Off Of Exit 133

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic
A poem about a night of forbidden passion.

Submitted: March 21, 2010

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Submitted: March 21, 2010



Our flesh upon flesh
Skin rubbing against bare skin
Tangled together as one
Where does the other one end or begin?

A night of total passion
A night of pure ecstasy
A feeling of true happiness
Felt so deep within me

A sigh of relief
Feeling you inside of me
I'm happy to be here
Off of Exit 133

We both know we probably
Shouldn't be here tonight
But it's our only desire
And it feels oh so right

We can't seem to help it
Enjoying every moment of us together
Because we need it so bad
One can't make it without the other

We can't risk her finding out
Because if so I could lose you
I can't risk that happening
Without you, what would I do?

You are my only happiness
And the only one I love
You are my only escape
And the only one I think of

Oh my God, what is this
What am I feeling
My heart feels so broken
Yet it feels like it is healing

How can I be depressed
Yet happy at the same time
Cause I know you care for me
But that you can't ever be mine

She carries your last name
But dammit, I harbor your heart
Does she even care about you?
Or does she rip your sanity apart

I'm okay with what we have now
But then again, I want so much more
And I know it can't ever be
That it is nothing but a closed door

But could you ever swing that door
Wide open just for me
And make where it isn't
Always just off of exit 133

Oh my God, am I totally insane?
How can I be in love with you
You've already given yourself to her
And there's nothing I can ever do

I can't change what has already happened
I can't make it where things are totally right
Because if I had my way
You would be here with me tonight

I wish so much inside my heart
That you were coming home to me
That I had so much more
Then meetings off of exit 133

But I guess I have to take
Whatever it is that I can get
Because I know that you
I'll never ever be able to forget

I don't want to lose you ever
That can't happen to me
So I guess I'll have to settle
For "Off of Exit 133"

© McKenna Cole

© Copyright 2018 McKenna Cole. All rights reserved.

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