fell to the ground,
The shooter began searching, but only a few dollars were found.
He quickly ran off without a trace,
Her eyes were still open and the puzzled reaction was still on her face.

No pulse was found when help finally arrived,
They determined that after the first shot she had died.
At four in the morning his phone had rang,
He dropped it and it hit the floor with a bang.

He arrived to identify the body and it was her,
But was it a dream? He didn't know if for sure.
In the morning he was still next to her with tears in his eyes.
Hoping that everything that the doctors were saying was lies.

And now four years later he still remembers that day,
He looks at her picture remembers the memories and everything that she would say.
No killer was found, no justice was served,
The person who done this still hasn't got what they had deserved.

His life will never be the same,
And he doesn't even know who is to blame.
But what else can he do but just live on?
Even though the love of his life is now gone.
-Andrey Pipchenko

© Copyright 2018 Andrey Pipchenko. All rights reserved.

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