Elica (Or A Fanciful Rift on A Timeless Classic)

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Booksie Classic

Re-imagining of a particular girl's adventures in Wonderland...

Elica (Or A Fanciful Rift on A Timeless Classic)

by a. rex

Just when she thinks she has her life in order again, ELICA REDNOW begins seeing things. Impossible things. Things that took away four years of her life, when she vanished in woodlands of her grandparent's land one winter day. But the impossible things don't seem to care they can't exist. They need her help. Again.

Down the rabbit hole again, ELICA returns to the backwards land that wrecked her normal life, to save the royal family from an imminent evil. Because now that ELICA's normal life is over, how bad could it get?

\"Quite bad,\" coughed MR. WHITE over CATER's pipe smoke. He nearly overturned the gondola. ELICA gripped the edges, trying to understand.

\"So you're saying, this is all real, when I was here. When I met the Queen Red and the Prince, killed the Great Wocky, used magic--\"

\"Quite good magic,\" MR. WHITE quipped.

CATER laughed, stroking his bluish silver beard, \"Yes, yesss, last time I checked, that was a hell of a lot of magic you had.\"

\"Magic she-e-e overused, the last time. Had-d-d to go into hiding. That's why we l-l-left her in her world. T-t-t-o hide out for awhile.\"

\"Bah!\" CATER said, smoke rings whirling angrily, \"Her world. She doesn't belong there. She -- You,\" he gazed upon ELICA, glazed eyes reflecting the swampy water they glided across, \"You belong here. You have a job to do.\"

\"Job? What could that be? Last time I checked I was a wonderful salesclerk--\"

\"Servant? You! You blew-w-w through mountains, s-s-stormed castles, set m-m-men on fire--\"

\"More than figuratively,\" CATER interjected slyly, \"Did you know the Prince got married? Could have stopped that had you returned with me sooner.\"

\"Oh, hush!\" MR. WHITE nudged him while he laughed.

ELICA nearly screamed. \"But -- I'm not that person anymore. I'm not anyone -- I'm crazy!\"

\"Nope,\" said CATER, putting out his cigar.

\"What?\" said ELICA.

\"I've met Crazy--\"

\"You have t-t-tea with him all the t-t-time,\" MR. WHITE muttered.

\"And you ain't crazy. You just need your magic back. You need this kingdom back. You also need the King back--\"

\"Treason, C-c-cater, please!\"

\"The Prince got married, really? To who?,\" ELICA asked quietly. They had left the narrow stream and had zipped into a broad lake. In the distance something large glittered.

\"To whom, Elica, to whom. You'll have to brush up on your gentry manners.\"

The ominous night suddenly became cheerful, as ELICA realized the large thing was an enormous castle, growing out of a mountain side. And the glittering was really ornamental lights, a thousand dancing lights strung across the stone and ivy fence of the grand balcony. A ball. Laughter and music could be heard even from their gondola below. A small dock with fancy guards came closer and closer. ELICA barely remembered the palace. She had stood in the garden just moments before fleeing, dragged by CATER and --

\"Where's Chessy?\" ELICA asked suddenly.

MR. WHITE frowned, and CATER laughed, \"Up to old tricks. He's been in hiding like you, but much more informed. You'll see him soon.\"

\"You haven’t answered my question, boys,\" ELICA said. The castle neared them. MR. WHITE looked more uncomfortable than he already was, and CATER stopped chuckling. \"I'll have you know, it's not a match in love. Definitely not. In good breeding, yes--\"

\"Whom, who, whatever!\" ECLIA asked.

CATER smiled sadly. \"Annabella Peachesgrove. Queen Peaches.\"

ELICA's mind raced. \"That's not in the story,\" she murmured herself. She brushed back her hair, and got her hand caught in its tangles. \"I'm not dressed for a ball, boys. Did I know how to magic a dress, back in the day?\"

MR. WHITE tittered, but CATER's eyes flashed angrily. \"Don't talk like that, ELICA,\" his voice low, \"There's people here, good people, believing in you. And they were once your people.\"

\"My people, in my crazy head!\" she replied.

CATER leaned forward, \"If that's how you feel, fine, but don't let them hear you!\" he said hotly, \"Good people, ELICA. Good people who are afraid. And you -- You think just because you have some other world, where they think you're crazy, that you can come back with some chip on your shoulder? They may think you're crazy, and maybe you are. Maybe you need to get crazy.\" CATER lit up long cigarette, angry words coiling around purple smoke, \"Crazy enough to drive this evil away.\"

\"Quiet yourself, Cater, w-w-we are close!\" MR. WHITE hissed.

\"Yeah, I know. I know. Don't talk that way again, you hear, ELICA?\"

\"I hear you.\" ELICA was glad it was dark, covering her shame. \"Maybe you could, remind me how I did that whole magic thing?\" She asked tentatively.

CATER looked back at her, and smirked slightly. After a long drag, he said, \"For starters, you used to make these little fires, in the air. They'd hang around, like little firey --\" His face was suddenly lit up by a glowing orange orb, floating from ELICA's outstretched palm.

\"Cut that out!\" MR. WHITE snapped, and they were blinded by darkness as the light vanished. CATER began to laugh, and ELICA joined him.

\"Cool,\" she murmured, rubbing her palms. She jumped as the gondola hit the dock gently. A guard pulled her up and out of the boat, MR. WHITE stumbling behind her nervously. CATER began to row away.

\"Be seeing you, ELICA dear,\" he said, his voice carrying. ELICA waved although he could not see it. MR. WHITE grabbed her arm and dragged her up the steps.

\"So what's this ball for?\" ELICA asked.

\"The King and Queen's anniversary,\" he said, striding up marble steps.

\"Great time for me to drop in, then,\" ELICA muttered, sarcasm hitting too close to her heart.

MR. WHITE took it seriously, \"Oh yes. Well, not really. We're incredibly late you know.\" Just above another flight of stairs, a single couple in the distant danced while everyone watched. ELICA felt her heart sink, watching the tall figure waltz.

\"Yes, I'm incredibly late,\" she whispered.

Submitted: August 17, 2012

© Copyright 2021 andromeda rex. All rights reserved.

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