The Ancient Three Chapter: 2

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This story is about the three of ancient super magical called White, Blue, and Green. These three magical super colors team up battle against the darkness power and save the their kingdom lands.

Submitted: June 25, 2011

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Submitted: June 25, 2011



The Ancient Three Chapter: 2

Five years had past, during this time the evil and chaos had spreading through the land cause destruction to all that who appose their rule.  The head of evil and chaos name him self king “Manor”.  Under king “Manor”, he had eight followers and each of them had special skills that assist king “Manor” conquer other kingdoms slave them to bow down to his ruler.  The follower-1 is name “Pow”, he is a sorcerer had magical power that can read thoughts.  Follower-2 is name “Sha”, she is a sorcerer can use her magical power firing out thousand of fire objects and destroy anything in her path.  These two followers “Pow” and “Sha” always travel with the king “Manor” to conquer many kingdoms and slave them all under his ruler.  When king “Manor” conquers kingdom of Tania, they got heavy resistance from Tania’s defenders and the battle explode many days that across to all other kingdoms heard about it.


Tania’s general name “Ellie”, she controls special Tania defenders that know very well how synchronize bow attach technique and “Ellie” also a sorcerer.  General Ellie has a daughter and her name is “Liana” and “Liana” is captain of royal guards. Both general and captain, mother and daughter fight very hard to defend Tania.  After many days of battle Tania kingdom must fall because Tania is running out of resources to defend itself and the evil king “Manor” forces so strong.  Manor’s forces are closing to the palace and had breach passed the first line defend of Tania heading straight to the Tania’s palace. Tania’s king and queen quickly summon captain of the royal guards and general “Ellie” at their present immediately.  The order has carry out to the battle field where general “Ellie” and her defenders fighting so bravely.  A royal guard reaches the battle field asking defender captain where the general.  The king and queen want to see general now immediately.  The defender captain said general is fighting at the north gate, immediately royal guard zoom running toward the north gate and there a royal guard see general “Ellie” using her magic make a huge wall of storm and making flying objects toward the enemy splash “Manor” army to the ground.  Second wave of “Manor” army appear and attacking.  “Ellie” defenders also storming toward to “Manor” army both sides collides and battle continue.  Royal guard run up to general “Ellie” saying general, the king and queen want to see you immediately. 


At the south gate captain of royal guards is fighting with “Manor” army protecting the palace but “Manor” army so many Tania’s royal guards cannot hold their position.  Captain royal guard “Liana” tells one of her guard report to palace that we cannot hold the south gate any longer, go now.  A royal running very fast into the palace to report situation of south gate when a royal guard arrived at the throne room there a royal guard see the king, queen, and general “Ellie”.  A royal guard approaching and saying I have report from south gate.  Captain “Liana” saying that we cannot hold the south gate any longer.  The king looking at the queen then turns to general “Ellie” and said.  General “Ellie”, I want you and captain to protect my queen, two daughters, and get out the west gate quickly as you can.  I will distract the enemy as long as I can by sometime for you to get out the Tania.  The queen says ‘No’.  I won’t leave you my king, the queen said to general you take our daughters and leave now.  The queen will stay with the king.  The king looks at the queen and said.  Our little princesses need their parent and I will be not with them but you are my queen.  As long I know my queen and my two princesses are saved then I am happy.


The king said there is no time, general “Ellie” go now with the queen get princesses and get out the west gate.  All of you go with the general and protect the queen.  Go now.  General “Ellie” acknowledge the order and escorting the queen to princess’s chamber.  At the princess’s chamber, two little princesses are waiting for their parents then currently door open the queen walk in two little princesses running toward into the queen arms.  The queen said, quickly we have to go now and one of little princess asking where is daddy.  The queen reply, the king is busy and we must go now.  General “Ellie” say my queen we must go now before the south gate fall.  The queen said, we go now let go.  At the south gate, captain “Liana” and her defenders are losing ground falling back.  When captain “Liana” and her defenders falling back behind the bridge line then on the signal of captain “Liana” of defender light up the bridge on fire and a line of fire wall up across the bridge border line.


