At Three AM

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Poetry  |  House: Booksie Classic

A little poem about me and my girl

It's three AM
I'm up again

My voice is soft and low

I hear her speak

Her secrets leak

Her trust in me she'll show

 I smile wide

And i confide

How deeply is my love

She laughs again

And that is when

out of her mouth will come

those lovely words

I know i heard

a whispered i love you

and i know she blushed

her cheeks were flushed

and i could swear it's true

It's three AM

I'm up again

And so deeply I'm in love



Submitted: December 22, 2012

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Sultry Alice

This is cute and also romantic. I like the ease of story telling here.

Much enjoyed.

Sat, December 22nd, 2012 9:46pm


Why thank you. I am very proud of this one

Sat, December 22nd, 2012 1:48pm


Beautiful, dear:) xxx

Mon, February 25th, 2013 9:04pm


Thank ya loveXD

Tue, February 26th, 2013 2:07pm

Lisa Ayers

Simple, beautiful and romantic
I enjoyed this

Thu, March 7th, 2013 5:25am


Thank you sso muchXD

Thu, March 7th, 2013 6:35pm

Ian Dawn

Sweet and lovely and I love 3AM its such a quiet time of the day

Thu, March 7th, 2013 9:20pm


3 AM is by farrrr the best time of dayXD

Thu, March 7th, 2013 6:42pm

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