Upcoming Story Characters!*comments appreciated*

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Horror  |  House: Booksie Classic

These are my characters for my soon to come horror/romance story! Please tell me what you think of them!



Violet Christian Parser



Willamina Juilet Heppner


Julian Chord Denman


Reese Brenner Jenson


McKenna Noelle Keener


Ivan Alexander and Cade Jermaine Lockney


Gabriella Rose Upton


Sophia Eloise Lepton


So, these are my characters! I hope you like them. Yes, I  know you can't see their faces, but I did that on purpose. Giving the whole view would ruin the character for you. This just gives you an image of what I imagine them as and the picture should give you a sense of who they are as people. For example, Sophia could be a snotty girl, a chill girl, etc... it all depends on you see her. Some of them, however, are more obvious, like Gabriella. Her picture shows that she is a sad person, but you have no idea why she's crying in that picture.. she may not be that sad in the story, she might be sad the whole time, you won't know unless you read :) BUT some of them are just pictures to give you a sneak peak of how gorgeous some of the characters are supposed to be, like Reese. He's sleeping, but that doesn't mean he's lazy. I didn't want to take the fun out of imagining the character for you, so I just gave a preview! Give me some feedback and tell me who you think the characters are as people. Hope to hear from you soon!



Submitted: September 05, 2012

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Mentis Cibum

Have you ever noticed in certain television series, they always have a group of friends (or enemies) that have a "cliche" personality? (I'm not saying that your characters are cliche--I can't think of a better word at 7:00 in the morning...-.-;)

Violet: The quiet, whimsical girl the hot guy falls in love with.

Willamina: The misunderstood girl who likes the hot guy.

Julian: The intelligent guy who likes the misunderstood girl but always ends up saying the wrong things.

Reese: The hot guy (possibly famous) that all the girls want. Likes penguins.

McKenna: The new girl. Falls asleep in random places.

Ivan and Cade: The BFF duo who finish one another's sentences, compete constantly (for girls or otherwise), and whom no one gets.

Gabriella: A best friend who hides her jealousy.

Sophia: The current (or ex-) girlfriend of the hot guy. Seems to be selfish and vain, but has ulterior motives that turn out to be of a good heart.

That's what I see. ^)_(^ *Itachi face!*

Wed, September 5th, 2012 11:55am


I responded, but silly me I just wrote back UNDER where you commented lol. But anyway, I pretty much said this:
I'm glad that you assumed that my story is a cliche because it gave me the opportunity to let everyone know that it really isn't! Of course, these characters are linked, but they aren't a group of friends, in fact some of them are far from it. The group of friends would be such an obvious place to take the story, and obvious just doesn't interest people anymore. I like to surprise people with my work and I hope I surprise you if you read my story. This is a little bit of a spoiler, but I really want you to know that some of the characters will be friends, of course, BUT the connection others have may not even be REAL. (it sounds odd, but you'll get it if you stay tuned! haha) Thanks for commenting, I really do appreciate your honesty :)

Wed, September 5th, 2012 5:58pm


I definitely like that you assume that my work will be cliche haha :) these characters are not a group of friends, they are just the main characters and are linked together in some pretty weird ways. I hope not everyone thinks the same way you did because it's definitely not the same old story you see everyone writing. I guess that's the comfort zone people resort to, but having a comfort zome is so boring! I like surprising people with my stories, and I hope you like my story (if you read it!) :) thanks for the comment!

Wed, September 5th, 2012 8:27pm

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