your mine as i am yours

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quick short story didnt have time to go into detail :(

Submitted: June 17, 2012

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Submitted: June 17, 2012



i loved the way his hair shone in the light, the blue neon illuminating his beauty, he was beatufiful, hair black as night,

 his skin a tan bronze complexion. When he stretched or tensed yu could see his musles and biceps straining beneath his shirt.

i watched him as he made his way through the room, numerous girls stopping to admire him and throw him a flirtatious smile,

he simply smiled back politely and continued to walk over to the bar, where i was sitting. He greeted me with a stunning bright,white smile

i smiled back. Our eyes met, he had exquisite gray blue eyes, that were compatible with both innocent and dangerous, he smirked staring

deep into my eyes, he tensed as though perplexed ''hello may i sit down?''i nodded and smiled as he glided into the chair beside me,

''Can i buy you a round?'' i asked, he smiled, again that sexy smile, ''thanks, ''i havent seen your face before, are you new in town?'' i smiled again

''as a matter of fact yes.'' i said after ordering two more martinis. the drinks arrived, our glasses clinked together we peered at eachother over the

rim of the glasses. ''So what brings you here? Do you relatives here in memphis?'' I smirked i wanted him oh so badly i had no time for inane chit-chat

''well actually i have no relatives here they were moving west last i heard, i just wanted to be different, make new friends, find new people.'' We finished our

drinks i wish he'd hurry up, i could barely contain my patience. He stumbled through the door laughing me a step behind, ''hey you seem kind of tired, shall we

go someplace quiet?'' He smiled and laughed ''yeah sounds like a plan.'' i took his hand and led him to my car, he was drunk i could feel his blood intoxicated

with martinis. I drove to a quiet park and we sat in the car in the parking lot, the moon was full and white in the sky, he fidgeted in the passenger seat, i looked over at him

giving him a full teeth smile, revealing my fangs, i reached over and brought his face close to mine i kissed him, it was passionate and sweet. We brike off, i smiled again,

looking at the moon i had waited for this moment a long time, i leaned into him and sank my fangs into his smooth neck, the second my fangs touched his skin, a bright crimson

liquid seeped out,i sucked, it filled me, he moaned and hugged me closer and tighter.. I held onto him as his heart stopped beating as he breathed for the last time, i watched his body ,

now limp, sighed then bit my wrist, as my blood seeped out i held it over his mouth, a few seconds later his eyes opened again. Beautiful gold eyes like mine he sat up  ''what happened?''

he asked obviously startled, i smiled ''your mine now as i am yours.''he looked at me with those mesmerising gold eyes  and smiled his fangs elongated, ''ive been waiting my whole life for you.''


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