Taking Back Home Part 1.

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The aircraft shakes and throws the squad around. The hatch opens and throws everyone out of the craft. they have parachutes on so they could survive, but not with those buildings in the way.

Submitted: April 08, 2012

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Submitted: April 08, 2012



Joe Swash, brown hair with a tall and heavily built body with one heck of a punch. 37 and considered to be awesome with a gun in his hand. Jack Barnes, blonde and 27 and very skinny and fast able to dodge many of things but nothing as fast as a bullet but with precise accuracy and great dodgning, being outnumbered is the least of his worries. Andrew Harper, 19 being the youngest one of the squad with ginger hair and a medium built body he maybe soft but can run through the most deadly environments. Finally Kate Beckins, blonde and 21, and definetly the quickest of the lot. Being the eye candy of the squad, looks can be decieving as she may look soft, but she can sure beat her way out of anything.

"And MARCH!" shouts the drill seargent. The precision in the march is unbelievable as the space between the four men is the same and the sound of there feet slamming into the wet, soggy mud is incredibly accurate. A thin man who seems to be a messenger runs to the drill seargent and they have a quiet conversation and the messenger looks very troubled. "AND HALT" shouts the seargent. "Theres been a slight change of plans men. Your going to combat, and yes training is what you ladies need more of but as long as you know what your shooting by God you will definetly know, and how to work a gun, then your ready. Follow Sgt. Mills to the Barracks and he will give you the run up. Good luck soldiers." The men look very puzzled and follow Sgt. Mills to the Barracks where they get the situation. "Right....Theres been an attack on New York City and its not...Human. They're aliens and not the friendly ones. They're here for something but we dont know what they want but we want you guys to head to N.Y.C and kill these aliens. It will take a while as you all know there will be many of them. They take hostages and we want to make sure we dont lose any of you guys to these ugly muts. Theres a Carrier with supplies and ammo in it. You'll be getting dropped of there and Good luck guys". With four against what could be against hundreds they are recruits but with good skillls. They are in an Elite Squad and are considered deadly even for recruits. 


The squad walk to the carrier and Joe asks a random question to Andrew. "So Andy, when you gonna tell Kate, huh?" asks Joe. "look i'll tell her in my own time and i cant let her distract me." "But you guys have been best friends for what, 10 years?" "I'll tell her when i want!" says Andrew quite frustrated. He takes a quick look at Kate before she looks at him. He smiles at her and she smiles back. The squad enters the aircraft carrier and equip themselves with weapons and armor. "Woohoo look at all this stuff man. I havent even fire blanks out of any of those!" says Jack with excitement. The squad sits downjust having some fun before the battle, joking and carrying on. Its the last bit of fun they could have before the battle. Within 1 hour the aircraft shakes and throws the squad around. "woah!" says andrew. The hatch opens and throws everyone out of the craft but Joe holds on to a rope attached to the side of the carrier on the interior. Joe lets go and fall. They have parachutes on so they could survive. "Not the best exit i was hoping for" says Joe through his mic. "Im pulling out now!" says Kate and she pulls the lead and out flies the parachute as so does andrew and Joes. Jack waits till he is directly above a tall but fragile building. he pulls the chute but makes a rough landing. Jack stands up and takes of his backpack and takes of the sniper from his back and ready's it up. The other three are down on the real battlefield and are getting green shards fired at them from infront of them.  Trigger happy Joe cant stop firing. "Save your ammo Joe!" shouts Andrew. Joe is hit in the chest with a shard but luckily his armour dealt with the damage but thats all it can take. Kate hits an alien that is upclose and puts a knife in its head. Kate screams in anger. A loud bang is heard behind them and it appears to have come from more marines and a heavily armoured tank. "FIRE"! shouts Sgt. Miller. A sudden  shout is heard from Andrew...And has been been dragged by the leg and pulled into a hole in the concrete. Jack tries to shoot it with his sniper but its refelexes are too quick for the bullet. "ANDREW!" shouts Kate. Gunshots are heard from the hole so its not that deep. "Lets go guys" says Kate. "Are you crazy?" asks Joe. "Hes a great friend to me and i can't lose him to one of these aliens, now lets go!" "well im gunna help these guys out up here" says Jack. "Well im coming with you and Joe!" says Sgt. Miller. "Well lets go guys!" Kate attaches a hook to a crack that comes from the hole and checks to see if its tight and attaches a rappeling device to it and falls through the hole, as so does Joe and Sgt. Miller.

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