...And We All Fall Down

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Nicole, is a emo girl that has been in love with Jake sence 8th grade. But her feelings toward Jake changes when she finds out he has a dark secret. Will she still love hem for who he really is, or she will give up on hem?

Submitted: August 11, 2011

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Submitted: August 11, 2011



I could see the blood dripping from mywrist falling on the woonden floor. It wasn't my first cut, but it wouldn't be my last eather. The school bell rang, while I washed off the blood from my wrist. My best friend Skyla came in.

"Hey Nicole" She said as she entered the bathroom " Oh my gosh another cut? Isn't that on the 3rd one, today?"

If you don't know Skyla is scene. We meet in 4th grade and been best friends,sence then. Skyla really didn't care that I'm emo, but she really hates seeing me cutting my self.

"Yeep" I awnsered after a minute.

When we got to class, I couldn't stand people staring at me because of my bloody wrist. I sat behind Jake and Skyla sat next to me. I've been in love with Jake sence 8th grade, I'm a freshman in high school. I really hated my school, because half of the people here were rich, and spoiled brats. The worst part of my day was gym. I had to wear yellow and blue,ugh those colors disgusterd me!

"Hey, are you alright?" Jake turned around and asked me, not knowing that I was the one that did that

"Yeah I'm fine" I said looking away.

As Mr. Brown got in the room every body got quiet, he was one of the best teachers in this school. He let us do anything as long as we listened what he was saing. After he was done talking, I got my iPod and played my favorite song, Innocent High (After I heard that song, I couldn't look at school the same way I did before). I started doodling in my notebook, mostly doodles of Andy 6, Dahvie Vanity, Jayy Von Monroe, and Ashley Purdy. Then my phone started vibrating in my pocket. 'NEW TEXT FROM...SKY:

' Did u notice it ? Jake keeps starin @ u.'

'Yeah, i did hes probly curious.' I texted back.. '

'i think he liks u :P'

' No fcking way!'


After I was finished doodling Andy's face I doodled Dahvie's, his rainbow hair with red contacts. I looked up and saw Jake staring at my notebook.

"You're really good at doodling" he said "you know?most emos that I know don't like to doodle." he giggled

"Thanks, I usually doodle when I'm bored"

The beel rang, and as me and Sky walked to the cafeteria, Jake came in front of us and asked if we could talk.

"Yeah, sure" I said leaving Sky behind us

We went to the school, parking lot, and walked all the way to this vacant place. Jake pulled me close to hem and kissed me,WOW! yes Sky was right, he likes me, I think.

"Sorry" he said blushing

"It's okay, I kinda liked it" I blushed too.

"Umm I have totell you something" he said " I don't know I just feel like that you're the only person in the whole school that I can trust"

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