A voice from the back call out captain “Liana”.  Captain “Liana” look back then see the queen, princesses, and general “Ellie”.  Captain “Liana” said, what are you doing here.  General “Ellie” said we protecting the queen and princesses get out of Tania from the west gate.  We are going now order from the king.  A royal guard running toward calling out general “Ellie”…. General “Ellie” look back and see a royal guard running up and said the king is dead at the north gate.  Everyone is looking sad and the queen is crying.  General “Ellie” said, listen… I am going to distract the enemy and by you sometime to get out through the west gate.  We will meet later at the favorite place that I took you when you were little girl captain “Liana”.  General “Ellie” said, I will see you all later then general “Ellie” said on my signal you all get on the horses and keep ridding do not turn look back.


General “Ellie” run off into the cloud of smokes and captain “Liana” saying let go to west gate get on the horses quickly.  Captain order her defenders to get out pull back into the forest to hide out.  We are leaving Tania, go…go…go… now.

At the west gate, general “Ellie” stand up on top of a house near the west gate and general “Ellie” use her magic creating thick fog and making wind blow through the west gate from inside Tania out the west gate.  At that moment, captain “Liana” and her party are on the horses start ridding out Tania through the west gate and the enemy cannot see anything accept hearing the horses ridding by them.  Tania kingdom is on fire and it falling to “Manor” ruler.



When the captain “Liana” and her party arrive the place where the general “Ellie” said they going to meet is place so quite surrounding with beautiful wild flowers.  But there, they will meet the king “Manor” followers’ number 3 and 4.  King “Manor” follower-3 is “Ela”, she has deadly magical power that can squeeze the souls and firing magical fire out of her hands.  King “Manor” follower-4 is “Ien”, she has magical power that can will others do what she wants them to do.  The queen and princesses are tire and captain “Liana” said I will take a look out everyone stay here rest.


Certainly, there are noises from distance in bushes walk out “Ien” and “Ela” slowly appear from the bushes.  Captain “Liana” say stop where you are, don’t come any closer and captain’s defenders run up put on a defensive line to protect the queen and two little princesses.  “Ela” said, wells hello.  Could we joint you?  It is cold and we would like to sit by the fire.  Captain “Liana” said, who are you where are you come from?  “Ien” said, we are travelers and we are on the way to Tania kingdom.  “Ela” said, by the look of your clothing you all seem from royalty.  Captain “Liana” said, this place is not safe for you two and you need moving along out of here.  Tania kingdom is under attack and it is not safe for you two travel there.  “Ien” reply, but oh yes….  We can travel there safely and in fact that place will be honoring us when we arrive there.  One of defender ask, why you two would be honor there.  “Ela” reply, because we will bring the queen and two little princesses to our king “Manor”.  Then quickly, one of the defender pull out a sword then “Ela” quickly raise her hand an magical zap fire out her hand fire fly straight hit a defender fly off to other side.  “Ien” said, you all no match for us.  Certainly, from the top falling down a shadow straight down in front of “Ela” and “Ien” the general “Ellie” two side magical power collides fighting each other two against one.  Magical fireworks light up the place and far away little boy saw the fireworks light up sky.  The boy wondering what is it, the boy start walking toward the firework light.  “Ien” team up with “Ela” fight general “Ellie” but “Ien” knows that the general magic is stronger then both of them combined.  “Ien” starting using her magical power to will the defender capture the queen and princesses.  For the Captain “Liana” is being willed by “Ien” walk up to general “Ellie” use the sword stab the general.  The fighting is so intensify “Ela” said to the general “Ellie” you better give up or you will die by your captain sword.  Captain “Liana” resisting the magical power from “Ien” but still no use “Ien” magical power so strong that captain is standing right next to general “Ellie” raising the sword up and get ready to strike down to general “Ellie”.  Captain “Liana” said, mother I cannot control my sword and I don’t want to hurt you.  Magical power fighting is getting intensive between general “Ellie”, “Ien”, and “Ela”.  Then certainly, a sound from the bushes crushing breaking noises then a figure of a boy running out of the bushes with a bag carrying across his shoulder.  The boy stop taking a breath and start looking up slowly see magical collision creating fireworks and other people holding by swords on hostages.  “Ien” looking at the boy and try to use her magical power will the boy come to assist her but the boy is not responding to “Ien” will.  “Ien” said to “Ela” let finish this fight “Ien” look at captain “Liana” use all her power will “Liana” strike down general “Ellie”.  The sword starting striking down cutting “Ellie”, but “Ellie” move aside then “Ellie” got cut at her shoulder within second “Ela” strike “Ellie” with her magical power throw “Ellie” to far end and captain “Liana” yell turn striking “Ien” but “Ien” make a fire ball from her left hand fire at captain “Liana” throw her nine feet away.  General “Ellie” is now is under control of magical power of “Ela”, “Ela” using her magical power capture the general “Ellie” and general she cannot move at all.


