The Raider Named Skin......PART 1.

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A short story of a raider in the capital wasteland.....This is a Fan Fiction story based in the universe of the game Fallout 3.

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Submitted: October 25, 2010

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Submitted: October 25, 2010



In the wasteland people view life as complicated, the constant struggle for survival can make a man insane, but life isn’t complicated, survival may be hard, but it’s simple. We do what we need to do and take what we want to take. Me and my crew, we’re known as raiders, outlaws and murderers. We’re feared and hated in equal measure, you see us coming you run or you die, thats it, the way of things. Fight back and we’ll make you a trophy for all others to see.

I didn’t start out as a raider, I was born in that giant rusty boat they call Rivet City. I lived there for years, even had a job, working as a security guard. What a joke that was, putting my life on the line for a bunch of people who hated me. I was always scorned in that place. For years I had no idea why, until one night when I was fifteen, a group of lads jumped me and beat the shit out of me. I was patched up by the doctors and I asked, well no I pleaded for them to tell me. Turns out the woman I thought was my mother actually wasn’t. She’d rescued me from some place called Andale when I was just a baby. I asked “Why did I need saving?” The doctor replied “Andale, well they’re cannibals” Sounded to me that I was actually kidnapped, but I guess I was lucky.

Years went by and I became restless. I wanted to see the wasteland, I wanted action. The council made me a security guard. I accepted this, least I was taught how to use a gun and was given some combat armor. Nothing ever happened though, three years I was a guard and I never even used my gun outside the firing range. One day I came to a decision, I was leaving this shit hole and no one could stop me. Well the damn joke was on me. I tried to leave all dramatic, kicking up a fuss and all that, and they just let me go. Said I was an adult and could do what I wanted, “Damn when did that happen” I thought. I was already on the walkway with nothing but some dirty trousers and a white shirt, they closed the door and told me to get lost.

It suddenly dawned on me, what the fuck am I gonna do now? I had nothing. I walked away from Rivet City and what did I come across a supply caravan. I said I needed some food, he said “ You got the caps, I got the food” I had nothing. The caravan guard was eyeing me with her finger ready on the trigger. There was no way I could take her. So I pleaded with her, “take me as an apprentice, show me how to guard” She told me to beat it, I pleaded with her more, I was on my knees pleading, “I need help, I have nothing and nowhere to go”. The caravan owner told the guard “Jesus give the kid your side arm, I doubt he even knows how to use the thing” “I don’t, I said “ all I know is how to clean toilets” I could see in her eyes I’d finally fooled her. She took a handgun from her side and threw it to me. I took it in mid air ready to shoot them both. But before I could even aim the guard had her own rifle aimed at my head. I new I was no match for her, well not now anyway. I took the gun and held it loosely by my side. “Thank you kind sirs” I said.

I started walking past them, hoping they’d not watch me go. I was in luck, the guard had lowered her gun and was arguing quietly with the caravan owner, looks like she didn’t like giving up her gun. It was a pretty nice gun. I turned so fast they didn’t have a chance. The years of practice on the firing range had done me good, turned out I was a crack shot. Straight through the eyes of the guard and she was down.

The owner paralyzed in shock. “You, you little....what have you done?” “Just surviving” I told him, I raised the gun again, realization dawned on him. “No you can’t wait!!” I just smiled, took aim and shot him in the face. He fell to ground next to his so-called guard in a puddle of blood. “That was easy I thought” I took all I could carry, Ammo, Armor, food and water. I shot the Brahmin that was carrying the stuff as well, I don’t know why I did that, but I did anyway. I knew it, this was the way to live, taking what I wanted and damned to anyone who stood in my way.

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