My Dear...

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this just came to me i don't know how to summarize it
hope you enjoy and i love to hear what you think :]

Submitted: June 10, 2010

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Submitted: June 10, 2010



My Dear….

When am riding into the light…

Please remember me as I was

Please think of me when you smile

Please keep me in your heart

Hope that you know I love you

Hope that you can be happy, as I’ve always seen you

Hope you find the love I could not give you

When you look back…

See the things I have left not the fact that I am gone

See the beauty in life itself not the pain that comes along

When you are happy…

Know that to me you are always beautiful

Know that I can only dream of you

…hope it is because of me

When it gets dark…

Know I will always be next to you

Hope my love can light your way

When you look up at the sky…

Know I am smiling down at you

Know there is a place just for us two

Hope we don’t see each other soon

When you love again…

Please let go but don’t forget me

No doubt you’ll make him happy as you made me

Open your heart and be happy again for me

When your time has come….

Know that I will be waiting at the gates

Hope that you will be happy to see me again

See that this isn’t the end

Love & forever






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