“Ien” smiling and walking toward to the boy looking at him.  “Ien” said, strange that how you boy my magical power has no control on you.  The boy smile and said because I have seen your magical before and I get use to it.  “Ela” looking at the boy and said you have seen our magical before.  The boy reply, yes I have seen it and I play with it.  The boy said to “Ien”, are you doing all these controlling those people put the swords on those people neck.  “Ien” reply, yes and are you afraid boy. The boy reply no and walking toward to the general “Ellie”.  “Ela” said to the boy, don’t come near her but the boy keep walking toward “Ellie” then “Ela” said you ask for it boy.  “Ela” make a fire ball on her hand throw at the boy but the fire ball hit the boy like a wind blow through the boy.  “Ien” and “Ela” look at each other with surprising do not know what just happen that the most powerful magical power strike the boy but nothing happen to him like it never happen.  The boy come to general “Ellie” and he looks at her wound.  The boy put his hand into his bag taking out some medication and put it on the general “Ellie” wound.  “Ela” is so surprising and not know what is going on how come this boy can resist her magical power and release general “Ellie” of her magical power.  After the boy give medication to “Ellie” and stand up look at the queen and princesses said.  You all can put the swords down now and look at the captain “Liana” you too.  Then the captain “Liana” and her defenders are back to normal.  “Ela” and “Ien” both said that is it boy, you are going to pay this then “Ela” and “Ien” team up combine their power magical creating a fire ball then swing at the boy.  When the fire ball flying toward the boy, the boy is very calm and slowly raise his hand shield the fire ball then fire ball disappear.  The boy said, you two must leave her now and I do not want to see you here harming these people.  “Ela” and “Ien” look at each other and start creating another magical fight but the boy raise his hand toward “Ela” and “Ien” then a dual green magical power lighten fly out his hand zap “Ela” and “Ien” fly of the ground fall down three feet back toward the bushes.  The zap must very hard “Ela” and “Ien” barely stand up and then the boy said you two must leave here now.  “Ien” standing up holding hands of “Ela” then they both walk off disappear into the bushes.


The captain “Liana” running toward to her mother “Ellie” saying I am sorry mother I did not mean to hurt you.  “Ellie” looks at “Liana” and said.  I know you did not mean it, you are under the magical power of “Ien”.  The queen and princesses walk toward to the general asking are you alright general.  General “Ellie” reply yes, I am ok.  Thank you for the medication of this boy it helping me a lot.  The queen walking toward to the boy and said thank to you we are save today.  You have save our lives then the queen ask the boy.  What is your name?  Everyone is walking toward the boy and waiting for his reply.  The boy look at the queen and smile said I am glad you all ok now.  Two little princesses said what is your name. The boy answer, I am no body.  I am just a small person who happen walk across here and be here help people who need my help.  Little princess walk toward the boy and holding his hands said please tell us your name.  The boy looks at little princess and said.  Very well, my name is “Anh”.  I come from the highest green mountain, I come down to buy some clothing for my mother.  The queen, Liana, Ellie, princesses, and defenders look at “Anh” with their smiles.

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