The Return of Creator Chapter: 2

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This story is about a creator travel far away and return to place once was beautiful peacefully paradise now it is turned into unknown and paradise.

The Return of Creator Chapter: 2



After I learn all the history on this blue planet from the library and now I understand everything.  When I walk out the library with wonder why this one beautiful I created it had become so ugly and evil.  When I walk along side of the building I see people like have to rush somewhere that they so cold each other and certainly I heard at the distance a voice of calling for help but seems no one heard it from where I stand.


I quickly zoom over the place where a voice calling out for help I see three male humans surround one female human and it seems like they want to hurt this female.  I call them out, what are you doing?  These three men turn look at me and telling me to get out, disappear this place.  A female look at me and cry out help me please.  One of the three men hold tight female’s arm and said you shut up.  I slowly walk over close to them and said let the female go release her at once or I will have to release her by force on you three.  The three male humans laugh so hard at me and said why you don’t try it.  We think you tire of living, huh?


I looked at these three men and slowly raise my right hand up then these three men have surrounded with foggy cloud warping around them pushing them off to the right side against to the wall structure with a wave of my right hand roll these three men off blow them far off 300 feet.


A female human is safe and she ran toward me.  At distance away one of the three man pull out a small metal from his back then I heard three loud sounds.  Those three men start run away but I did saw three small object flew toward me I really don’t know what is it.  When those three men disappeared around far corner away, I turn around to see a female I saw she laid on the ground. I walk toward to her and held her up into my left arm I see red fluid come out from her right side of body.  She said I am cold then her eyes starting closing.  I can see her life force is draining away quickly then I put my hand on her body cover the hold that red fluid come out to make it stop and repair her.  I hold her transport to a place where now we sit on the bench looking at the view of the nice lake with a lot of birds flying.


The wind blow softly and this female start open her eyes then she looks at me asking where am I.  I told her you are safe and we are sitting on the bench looking the view of the lake.  She starting sitting up straight and said I remember that I got shot my blood pulling out like glass water fell off the table.  I felt cold and everything turns into black then I see the light I walked toward it.  I am here when I opened my eyes.  What was happen and who are you?  I was there with you and now you are safe.  You will be ok, don’t worry.  The female said I remember now, I was attached by three men and I called for help then you appeared help me.  I said you are fine, don’t worry.  She looks at me and said my name is Emie Earl I want to thank you saving me then she asks me what is your name.  It is strange that here life on this blue planet required need a names.I have to think up a name then I replied you can call me Etor.


Emie starting look at me and asking me many questions about what just happens.  How you did fixed my wounded and how we get here.  I look at Emie and said are you need to go somewhere.  She said, oh yes I need to go see my family for dinner then she look around said where are we I don’t recognize this place.  She stand up and look around she saw a person kind like walking fast toward us then she stop this person ask where is this place.  This person said this is a lake park of the city then this person walk fast away.  Emie said no way if this is a lake park of city then I must be about 60 miles away from where I was.  I stand up slowly and said good bye to Emie and she said wait where are you going?  I told her you need to go your family they are waiting for you and I have to go see my patient.  Emie ask me are you a doctor?  I look at her and smile say um… kind of.


Emie asking will I see you again?  I look at her then said we will meet again.  Emie say good bye and thank you for saving me then she walks away.  I look at her walk away then heard a calling shouting “why nature so cruel”.  I immediately transport to there.



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