The Return of Creator Chapter: 1

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This story is about a creator travel far away and return to place once was beautiful peacefully paradise now it is turned into unknown and paradise.

The Return of Creator Chapter: 1


I have traveling all universe I created and returning to blue planet that I love so much.  At the distance I see white smoke covering my beautiful blue planet and when I entering blue planet I see many flying big things making noises that I never heard it before. 


One big noisy bird almost hit me but it did it would went through me.  When I land on surface I saw may tall bricks with glasses and moving metal things on the grounds.  Later, I learned that these call buildings and vehicles.


I guess I gone so long that I remember this blue planet I created so green with trees with living things ran wild on the surface those I did not see any in this area.  When I walk to the tall building I ask a person here what in this building and this person said it is a library.  I asked, what is the library and this person replied library is a place record all our time history and story back in ancient times, don’t you know what library is this person asked me.


I replied, where I left there are no library.  So, I when in library and found so many wonder stories, record of times, and all the things that I missed when I left this blue planet.  I am so interests learn and understand what happen to this blue planet when I left until now.


I sat and kept reading entire library.  So many wonder and sad stories of times on this once I called beautiful blue planet of mine.  I continuing read and learning history of this blue planet on reading and on….reading…...

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