An So, She Fell Down The Rabbit Hole Excerpt

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An Excerpt from my Novel And So, She fell down the Rabbit Hole. Tell me what you think! Obviously, I changed so you could pick up on the story even if you didn't know the whole story.

Submitted: April 28, 2012

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Submitted: April 28, 2012



The wind was like a sharp blade across his face. The lighting flashed from afar in his eyes as it struck the ground. The thunder was like drumming in the distance. He leaned deeper onto the stone railing, his face distorted with anxiety.

"William?" The soft clicks of shoes entered the balcony of the tower. He put on a fake sense of composure as he turned. Trying to act ever so cold and elegant he leaned back onto the railing and crossed his arms.

"Go back inside Alice, it's late." He said dryly. The girl named Alice cocked her head to the side, her golden blonde hair falling to the side.

"Speech for yourself. Why are you out here are alone. It's freezing," She retorted with a tone of worry then added. "And why are you suited in your armor already?"

"It would be so much simpler if you used you head Alice." William said with an edge to his voice, but it was easily lost as his lips contorted was a shaking quiver.

"William?" She said, taken back by his sudden emotion.

"I can't beli-" Was all Alice could make out before he fell down and began to cry. They weren't simple tears all running separately down in perfect drops, they were true, genuine tears. She carefully stepped towards him her hands behind her back.

"William, you're fine." Alice said as she sat down before him awkwardly in her dress. Her eyes stung as his emotion became stronger. He looked up at her and in between gasping tears and said.

"I'm going to die." The bangs of his white hair were now damp with his tears and both his long rabbit ears were flopped downward. She felt her heart stop for a moment. This was supposed to be her rock, her strong hold, and he was telling her he was going to die the next day. Alice for the second time of her life knew she had to be the rock.

"You're not going to die William, not tomorrow, not anytime soon." Anger took over his face.

"Don't lie to me! The only thing I've ever been is weak!" He screamed. He tears turned to that of hate. Briskly he stood up and walked over to the wall beside him. His hand armor creaked as his balled up his hand into a fist and violently punched the wall. She jumped back startled. He had changed so much since she first fell down the rabbit hole. He paced back and forth angrily.

"Stop it!" Alice screeched starting to cross her arms in a tight grip to keep herself together. A tear ran down her face.

"Why? Why do you care? Why do you ever care?!" He stomped towards her furiously. He grabbed her arms and uncrossed them forcefully. "Why?" He asked once more, this time without anger, but compassion.

"I don't kn-"

"Don't give me that...that bull crap...Please, don't Alice." He looked down at his feet, almost as if he was avoiding the answer.

"Because I love you." William looked up her, his face in up most pure love. She stood there, waiting for more words to be spoken, but there was none. He turned his head softly to the side as her bent down. His lips met hers gently, like butterfly wings. The kiss lasted only a moment, but for both of them, it held enough joy for a lifetime. He turned to walk away but called back over his shoulder as he left.

"Brush your hair. It looks absolutely horrid."

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