broken hearted girl forever

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its a poem of some sort about a girl who made stupid decisions

god can cure a broken heart but he has to have all the pieces

broken hearts hurt more than broken bones
please play the audio too

Submitted: June 13, 2012

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Submitted: June 13, 2012



this is a story, a story of a 17 year old with a seriously messed up life, she has had one major boyfriend their relationship lasted two days straight, it was the first time she had been kissed and she had made out with him in his car, he was unfaithful to her, it broke her heart when she found out, her life was just taking off she had a job, steady grades, tests coming up and her driving test coming up. When she broke up with her boyfriend her world made no sense after all he was nice , their birthdays were on the same day they both loved the same music, he seemed to care. He cheated with every girl he could find, didnt matter what age he didnt care, everytime she kissed him he'd close his eyes and concentrate, she used to like that about him, now she hates it. She really really liked him and is having a hard time getting over him, it wasnt until this happened that she realised that she had no real friend to turn to, to comfort her, help her, no one could sympathise at all. 

She became obsessed, she couldn't understand how he had lied, why he had done that, she was hurt, she fell, her grades steadily declined, she couldnt concentrate on anything other than ''why had he done that to her?'' he had told her he had loved her and whispered it and texted it then just stopped and dropped off, one lie after another, she still misses him, she still hurts for him. People would think its a just a relationship, get over it, but they were wrong, she had a bond with him one that would never be broken or forgotten, she loved daniel with all her heart, she knew deep down inside he couldnt return it. Why was it so hard to get over him? she slips into depression, there was no one there to comfort her, no one she could console with, she had gone down this deep hole, incapable of return until hoping that one day that knight in shining armour would come to her rescue, pull her out of this hole, back into the sane world and return the love that she was once refused.

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