A Trip to Earth

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There's a whole new Galaxy outside of the Milky way galaxy called the Penta Planet Galaxy. The galaxy is made up of 6 planets. But 5 of them is what makes up the Penta Planet Galaxy. One day, some are chosen to go on a trip to Earth. Just when the chosen ones thought that their trip is just going to be an ordinary trip with nothing but relaxation. But in a blink of an eye, everything turned into an adventure.

It was a cold dark night on the Penta-Planet Galaxy. The Penta-Planet Galaxy has five different planets that create balance among each planet on the Galaxy. The planets stood in the position to where if you connect them up with invisible lines, the planet would form the shape of a pentagon with a star in the center of the five planets. The Penta-Planet Galaxy includes the Blue Planet, Pink Planet, Green Planet, Yellow Planet, and Red Planet. On the planets, we have no parents. There was a scientist about 4 billion years ago who discovered how to keep a person from sickness, aging, or worst of all, death. The scientist invented a magic machine, and discovered that putting a special mineral from each planet in from one side of the machine; new life would begin to form and step out on the other side with the same color clothing, hair, and eyes as their planet color. The reason why the planets are named after different colors is because each name of the planet is the color of the planet name, and the people who live on that planet would have that color of eyes, hair, clothings, tears, and blood. Even their belongings are the same color. That color is their signature color. Sometimes, there are people who don’t belong to any of the planets. The people get sent away to the “Chamber of Evil”, also known as the Purple Planet. The Purple Planet is far away from the Penta-Planet Galaxy. There is a border so that no one from that planet would come to this galaxy. My name is Andy, and I'm from the Blue Planet. I was born with a special power. The power was a mystery to me until one day, the leader of the Penta-Planet Galaxy arranged a trip to Earth. The leader chose four people from each planet to go to Earth for ten whole days. Ten days in this Galaxy is ten years on Earth. That night, my professor gave me a lesson about Earth. I learned that I have a special power locked up inside me, and the key to my power is on Earth. I also learned that the tattoo on my back the shaped like a Pentagon with a star in the center is a code to my power. Later that night, as I started to pack; I kept on having a vision about a place where I got surrounded by everything purple on Earth. The next day, I put on my bag and headed out to the spaceship. It was the first time I have ever been on the spaceship. I got on and sat down next to my best friend Hunter. Hunter is also from the blue planet who was also selected for the trip. The spaceship takes off. I am so excited, and a little scared about this strange feeling I keep having about Earth. We landed on Earth safely after a long trip. I looked over at Hunter and saw something unusual. Hunter's eyes and hair turned from blue to dark brown. I turned to a mirror and saw the same thing happening to my hair and eyes. My eyes is the color black if I’m looking in the mirror from far away, but when I look closer to the mirror, my eyes is dark brown. Anyways, we all got out of the spaceship and found some mysterious looking triangle built from giant rocks. We came upon a palace as some guy from the palace came out to greet us. The mentor said that the guy is the Pharaoh of Egypt. I stared at the guy with a solid stare. There is something about that guy that makes me uncomfortable. The Pharaoh showed us our room, and divided us up into ten groups of two. I got paired up with Jason. Our room is huge and awesome, but everything in there is purple. After dinner, Jason and I went to our room and decided to check out the the giant rock in the shape of a triangle called Pyramid. We each got a flashlight and sneak out of our room after everyone is asleep. The whole entire palace is filled with dead silence. We got out of the palace quietly as we went into one of the Pyramid. It is dark inside the Pyramid as we explore the whole place. In one of the room, we saw a golden statue looking object. I found something interesting in another room. There is a hollowed out rock. On the Penta-Planet Galaxy, we also make this kind of rock. Here is how the rock works. Basically, a person lay in the rock and close the top of the rock, and think of a place to go. The rock takes off in a flash, and lands at the place that the person in the rock was thinking about. I took a look at the rock and found something carved on the top part. some of the letters are faded away, so all I see is: “Pro o Pur Plan”. I left the room having a bad feeling about the rock. I went into an empty room. This time, the door shuts behind me. My tattoo on my back starts to burn. Just as Jason came rushing into the room with a wide look. I didn’t know why Jason looked at me this way until I saw that my back is glowing with the colors blue, pink, green, yellow, and red. I saw something else glowing on the wall as Jason and I both shined our flashlights on the wall. There is also a pentagon carved on the wall. It looks just like the Penta-Planet Galaxy and my tattoo. Now I know what my professor meant. I found the key. There is something else carved in the center of the star. The carving shapes like a hand. I put my right hand on top of that and felt something flowing into my body. I feel power. Just as the lights from the wall disappeared, Jason and I heard a sound. We share a look and rushed out. Just in time to see the Pharaoh in the room where the rock is. The Pharaoh’s hair color starts to change into purple. Now I realized what’s going on. The words on the rock isn’t “Pro o Pur Plan,” the words is actually: “Property of the Purple Planet”. The Pharaoh is actually someone from the Purple Planet; the Planet of evil. The guy turned around and blasted a power blast towards us as we ducked out of the way. I lost my balance and fell. The guy blasted another one at me. I couldn’t duck, so Jason got into my way and steal that blast away from me. The next thing I know, Jason fell to the ground with opened eyes staring at me. Jason’s eyes glew into blue and the blue darkened. This isn’t a good sign. I ran over to my best friend’s body and found him not breathing at all. I closed Jason’s eyes with the same feeling I have before getting on the spaceship. The guy from the Purple Planet stared at me with a set of purple eyes, and threw another blast at me. This time, I stood up, and instead of dodging; I caught the blast with my hand. As the blast touches my hand, it turned blue. I threw it back at the guy as the guy tries to run. After the explosion faded, I am now looking down at two dead bodies. I stared down at my best friend. Jason wouldn’t have died if we are back home. I started to cry. One of my blue tears dropped onto Jason’s forehead. The tear begins to glow bright blue, and brought Jason back to life. Jason got up off the ground with glowing blue eyes, and changed back to the same color as before. I got our flashlights as Jason and I walked out of the Pyramid with dust all over our blue clothes. We went back to the palace and joined everyone else. As we pretended that we don’t know why the Pharaoh had mysteriously disappeared. Each time when we heard people talking about the Pharaoh’s disappearance; Jason and I both looked at each other with a faint smile.

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Nice story I love reading the summary over and over again

Tue, September 5th, 2017 7:36pm

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