Ring Around the Rosie

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Loise never thought her family had secrets.
They were just a normal Vanilla family... right?

No. Her mother, Bea, tells her to never play the simple game "Ring around the Rosie" That could never hurt anyone, right?

It's just a playground game... what could go wrong...

Submitted: February 12, 2015

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Submitted: February 12, 2015




They all were in a ring... singing Ring around the Rosie. Nothing but hapiness on each one of their youthful faces. Then there was the screech, the hair raising tingling screech. That screech haunted me. Each night.

But each morning I woke up to my alarm, and everything was the same as it always was. I always wake up to the same Fallout boy poster on the roof, the same scratched nightstand, the same violet wall. Nothing changed... everything was the exact same. But today, the screech replayed itself in my mind over and over again.

I shook my self, I needed to forget. It was only a dream, even though my mind wandered. It was still a dream.

Walking around aimlisly I went into our bathroom, splashed my face with cold water to refresh my thoughts. Okay, Lou, do a mental checkist. Thats what you always do.

Pre-Algebra test today, crap.

From one bad thing to another. I hate tests and it doesn't exactly help when you spent the whole night craming, I've got probably an ounce of sleep last night.

Well, time to get ready for sch...


What the hell... I swear I heard my alarm... Is Effy plating a trick on me? I looked over to her bed... she was gone.

What the actual f...

"She seeks vengance, an eye for an eye." I slowly turned my back to the shilouett in our doorframe.

"Effy? Are you ok? Honey..." I started to walk up to my sister. She seemed pasty and seemed like she was just being held up by a puppet string.

"Effy are you-"

"AN EYE FOR AN EYE!" She screamed in the pitch dark. Her eyes glowed an unatrual color. She colapsed onto the floor.


My eyes landed on the exact same purple wall that I woke up to every morning. I swung myself over to my sisters bed...

"EFFY ARE YOU OK?" I grabed my sisters shoulder and shook it violently.

"What the heck Lou? Yeah... I'm okay... I'M OKAY!" I was still grasping her shoulder, it was the only source of support that held by shaky body up. Her face was searching my face for any sighn of sanity, mine trying to figure out what the hell just happened.

Was it all a dream?

The screech...

An eye for an eye...



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