Somebody Killed Alex Johnson

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Alexandria Johnson was just a normal girl, she'd sit in her window and sing, while brushing her dolls hair. She had friends, went to a good school, but a family that isn't hers. On Halloween night, something terrible happened in the House numbered 34 on Black-Hawk Street. Something everybody will talk about for a long time.

Submitted: July 01, 2011

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Submitted: July 01, 2011



Alexandria Johnson, the girl on in house number 34 on Black-Hawk Street, was an average girl with normal parents with a one month old sister. They lived in a large town called Black-Hawk, where strange things happen, especially on the street where she lives. Her father was a great cop and her mother was a retired nurse, who wanted to take care of the new born girl named Marie. It was Halloween morning when Alexandria woke up to school. Of course, her mother was in her little sister's room, who was crying loudly and her father, was off catching a killer in Black-Hawk junior/senior High school who was after some guy named Slade Davis. Her parents never really paid much attention to her. She was their adopted daughter. They adopted her when she was fourteen after her parents died in a car accident. Her father pretended he didn't have a teenaged gothic daughter. Alexandria quietly got out of bed, hearing no noise from Marie's room, assuming that her sister was asleep. Her mother, a tall and petite woman with long brown hair and blue eyes, stood in the doorway.

There were grey bags under her large eyes. \"Alexandria, what do you want for breakfast? Are you going to wear you're costume to school?\" she asked, pointing to the purple and black gypsy on the black desk chair. Alexandria nodded; picking up a hair brush, she moved it through thick dark brown, wavy hair.

\"I'll have the rest of the pancakes from yesterday,\" the seventeen year old said, putting down the brush and walking past her mother. \"And go sleep or something. You look deader than me when I was a zombie last year with Mike.\" With that, Alexandria walked down the hall and stairs. Cali, a small border collie with long hair, jumped up and ran to the girl. Alexandria smiled and picked up the dog. Then set her back down when she was in the kitchen. There were slight cracks in the walls and counters; some of the paint was peeling off the walls. They moved in the house a two years before Marie was born, the house was at least three hundred years old and was a hide out for slaves during the Civil war and a hospital for injured American soldiers during the revolutionary war. Alexandria grabbed a bag of pancakes, pulled out two and placed them on a plate, and put that plate in the micro wave. It didn't take long for her to eat and get ready for school.

The bus came for her at six forty five, and Alexandria hurriedly ran out of the house to the bus. Matthew, her bus driver who liked being called by his first named and was a short fat man, opened the doors. \"Nice outfit, just don't steal any body's wallets or passions.\"

\"Ha, ha, so funny Matt.\"

\"Yeah, he's so hilarious.\" Alexandria sighed, pulled her I-pod Touch out of her bag and sat down at the back of the bus, turning on the volume to \"Hotel California\" by the Eagles. Only a year left until the class of 2010 graduates, she thought, singing quietly to it. The day started out all normal like any other day. Except for the fact that everybody was dressed in costumes and Alexandria passed about five clowns on the way to her locker. Black-Hawk Central School was a large brick school with three stories. It was built back in 1890 when the old school was destroyed, and a girl was crushed to death in it.

Alexandria wondered why people loved dressing as clowns as she climbed the stairs to the third floor to French class. A bouncy blond with long legs ran to Alexandria, dressing as a witch. Amanda, she's such a freak, Alexandria thought, saying hi to the talkative girl as they walked to class. School finally ended. Alexandria was glad to be going out at night to go egging and shaving creaming with her guy friends. A tall muscular boy with long brown hair, wearing a red and black foot ball jersey, a short and skinny red headed boy in a pirate costume and a black vampire stood by her locker. The one in the jersey looked up and smirked.

\"What's up sexy,\" he asked, putting an arm around Alexandria's waist.

\"Do that again and I'll cut off you're balls while you're sleeping,\" she said, grabbing her bag from her locker. The black vampire, turned his head, and then looked away. When they left, Alexandria wondered why she was leaving with them when she was supposed to get home and help her mother with her new sister. She decided her mother needed her more and walked to her house alone. Black-Hawk Street was two miles away from the school, and was surrounded by woods. The trees danced in the wind and moaned, cast very long shadows on the road. I should have taken a bus. But everybody is too scared to come here. I don't know why my dad chose this place to live here, she thought, pulling up her black skirt. Her heels made loud Click-Click sounds on the dark pavement.

Mr. Thomson, her next door neighbor, waved to her. He was an ex-doctor with thinning black hair even though he was in his fifties. Alexandria waved back and walked up her driveway. He was a tall, well built man with dark hair and eyes, who also had a short temper. She heard aruging upstairs in Marie's room. Alexandria took of her costume, taking off her black and red make-up, then put on a took a shower, and dressed in a black lace nightgown. She sat on her window seat with her one foot tall doll twin. It had the same brown hair, heart shaped face, Egyptian blue eyes, and gothic make-up. She brushed its hair while singing to Teenagers by My Chemical Romance.

After a while, her mother called her from downstairs. \"Alexandria, dinner!\" Nobody called her Alex. She liked her full name better.

Her dad actually spoke to her. \"When are you going to stop wearing that black make-up and gothic clothes? It's giving people the wrong idea.\"

\"Wrong idea about what? It's not like I'm dressing up in a tiny tight skirt and shirt and parading around town you idiot.\" She really hated him. Quickly, she ran up stairs with her food. She couldn't wait to leave home.

\"Get your ass back down here Alexandria right now!\" She locked her door and stuck her dresser infront of it. She ate her dinner quietly, planning on putting it downstairs when her parents were sleeping. The girl was once again on her window seat with her doll twin. At about ten thirty, it was quiet. Alexandria pushed her dresser back in its place, grabbing her doll and plate, heading out. Placing it in the sink, she walked back upstairs, except she heard a screaming from her sisters room.

She opened the door quietly, peering inside, holding her doll closely. A strange man was standing over her mother, blooding dripping from his hands. Her mother had brusies and a busted lip that was bleeding.

\"Why are you doing this?\" her mother yelled to a hooded stranger. Marie was crying loudly in her crib. \"Please don't do this!\" The hooded man pulled out a knife. Alexandria covered her mouth and closed her eyes. There was the sound of her mother gasping and something else. Just then the door got yanked open. He stood over Alexandria, glaring down at her.

\"What are you doing here?\" he asked, pulling her up. Alexandria bit his hand, running towards the stairs. Cali was at the bottom, barking. The man grabbed Alexandria by her hair. He punched her in the face. She ducked another blow, kicking him in the shin. The man kneed her in the stomach, elbowing her in the face. Alexandria was disoriented; her doll was dropped, falling down the stairs, finally landing at the bottom. He could tell Alexandria wasn't up for another fight, so, he grabbed her shoulders, pushing down the stairs, killing the only witness to his crime.

Alexandria lay at the bottom of the stairs, staring up at the ceiling. Blood pooled out under her. Her doll was staring outside the window, blood polling underneath her head. It wasn't until the morning when Mr. Thompson came to check that he found her.

Now that house stands abounded on Black-Hawk Street. Marie was given to a foster family. Now, after a year, somebody was seen inside the house. Except it wasn't anybody living. Alexandria is now always seen sitting in her window, singing, while brushing her dolls hair, wearing a blood stained dress.

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