Forgotten heroes

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A day at Ramstein

Submitted: October 28, 2013

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Submitted: October 28, 2013



His boots are worn
He walks with them in one hand
His gym bag in the other
He looks like he carries much more

Behind me in line is a Marine
He's on his way home from Afganistan
He orders the largest ice cream they have
I offer to buy it for him but he refuses
I sit down at a table

She walks by in uniform
The colors faded and dulled
Her backpack looks heavy
But it's nothing to her
Shes carried much more

Across the bar they sit
Beers in hand they are silent
Their hair pushed back
Their beards are dusty
They tell stories without words

I see the plane land
Evac troops are waiting
They unload the wounded
Each one worse off then the other

I sit at the bench
He walks by staring
Straight ahead he walks
He knows he's going to war
He's 19 years old

I stand in front of the mirror
I look past my own uniform
I see their faces
Worn, beaten, weary, tired, Brave
I see their families
I see their sorrow

I will never forget

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