James's eternal wait

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I have met many people who feel the way the boy in this story does. Often how they feel is ignored, nobody cares. I care.

Submitted: October 28, 2012

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Submitted: October 28, 2012






If you dont understand what it's like to feel alone and miserable, then you will have no idea how the boy in this story feels. For the sake of the reader lets call the boy james, he is 16 years of age and one defining thing about james is, he is 100 percent alone. Everynight james crys himself to sleep woundering what it would be like to have someone who loves you. Of course he understands that his family loves him, but to him that dose not count, simply because they have to. James wants to know how it feels to have someone love you because they want to, not because they have to.  If you have no idea how James feels then perhaps i'd better give you an analogy. Imagen standing alone on a train station platform on a cold winters morning, with nothing else around you, not even a bench, just a train station platform and the tracks. You are standing there waiting for the one you love to arrive on the platform to greet you, however you have no clue when they will arrive or if they ever will. You begin to fear that you will stand there alone for all eternity, with nothing but the brief flash of a face from a speeding train passing by the platform on which you stand on a speeding train. Can't imagen it? James feels this way every single day. After some time james begins to feel like no one will ever come for him and he will just be left stranded there. 

James does what every normal 16 year old does, he goes to school, does homework, he even has friends. How can he have friends but still feel this way? Friends come and they go, they offer nothing more than a familiar face to say hello to every day. What James is depressed by every day is seeing his friends meet girls and having relationships with them. James hopes and prays that one day he could have what they have, but it never comes. James friends cruelly taughnt him for practically anything, so much so that james beings to belive what his friends say to him. James grows spiteful and resentful of his so called friends, untill he isolates himself completely. Now, all alone on his train station platform, he contemplates getting on the next train that comes along to end his misery and take him away. James goes through all this but because of his incredible fear of the train he could never even entertain the thought of doing it. James was always to scared of where the train goes, does it go anywhere, or was it just a black abyss once he steped on board. James over thought it so much he plunged himself into what seemed to be a never ending black hole of deppresion.

Until, one new years even, when a train finally stopped and from it stepped a girl. He knew not her name, nor what she was like but he knew imediately that she was the love of his life. He sat an talked with her for hours, he discovered her name was Molly. Train after train came by but she never got on one, she stayed with him and he was greatful for her company. The cold dark baron landscape he inhabited began to warm, flowers grew and bloomed, the darkness receded ad in its place was light. The light revealed a path, that he and the girl could walk together, on the path walked other people, some walked alone, some in groups, others in pairs. He finally realised that he could walk this path wothout fear or angst, because all he needed was the girl to walk the path. As he and Molly walked away from the station, he realised that he wouldnt have to return to it for a very long time and when he did, he wouldnt mind getting on the train, so long as he did it hand in hand with Molly.

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